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There is only one lottery curse that exists.

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Posted: November 28, 2014, 7:28 am - IP Logged

The real curse is on the players who play the same jackpot game numbers for months or even years, but forget to play on the night those numbers are drawn. Don't know if was a curse, but there was a top 100 LP poster who played multi draw, didn't renew it, the numbers hit the very next drawing, and they blamed the clerk.

the fact he didnt win may have in fact, been a blessing and winning would have been the curse?

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    Posted: November 28, 2014, 12:31 pm - IP Logged

    Winners are not cursed in any way because they've won.

    The curse of "Can't win" is real however.

    The curse of "Can't win" is real however.

    I've been reading responses and holding out on this one, in hopes that someone would chime in with some logical dialogue(s). As expected, I wasn't disappointed as dr65 and onlymoney showed up. I'd like to somewhat piggy back on their entries and extend the conversation in another  direction which I feel strongly plays a part in the expectation(s) of winning such prizes. Enter the power of manifestation...the skills and proficiency of it. Question: Does a baby go from learning how to crawl to riding a tricycle? How players can't understand how to be successful with Pick 3 and win money but, expect to run out and knock off millions is beyond me. In my opinion, one must learn how to work and manifest winning numbers on the 'small' and much easier games to build the confidence and skills to 'climb' the mountains of the bigger games. To me, it's a state of mentality...how a person thinks about something which decides the outcome in the end.

    For those individuals always downplaying the little games, I've got news for you...you sound silly. Anyone in their right mind knows that it's much easier to match, win, and recover money on a 0-9 game than a 1-56 game all day long. What makes people think they can intentionally manifest PB or MM's when they can't even muster Pick 3 or Pick 4? The concept is no different than anything else in life...gotta crawl before you can tip toe. Let's go even a bit further and bring 'faith' into the picture. Faith and the power of manifestation work hand in hand and negativity can be NOWHERE in the equation. 'All things are possible to him that believeth'...this is a great place to start. However, most people's belief system really isn't as mature as they think it is. If they feel that the little games are impossible, then they shouldn't even be thinking about the big one's...period. It's common sense that you won't be successful because your thought pattern isn't aligned with being positive. So, I agree with jjtheprince's curse of 'Can't win' mentality BUT, this is where the ability to actually produce the win via manifestation and faith proficiencies step in...and it ain't easy because any micron of DOUBT automatically disqualifies production of the win or anything else you may be trying to accomplish.

    My advice would be to start with honing your skills on the smaller wins whether it's scratch off's or Pick 3 games. This way, you can monitor the signs of your production, and you'll know them when you see them as your own manifestations...the signs will be there. From this point, you can build on your production skills to larger winnings and your mindset will become mature enough to 'sustain' what you're believing and expecting without wavering and allowing doubt to creep in. Finally, as dr65 outlined, one's intentions after winning such a prize can play a huge part in all this. How you treat people right now with only a few bucks in your account dictates what you'll do with millions in it. How well you presently handle what finances you have versus your ability to successfully handle millions is part of it. There's a lot that goes into the thoughts of winning such a prize and how you really, really 'think' about it before and afterwards is important. Every one has a different level of faith and manifestation power and it's apparent with how they exhibit their positivity.

    onlymoney has something in his signature about people expecting to win a jackpot and I believe it as accurate based solely on what I've discussed here. Sure, there is sheer luck, and, there are those that have won without a sign of expectation BUT, I'll be willing to bet that they had what it took to 'allow' the win to manifest. It's not impossible but, it requires serious mentality to get it done and the stats illustrate just that. Lots of people will read this post and think I've been hittin' the pipe while others will fully understand exactly where I'm coming from because its real and it's common sense. I'm a BIG believer in common sense as a few, in specific, already know here. Happy gaming to everyone!!



    Small games, frequent wins, and regular payouts 'cause.....

    There are seven days in the week...'Someday' isn't one of them.


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      Posted: November 28, 2014, 6:38 pm - IP Logged

      If you BELIEVE this, you won't win !!! So, Get Over It !!! Stop Wasting your money on JP games, which you probably won't win !!!  Play the smaller games with Progressive Wagering, which you CAN win !!!

      Progressive wagering. Care to explain

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        Posted: November 28, 2014, 7:22 pm - IP Logged

        Progressive wagering. Care to explain

        Progressive Wagering is when you gradually increase the amount of money wagered on a number, over time, until the number hits, or until you decide to give up on the number. It works best with a small group of numbers, 1- 3 numbers, that you're confident will eventually hit.