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Star Signposts By The Week

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Posted: March 17, 2015, 3:03 pm - IP Logged
    Harve$t Moon's avatar - 5str

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    Posted: March 17, 2015, 11:33 pm - IP Logged

    Star Signposts: Week of March 17-22



    “Recent X Class Solar Flare” photograph from StarWalk

    This picture landed in my inbox, alerting me to a recent stunning flare emitted from our Sun that is hitting the Earth now as I complete this week’s post.  I was dragging my feet, puttering, yet I also knew it was because I was waiting for something to shift, or something to reveal itself.  As I have said, I can’t always post on calendar clock time.

    You may be experiencing either an afterglow or an aftermath from last week’s momentous turning points. These cosmological energies continue to integrate within us, around us in the final days of this dying lunar cycle, completing Thursday. Then we burst into our next New SolLunar Eclipse cycle the same day as Spring Equinox in our Northern Hemisphere. “Burst” is a remarkably rich word. Here are a few definitions: To break open from inside by growing too large to be held. To break suddenly and violently apart, spilling the contents. To be so full so as to almost break open. To feel a very strong or irrepressible emotion or impulse. To suddenly begin doing something as an expression of strong feeling.  May you feel the coming burst of energy in positive, activating ways.

    Here is some good wisdom from my sidereal colleague and friend Nick Anthony Fiorenza. Here he describes the significance of a Solar Eclipse:

    “Solar eclipses offer opportunity to redefine concepts of self and the roles we play in the world, or how we articulate ourselves in life. They are about shifting octaves in the nature of our self-perception and self-expression, and addressing issues that keep us from doing so. They can invite a new beginning, way of life, or new way of participating in life.

    Eclipse lunar cycles are ideal times to set new six-month goals to create personal change in our lives, not necessarily on the solar or lunar eclipse, but based upon the realizations we have throughout the eclipse lunar cycles.:

    And here Nick describes the galactic theme of this next SolLunar cycle beginning March 20:

    “Our Equinox Total Solar Eclipse lunar cycle, the first cycle after the final Uranus-Pluto square, sets an entirely new energetic compared to the transitional process occurring from when the square started in 2012 through the last lunar cycle of February 18, 2015. This lunar cycle fully engages the action quarter of the 138-year Uranus-Pluto cycle that began in the mid-1960s. This lunar cycle impels progressive action to create a new beginning from the revelations gained over the last few years, especially revelations regarding the miss-use of power by big-business and political plutocrats, and the increasing economic disparity. Pluto’s multi-year passage through Sagittarius also impelled a shift from “money is power” to “knowledge is power,” the self-empowerment movement that fuels the increasing rebellious response (Uranus square) to the old-world plutocratic-driven paradigm.

    This lunar cycle brings attention to our longer-term interests and desires, which is also an underlying current for this entire year due to the December 2014 Solstice New Moon occurring on the Gate of God of Earth’s Precessional Cross (and just after the sixth Uranus-Pluto geocentric square). It brings emphasis to radically transform our fundamental ways of living and our material values and pursuits to establish sustainability based from spiritual ethics and a mature sense of morality for all life. It impels us to elevate and equilibrate the conditions of living amongst all people. It is now clear to a much wider populous that the failing economic and political systems do not serve the awakening new consciousness on Earth—innovative revolution determined for solution is at hand. This lunar cycle also brings impetus to change how we are applying our primal life force and are using the fundamental resources that sustain our lives.”

    Thank you Nick.


    Tue March 17

    Uranus/Pluto square parting ways: We have now just emerged into this next wave of transformation. Please re-read last week’s Signposts to recall what just hit our planetary Field.  In essence, we now have about 40 years to integrate and implement what was set in motion from June 2012 to March 2015. You might feel a bit fried, literally, in your nervous system, or be experiencing odd body symptoms, aches and pains.  All part of the upgrade, or as my friend Carol Mann ~ says, the recalibration. Drink tons of water, allow yourself extra rest, and know you are not alone in the challenging energies moving through our cells, calling us to new awakening, greater vitality.

    Moon in Capricorn sextile Mars in Pisces: The resilient determined Capricorn Moon makes a pleasant sextile to action-oriented Mars in compassionate Pisces. Those of you who are emotionally reserved are more inclined to share you heart and emotions with others. And a great day to put your goals toward our greater awakening into some form of action.

    Wed March 18

    Neptune/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius: The annual fusion (the energy of an astrological conjunction) of Mercury ~ your mental Field ~ with Neptune ~ higher imagination/compassionate ideals ~ in sidereal Aquarius ~ humanitarian concerns/community involvement ~ is a wondrous alignment for our Planetary Field.  It can truly uplift our thoughts to more compassionate realms and futuristic insights. Open and you will receive your own download of cosmic, creative insight.

    Moon/Neptune/Mercury conjunction: As the day progress, the fading crescent of Moon further activates this conjunction.  The Moon is in the Balsamic phase, which means old and wise. Honor your own deep wisdom garnered through hard struggles, life’s challenges, continuing to regain faith in things still to come.

    Thu March 19

    SolLunar cycle completing: Today’s marks the completion of this last cosmic cycle that brought so much intensity and growth into our lives. Please rest and give gratitude to yourself, for your remarkable strength, unending courage, celestial grace as you navigated your own challenges and awakenings.

    Moon/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius: Sometimes this alignment can bring up vulnerabilities and honesty in our deepest friendships, manifest as a feeling of deep woundedness you wish could finally be gone. Yet it also creates an opening of your heart to strive to be more open, discovering that really is the best way to live.

    Venus in Aries square Juno in Cancer: The square aspect can create a temporary tension between an individual’s needs within a core relationship and the desires of the other partner. Let the fight lead to an honest conversation.

    Fri March 20

    New Pisces SolLunar cycle: Please re-read my opening statement to these Signposts addressing the theme of this particular new beginning. It is big, it is bold, yet subtle as well, in the sense that it will be imperative you listen to your inner stream of wisdom, your well of insight, your emotional aquifer of truth that lives within you.  Not sure what I mean by that?  Perhaps you can explore this in the coming four weeks.

    Moon/South Node conjunction: This the aspect that makes this New Moon also a Solar Eclipse.  When the Moon ~ symbolic of our past/past lives/dying Self ~ aligns with the South Node ~ also indicative of our past/past lives/old habits ~ we are given a chance to truly take a leap to move beyond the energies of our history, honoring them, giving thanks, yet moving on.

    Sat March 21 

    @luckyshoes! "I am so looking forward to your signpost for March 21st"

    Moon/Mars/Uranus conjunction in Pisces: This energetic holds a bit of a spike and sharpness, tempered somewhat by the energy of watery Pisces.  It’s about being direct, truthful, while also being kind in how you deliver an honest blow that inspires new action and activation. This might be in regards to your relationship to yourself or with another. Bursting forth, indeed.

    Mercury in Aquarius quincunx Jupiter in Cancer: I love it when Cancer and Aquarius come into deeper communion via the planetary aspects like today. Cancer rules our deepest tribal affiliations and loyalties, while Aquarius is the commitment to One Family, One Humanity.  While Mercury is transiting Aquarius, it can tend to open the close-minded humans to consider a different way of viewing an intransigent situation. Let’s hope.

    Venus in Aries quincunx Saturn in Scorpio: There may be a tug and pull and challenge in your love life with this aspect. Aries longs for individual freedom and choice while Scorpio desires merging and even control.  This might also play out in the financial arena…ie…how do you spend your shared resources, honoring everyone’s needs.

    Sun March 22

    Moon/Venus conjunction in Aries: Sunset beauty alert! May the sky be cloudless this evening so you can witness this most beautiful and inspiring alignment of the newly hatched crescent Moon and always bright shining Venus. Wish upon these stars, aligning in initiatory Aries. Hope and faith incarnate, this alignment.

    Mercury in Aquarius sextile Pluto in Sagittarius: Your human Mind ~ Mercury ~ forms a stimulating sextile to investigative Pluto in futuristic Sagittarius . This aspect is best used to elevate your thoughts, your desires to the realm of greater possibility. Go beyond your doubts of yore and dream bigger.  What would you have your future be?  Today is a day to set those intentions that in motion.

    Mars departs Pisces: Activate your newly purchased Star Walk app, hold it up to the heavens, and watch Mars leave Pisces and enter sidereal Aries.  Now we will really be pressured to burst forth in the coming weeks. Exciting times ahead.


    Thank you SUN for that lovely eruption that furthers our planetary awakening.

    ~ EarthWord SkyWord ~ Lyn Dalebout


    Star Signposts: Week of March 17-22

    Game:  Pick 3

    Method 1:  7-8-6
    Method 2:  5-6-2
    Method 3:  0-0-7
    Method 4:  8-3-3
    Method 5:  9-7-0
    Method 6:  3-5-6


    Star Signposts: Week of March 17-22

    Game:  Play 4

    Method 1:  8-1-8-0
    Method 2:  5-7-8-0
    Method 3:  9-5-6-0
    Method 4:  0-0-6-9
    Method 5:  4-2-8-3
    Method 6:  4-1-0-7

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      Posted: March 18, 2015, 1:21 am - IP Logged

      Ohhhh   love it !  and thank you so much! He's cancer,  Im aquarius .

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        Posted: March 19, 2015, 8:02 pm - IP Logged

        hi, luckyshoes..I have a pick 2 system if youa are interested

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          Posted: March 23, 2015, 4:07 pm - IP Logged

          Star Signposts: Week of March 23-29



          “Eclipse Sun” photograph by Terry Tempest Williams

          Can you see this Canine Being, be it a wild Wolf or loyal Dog, howling homage to the Spring Eclipse Sun, and also the subtle rainbow spanning the land?  This moment feels like a mysterious EarthSky oracle I am still absorbing. Thank you for capturing it Terry.

          With this interim week sandwiched between two Eclipses, may you continue to integrate, recalibrate, rest between catalytic releases of your ancient timelines. The influence of Jupiter in Cancer continues to help us all re-inhabit our family constellations with great love and acceptance in the New Field, while being freed of our old roles and patterns.  Be kind to yourself, to others, and take it easy.


          Mon March 23

          Mars enters sidereal Aries: By late afternoon today, our planet of action/activism/athleticism, leaves pacifist Pisces and enters confrontational Aries.  But Aries is also the sidereal ruler of inhabiting your physical body as an energetic Body of Light ~ the path of true Yoga. Feel the fire in your belly reignite. This aspect over the next six weeks can help you achieve new physical goals, initiate projects, manifest a lighter more vibrant and vibrating body/mind/spirit.

          Tue March 24

          Mercury/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius: Don’t be surprised if you experience a time warp today, forget appointments, even forget where you are and why you are there. This annual alignment of Mercury ~ the mind ~ and Chiron ~ shamanic timing/woundedness ~ always seems to create a tad of havoc on one hand, but also opens the door to inspired thinking and solutions.  Mercury also rules vehicles, computers, and the internet so today you might see some glitches happening in any of those arenas, including at the global level.

          Taurus Moon sextile Pisces Sun: This lovely aspect can manifest as remembering your financial life really can improve with the use of focused intention and positive affirmations.  And with today’s Mercury/Chiron conjunction, the good kind of magical thinking is at your disposal. Wield the magical tool of your mind with skill and discipline and expect the miracle.

          Wed March 25

          Taurus Moon square Mercury/Chiron: With the continued influence of today’s practical, financial, grounded Taurus Moon, you will want to implement concrete shifts in your life based on yesterday’s inspiration. For some of you, however, you may to be forced to let go of the delusional type of magical thinking and come back to face the very real earthly details of your life.

          Thu March 26

          Gemini Moon trine Vesta in Aquarius: Gemini and Aquarius are Air signs in astrology, which means on a day like today there is increased mental activity, abundant communication, both on-line and in person, and busyness in all venues of commerce. Refresh yourself in the nurturing company of a friend with lunch or a walk in fresh spring air.

          Fri March 27

          First Quarter Moon: We enter the action quarter of this SolLunar cycle with today’s square of Moon to Sun. The Moon is in multi-tasking Gemini, making for a super busy day,  juggling many dimensions at once.  This promises to be a particularly dynamic day as the Moon will also square with Uranus (beware of accidents)  and oppose Pluto (use this for enhancing your focus). You will be able to further activate those powerful changes and choices you made in recent months into daily practices.

          Mercury enters sidereal Pisces: Time to pull out the poetry books, your favorite music, remembering our minds are not just meant to be used for thinking, but for imagining, dreaming, daydreaming.  Such is the nature of Pisces.

          Sat March 28

          Moon/Juno conjunction in Cancer square Mars in Aries: Moon/Juno feels like a longing to pull in close to those you call family, and Cancer generally likes to stay in, or cooking at home. Cancer also loves a good story, so make it a movie night as well! A cautionary note: the square to Mars can make for a sudden burst of upset, anger or passion.

          Sun March 29

          Moon/Jupiter conjunction: The always emotional Moon makes it’s monthly alignment to Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration, amplification, optimism.  There is a tsunami of emotion circling our Earth on a day like this. Saying fare-thee-well to our many beloveds who are leaving is all part of this current Jupiter transiting sidereal Cancer.  This is a portal of Grace, supporting transitions for those who are ready to move on.

          This note: Next week I will be posting two weeks, due to Spring Break ~ Spring Awake.  And I will be taking my own advice, sitting in my favorite hot springs, and celebrating my milestone birthday, happening on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Easter weekend.

          ~ EarthWord SkyWord ~ Lyn Dalebout


          Star Signposts: Week of March 23-29

          Game:  Pick 3

          Method 1:  0-8-0
          Method 2:  4-1-7
          Method 3:  9-8-6
          Method 4:  7-6-9
          Method 5:  2-7-5
          Method 6:  5-5-4


          Star Signposts: Week of March 23-29

          Game:  Play 4

          Method 1:  8-5-0-7
          Method 2:  9-1-6-2
          Method 3:  4-9-7-5
          Method 4:  5-2-3-5
          Method 5:  7-9-7-1
          Method 6:  1-3-4-2

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            Posted: March 30, 2015, 5:21 pm - IP Logged

            Star Signposts: Weeks of March 30-April 12



            “Say Yes” from broadside by Natalie Goldberg

            These next two weeks especially belong to Jupiter. We will experience our giant orb of optimism and forward momentum turning direct on April 8 from the retrograde period that started December 8, 2014.  Surely this marks and makes for some kind of turning point in your life.  Perhaps a swivel, which may involve an 180 degree turn or a 90 degree departure from previous goals, turning of your head and heart toward new horizons. The swivel is occurring between your expanded future self, some might call this your Higher Self, and your more earthly personality based self. Sometimes those aspects of your self are in alignment, sometimes they are disconnected and need to be reconnected. Sometimes, it’s simply time to walk away from an old identity.  Big medicine for all in the coming two weeks.

            Below is a link to the musical soundtrack I often write to. And I always play this cd when working with my writing students. It is especially relevant in regards to this SolLunar cycle of two Eclipses occurring in sidereal Pisces, the sign of compassion and unconditional love. Please find some time to listen to this truly celestial, soulful, moving music.  Thank you David, and Mickey Houilhan for your musical mastery:  http://www.last.fm/music/David+Darling/Prayer+For+Compassion


            Mon March 30

            Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer: Most of the action today occurs in the wee hours of Monday morning. You may have stayed up late clearing out old closets, reorganizing cupboards, writing in your journal as the homebody moody Cancer Moon aligns with the amplifying force field of retrograde Jupiter.  This necessary shedding will ensure the coming Lunar Eclipse on April 4 can support you in all the newness coming into your life.

            Sun/ South Lunar Node conjunction in Pisces: This aspect too becomes exact today.  So perchance this momentous completion aspect of our Sun meeting up with the South Lunar Node of releasing our past will manifest as a potent dream of letting go of something that has been needing to die for a very long time. You may even wake up crying or very emotional, as this aspect is taking place in Pisces, the sign of grieving and giving your grievances over to your version of a Higher Power.  No need to analyze either. Just allow a softening of forgiveness to embrace your heart.  You don’t have to know or even understand.  Cultivate some time for stillness today.

            Tue March 31

            Fire grand trine with Moon/Mars/Pallas Athene: Today’s energies are so very different from yesterday’s watery deluge.  It’s all about Fire today, the astrological element of inspiration, leadership and initiating your next step. Your emotional body, the Moon, is in creative playful Leo. Your physical energy, Mars, is in independent courageous Aries.  Your creativity and wisdom self, Pallas Athene, is in futuristic raw-ly honest Sagittarius. As these three form a supportive, opportunity opening trine, all good things can flow toward you as you awaken to your own genius and inspiration. A cloudless sunny day awaits you, if you are open to receiving the gifts.

            Wed April 1

            Venus in Aries sextile Chiron in Aquarius: This aspect might manifest as planning an adventure with a friend, and spawns a desire to create more exploration in your love/artistic life.

            Leo Moon opposite Neptune, then Chiron: The morning hours of today are particularly creative as the artistic, playful Leo Moon opposes Neptune, planetary ruler of our vast imaginative Self. If possible take the morning doing something that truly inspires you.  Later the Leo Moon will oppose Chiron, leading to healing conversations with a friend. This aspect is also about accepting your idiosyncrasies. Find appreciation for what you feel may have been your core wounding and discover how that actually supported you in becoming the incredible unique Being you have become. Celebrate your diversity.

            Thu April 2

            Water grand trine with Saturn/Juno/Mercury: Today’s grand trine of infinite talent occurs in sidereal Water signs, which enhances our intuitive side and also encourages the free flow of emotion, even amongst those with a more serious or reserved nature. This trine involves Juno ~ asteroid of marriage/soul colleagues/key partners ~ and Saturn ~ making commitments/creating new forms ~ and Mercury ~ ideas/communication skills. There is a natural desire for cooperation today. Set time aside for a supportive counseling session, redoing a shared budget, making future plans.

            Sun/Jupiter trine: This simply wonderful energy occurs once a year. Our illuminating Sun in imaginative, unconditional loving Pisces is making a waning trine to Jupiter in Cancer.  For some this might be about closing a family estate, or departing a longtime family home, with all agreeing to what must be done for the good of all.  For others, it’s simply a day to enjoy, thoroughly enjoy, the company of those you consider to be your family.

            Fri April 3

            Happy Birthday to me :~)

            Moon in Virgo opposite Mercury in Pisces: There’s a bit of a paradox in the sky today. The Moon, ruler of our feelings, is in analytical mental Virgo, and Mercury, the ruler of our minds, is in intuitive emotional Pisces. We are better able to analyze our emotions while also letting go of incessant unhealthy worry patterns.  A great day for writers to dive into the vastness and depth of well from which they draw inspiration.

            Moon/North Lunar Node conjunction: Before tomorrow’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, we will experience this aspect tonight.  The Moon, which often speaks to both our emotional and physical needs, aligns with the North Node, a place that is calling you, beckoning you to a brighter future. They align in sidereal Virgo, the sign of health, healing, and being of service to others.   Allow the wise body of your instinct and intuition to lead the way.

            Sat April 4

            Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Lunar Eclipses provide a chance for emotional resynchronization. They tend to be more emotionally experienced, highlighting how our inner landscape of feeling is clearly playing out in the circumstances of our outer lives, especially in regards to relationships and health. With the Sun in Pisces aligned with the South Lunar Node, you might be feeling the urge to free yourself of some unwanted influences of the past, including just having a good cry as this alignment cleanses old buried grief. And the Full-orb-of-Moon in Virgo is aligning with the North Lunar Node of your future Self, making this a good time to look ahead and commit to the path going forward. Remember the theme of sacred water and purifying the lymphatic system. Under this extraordinary Full Moon , seek out a hot spring soak tonight!

            Virgo Moon square Pluto opposite Uranus:  This is another reason this particular Full Moon is catalytic and exceptional beyond a usual Full Moon. Remember how we finished the final Uranus/Pluto square on March 16? (You can reread my previous Star Signposts if you need to refresh your memory.)  The fact that the Moon is trigger this aspect yet again, it can activate our cellular memory for more clearing and cleansing

            Sun April 5

            Mercury/South Node conjunction in Pisces: As we are absorbing and hopefully celebrating in the cascading awareness of yesterday’s Full Moon Eclipse, today Mercury will align with the South Node of what we are ready to leave behind. I know I talk endlessly about release of the past and embrace of our future self, but that’s because every single moment of every single days old cells are dying and new cells are being born, right? It is the very nature of life to keep growing, and thereby, in order to stay healthy, to experience these tiny daily cellular deaths. Nothing morbid about it. Today, old ideas are being released in favor of a healthier mind set, which leads to greater mental health.

            Moon in Libra opposite Mars in Aries:  This aspect might occur in the natal astrological charts of gifted lawyers, mediators, counselors.  The Moon in Libra seeks peace, always, and balance. Mars in Aries does not run from a fight or confrontation. These two tendencies of character are at odds today and are seeking some kind of agreement.  There may be some level of this dynamic playing out in your personal sphere today.

            Mon April 6

            Sun/Uranus conjunction in Pisces: Whenever the giant portal of awakening and opening that is our Sun makes an annual alignment with Uranus, planet of eccentric uniqueness, shocking events, accidents, we can expect an out of the ordinary day.  Expect the unexpected, always the advice in regards to this planetary portal.

            Mercury trine Jupiter: This aspect supports beneficial communications and positive news and information coming your way.  It’s like the answer to you question lands easily at your door, a helpful bit of information arriving via email, a letter, a magazine.  The Universe is trying to deliver a message to you. May you receive the gift.

            Mars in Aries inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio: The signs of Aries and Scorpio are often associated with warriorship and warfare. Both Mars and Saturn are also linked to serious minded dedication to a cause. So this aspect is both ferocious and determined to succeed in some goal and may involve you needing to fight for a cause or to be more pushy than you are accustomed to being. Don’t back down. Push ahead.

            Tue April 7

            Mars in Aries square Juno in Cancer: Major negotiations continue in your personal life and at the global level. The potential for breakthroughs or stalemates in long-standing conflicts arises today.

            Mercury in Pisces square Pluto in Sagittarius: Whenever Mercury comes into a serious relationship to Pluto, like it does today, our minds are willing to investigate a question at a deeper level, but can also become more paranoid or fearful in the process.  Avoid that tendency and just allow yourself to contemplate life’s challenges with a whole new level of insight.

            Wed April 8

            Jupiter goes direct: Our planetary ruler of optimism, expansion, keeping the faith returns to direct motion in relationship to Earth from it’s retrograde of December 8, 2014. This aspect manifests as huge turning points in our personal and collective lives, if for no other reason than we feel a certainty of what must be done now to move forward. Jupiter has been transiting sidereal Cancer, which happens once every twelve years. I have observed this cycle correlates with the passing of many of our elders and also with accelerated aging for some, even our pets. Cancer rules our home situations and family dynamics, so you may have been undergoing a deep re-evaluation of what constitutes home, and even your family situations since last December. Important shifts in those arenas may continue through mid July 2015 when Jupiter enters sidereal Leo.

            Moon/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio: Intensity and drama can reign under this monthly alignment, but also a desire to be really serious about accomplishing some long sought after goal.  It’s like D-Day.  And you might at last feel truly ready to commit or commit to a new level.

            Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Pisces: This aspect sparks sudden insights and awakenings, via a momentary daydream, a flash of true knowing of what is really going on in regards to your life.  This aspect is linked to true genius, and the alignment in Pisces points to the power of choosing unconditional love as your new MO.  Choose love and all will quickly improve in your life and relations.

            Thu April 9

            Sun/Mercury conjunction in Pisces:  The portal of genius continues as Sun ~ illumination ~ aligns exactly with Mercury ~ the mental plane of awareness.  This year they are aligning in poetic, musical, compassionate Pisces. Seek out a good poem do soothe your soul, discover a new songline, a more forgiving mind-set.

            Fri April 10

            Moon/Pallas Athene conjunction in Sagittarius: This is a wisdom portal openng from your Higher Self, your Future Self, inserting itself into your daily earthly life to help you come up with a more productive strategy about how will get from here to there, the place you long to be.

            Sat April 11

            Last Quarter Moon: Today marks the rounding of the bend from this extremely dynamic, stressful double Eclipse SolLunar cycle, that also brought helpful shifts and new trajectories into your life.  It’s a day to pause, to take note of all that’s transpired in the past three weeks, and begin the process of closing out this cycle, a week from now, anticipating what the next creative stint might hold.  Life is relentless in it’s appetite to keep us growing steadily, while also fully enjoying the present moment. Today is a day to savor and inhabit that paradox.

            Sun April 12

            Mars in Aries sextile Neptune in Aquarius: This aspect can launch fresh activist connections and projects amongst like-hearted colleagues. Cherish your Aries independence while also co-creating with your beloveds and fellow revolutionary travelers.  There’s much to do in the world. Let’s team up.

            Mercury enter Aries: Now our mental energies leave the contemplative waters of Pisces and enter the brainstorming fiery energies of Aries.  This coming few weeks might see you jumping from one idea to the next, exploring a whole range of new options. Just be open to new inspiration and realize it’s not yet time to set anything in stone. This transit is great for adventure travel.

            Moon/Ceres conjunction in Capricorn: For many of you with children, this marks the end of Spring Break. Interestingly, this aspect speaks to a feeling of heavy responsibility, or having to return to ‘regular life’, vacation over.  It’s good for unpacking and getting organized for the coming week.

            ~ EarthWord SkyWord ~ Lyn Dalebout


            Star Signposts: Weeks of March 30-April 12

            Game:  Pick 3

            Method 1:  6-5-3
            Method 2:  5-9-7
            Method 3:  8-8-4
            Method 4:  8-3-0
            Method 5:  3-4-9
            Method 6:  0-2-9


            Star Signposts: Weeks of March 30-April 12

            Game:  Play 4

            Method 1:  9-6-9-3
            Method 2:  8-5-7-8
            Method 3:  8-7-5-0
            Method 4:  2-5-9-0
            Method 5:  4-2-0-4
            Method 6:  3-2-6-0

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              Posted: April 14, 2015, 4:52 pm - IP Logged

              Star Signposts: Week of April 13-20


              Goats Rams Sheep  Wink


              “Upward Stretching Ram” photograph by Lyn Dalebout

              Please pardon my delay in posting this week. I am having a bout of extreme spring fever, having just returned from my birthday celebration in Yellowstone over the recent edgy Lunar Eclipse. This stunning Bighorn Ram was lounging by the side of the road, then stood up in a leisurely graceful stretch.  It caught my attention in regards to this week’s theme. Here are a few definitions of stretch: flexibility, to last longer than expected, to be made longer without tearing or breaking, to make maximum use of talents and resources.

              The recent Solar and Lunar eclipses are still very much at play in our lives, stretching their reach into the coming New Moon and for several months to come as we integrate the releases and awarenesses catalyzed by the eclipse. You may feel you are being stretched, at times to the point of breaking, which is why focusing on habits that enhance flexibility are utterly essential to survival and well being.

              It feels intensely important to me right now to strengthen every aspect of my body/mind/spirit continuum with increased commitment to my daily practices. If I ignore these healthy habits, I immediately pay a price. Self care used to be a luxury, now it is a necessity to stay balanced and flexible to navigate these challenging times. I also have an enhanced longing to BE more and DO less. And if I follow that guidance, I end up being far more productive anyway, A win~win!


              Mon April 13

              Mars in Aries sextile Neptune in Aquarius: This aspect can launch fresh activist connections and projects amongst like-hearted colleagues. Cherish your Aries independence while also co-creating with your beloveds and fellow revolutionary travelers.  There’s much to do in the world. Let’s team up.

              Last day Sun in Pisces: With this influence, along with the integration of yesterday’s Mars/Neptune sextile, don’t be surprised if you are tired and a bit spacey. Both of these aspects are best used for downtime/dreamtime/rest time. Also great form important dreams arriving with a key insight.

              Tue April 14

              Sun enters sidereal (for real) Aries: You may feel a return of a more focused will as the Sun enters Aries for the coming month. Aries is of courage, enlightenment and stimulates a willingness to follow your own Inner Teacher and Guides despite what everyone else thinks you should do.

              Venus opposite Saturn: What a helpful and fitting aspect this if you are down to the wire in regards to tax day tomorrow. Venus, which rules personal finance is in money-minded Taurus opposes Saturn also in money-obsessed Scorpio.  This is a tough love kind of aspect, which might require committing to a tighter budget, at least for a bit. In financial astrology, this aspect tends to make the stock market go down, even plunge as part of an underlying need to restructure core weaknesses.

              Wed April 15

              Moon/Vesta/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius: Aquarius can show up as being friendly and social, or Aquarius can manifest as feeling antisocial, needing time away from others to inhabit your authentic self. As the Aquarian Moon aligns with Neptune ~ creativity, spiritual time ~ and Vesta ~ being super focused ~ make a conscious decision about what serves you now. Is it time with a good friend, or time alone in contemplative creative activities that nurture you?  Aquarius also loves to experiment, so change up your usual choices, and try something new.

              Thu April 16

              Neptune/Vesta conjunction in Aquarius: This reasonably rare conjunction potentially initiates a new creative or spiritual focus in your life. As Vesta rules safety, security systems and locks, be extra careful not to do the spacey Neptunian thing and lose your keys! You have been warned.

              Mars/Jupiter square: This tense aspect is building to a bubbling boil today but will come to an exact full roiling boil tomorrow. This dynamic tends to manifest as warfare heating up, conflicts erupting, and being decisive in regards to knowing what course of action you need to take. This aspect can also increase inflammation in both your temperament and your physical body. Drink cooling mint teas or chlorophyll drinks the next couple of days and be sure to chill your mind as well via meditation practices, resting by water, and simply taking calm deep breathes often throughout the day.

              Fri April 17

              Mars in Aries square Jupiter in Cancer: Please re-read yesterday’s post that also applies to today. In addition, as Mars is in Aries ~ personal willfulness/selfishness even ~ and Jupiter is in Cancer ~ concerns for our family or community members ~ you might feel an inner conflict about where you most need to put your time today.  Or you will just be very busy meeting many demands, perhaps feeling major frustration, a short fuse, for an appreciation for your underlying strength to stretch and remain flexible.

              Sat April 18

              New SolLunar cycle in Aries trine Pallas Athene in Sagittarius: This very dynamic New Moon cycle is all about initiating new endeavors, going lighter in your life, going toward the Light, which is what sidereal Aries signifies. By that I mean we have a choice as to what we will allow to burden us, be that too much stuff, to much to do, too many judgments arising from our past experience. In this next four week period, you have a chance to lighten your load if you want to. Both Sun and Moon form a helpful trine to Pallas Athene ~ goddess of wisdom, creative intelligence, trusting your instinct ~ in Sagittarius ~ futuristic vision, visual arts, high-minded philosophies. This return of the fire signs to our celestial Field is sure to inspire further enlightenment to those seeking awakening, and provide more light to assist you in navigating the surprising twists and turns that await you.

              Sun April 19

              Moon/Mercury/Mars conjunction in Aries: We are catapulted out of the gateway of yesterday’s New Moon today. The Moon ~ what you feel ~ and Mercury ~ what you think ~ and Mars ~ prompting action ~ all align in a singular focus of  knowing what your next step needs to be. This conjunction can also feel volatile and squirrelly, so be sure to keep up those calming cooling practices and habits I have addressed above.

              ~ EarthWord SkyWord ~ Lyn Dalebout


              Star Signposts: Week of April 13-20

              Game:  Pick 3

              Method 1:  2-3-0
              Method 2:  3-6-1
              Method 3:  4-9-2
              Method 4:  2-6-0
              Method 5:  9-2-5
              Method 6:  4-7-5


              Star Signposts: Week of April 13-20

              Game:  Play 4

              Method 1:  7-7-1-8
              Method 2:  3-1-5-7
              Method 3:  3-5-0-6
              Method 4:  8-9-7-2
              Method 5:  3-8-7-6
              Method 6:  2-7-0-1

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                Star Signposts: Week of April 20-26



                “First Buttercup” photo by Lyn Dalebout

                This aspiring first spring Buttercup bursting through the detritus and old cobwebs of last year is a fitting image for this Aries New Moon. I am using my sidereal colleague Nick Anthony Fiorenza’s (http://www.lunarplanner.com/ )word defining this New Moon cycle: aspiring. Nick writes: “This New Moon’s placement impels us to actualize a far greater potential and greater personal achievement, but to do so we must first release or bring to resolution any limiting mental-emotional patterns of the past. Success is accomplished both by maturing internally and aspiring externally. This lunar cycle may also inspire deep emotional clearing and physical cleansing, simultaneously encouraging relinquishment and attainment—the art of becoming all we can be.”

                With the fiery launch of this new SolLunar cycle that started on April 18 in Aries, this cycle is already proving to be will hugely initiatory and catalytic. Here’s my brief definition of Aries from a recent article I published in Teton Spirit Connection (http://tetonspirit.com/magazine/) entitled “Coming Home to the Stars~The Astrological Signs: “Aries is unique in the Zodiac wheel of life in that it is both the alpha (beginning) constellation in the Tropical System of astrology yet the omega (completion) constellation in the Sidereal system. In Tropical astrology, Aries marks the beginning of our earthly new year with Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere. An Aries is a pioneer and has the courage to go out on their own and find exciting new pastures and possibilities. In Sidereal astrology however, Aries marks the completion of the soul’s journey to awakening, remembering oneself as a Being of Light. This is the sign of becoming enlightened. Both definitions of Aries require great audacity and confidence in oneself.”

                I’ve already been inspired with a subtle but important change for this blog starting with the next New Moon of May 17. I will start posting according to the natural lunar cycles, following the natural 13 Moon calendar year rather than artificial 12 month Gregorian calendar. I have been working within this cycle of creativity for years. Hopefully I can help educate and inspire you to discover the benefits of honoring the natural flow of divine timing.  Stay tuned my friends! And thank you as always for your readership.


                Mon April 20

                Mercury in Aries square Jupiter in Cancer: This aspect can spark exploratory conversations about which the direction you want your family dynamics/plans to move.  Candor and directness rule today.

                Venus in Taurus square Vesta in Aquarius: This is a financial planetary dynamic that might have some of you choosing to put your money into more green and socially responsible investments. Or you might decide to help a friend in need, or finally push to collect an outstanding debt.

                Taurus Moon opposite Scorpio Saturn: Taurus Moon feels safe when holding onto money, while Saturn in Scorpio considers it a a good investment to align with others to build long-term wealth.

                Tue April 21

                Mars in Aries trine Pluto in Sagittarius: This is a superlative dynamic for applying your will, passion, physical drive in the direction you currently want your life path to move toward.  Extraordinary athletic ability, forthright and cooperative conversations, and seemingly endless energy are all possibilities today.

                Crescent Moon/Venus conjunction in Taurus: Lovely beauty dusk alert!  Be outside at sunset and view this most exquisite crescent and diamond alignment of Moon ~ what you most need ~ and Venus ~ what you most desire ~ aligning in sidereal sensual magnetic Taurus.  It’s a love-filled night ahead. Pamper yourself and your beloveds.

                Wed April 22~Earth Day

                Mercury/Mars conjunction in Aries: Earth Day arrives again, and this is the perfect aspect to celebrate this international holiday via activism. Mercury rules communicating and Mars always seeks to act. When these two unite once a year, you can become a passionate speaker about a cause you care about or follow through with action on your big idea. A key conversation may happen today as all are speaking their truth with verve.

                Mercury trine Pluto: When these two planets align in any celestial geometry, the mind becomes more investigative, probing, obsessed.  Luckily today’s positive trine indicates the ability to focus your thoughts and harness the extraordinary power of your mind toward your current goals.

                Thu April 23

                Sun in Aries inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio: One way to view this transit is in terms of the art of war/strategy as both these signs are related to warriors. Aries can be impulsive and act before examining the consequences, while Scorpio always has the longer range strategy in mind. The inconjunct geometry suggests some type of adjustment will need to be made so that both energies are accommodated. This dynamic might come into play in regards to a decision you might be faced with today.

                Fri April 24

                Gemini Moon opposite Pluto square Uranus: The ever social, communicative, at times, amoral, Gemini Moon is willing to confront righteous Pluto in Sagittarius and poke fun at the emotional, soft-hearted Uranus in Pisces. Gemini can either get caught in black and white thinking or be infinitely curious in a desire to explore all dimensions of something, no judgment. This sky drama is sure to spark any number of interesting conversations today.

                Sat April 25

                Sun in Aries square Ceres in Capricorn: Ceres is our planetary ruler of so many important aspects of life, from care giving, parenting, environmental causes, food production. Ceres guides us to what we find truly nurturing in our life, be that a good book, the kind of car we desire, the sorts of people we find nurturing, the types of food and activities that support our health. With the illumination of the Sun squaring off with Ceres, we might even have to give up things that no longer nurture us, including roles we’ve played in our families, with friends, in our communities.  The emotion of grief often arises when Ceres is highlighted in the heavens as it is associated with the deep losses that are a natural, yet extremely painful part of life.

                Sun April 26

                Moon/Juno/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer: For those of you sharing a home or bed with family members, you might awaken in the late night,early morning hours and share in nurturing, soul-searching time with your beloveds. For others, you may be gifted with an important dream from an ancestor or beloved who is now resides in Spirit as they reach out to you to offer support and guidance. Help is everywhere, always. We simply need to ask.

                Mercury departs Aries: This marks the end of what might have been an intense brainstorming period over the past few weeks. Tomorrow, Mercury enters practical, grounded Taurus and you can begin the work of taking some of your ideas and putting them to the test.

                ~ EarthWord SkyWord ~ Lyn Dalebout


                Star Signposts: Week of April 20-26

                Game:  Pick 3

                Method 1:  9-8-6
                Method 2:  4-8-8
                Method 3:  9-6-0
                Method 4:  8-9-4
                Method 5:  8-2-8
                Method 6:  9-5-0


                Star Signposts: Week of April 20-26

                Game:  Play 4

                Method 1:  5-3-1-2
                Method 2:  9-2-1-9
                Method 3:  1-9-6-0
                Method 4:  1-2-9-4
                Method 5:  5-4-1-4
                Method 6:  4-4-4-5

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                  Star Signposts: Week of April 27-May 3



                  “Emmie’s Light” watercolor by Emilie Betts

                  As many of us are doing, I focus my thoughts, prayers and intentions for the easing of the suffering that too many are experiencing due to the recent mega Earth shifts. The only upside of these tragedies is that the best part of humanity shines forth, mobilizing to help those in genuine need. Compassion arises naturally and gracefully in this unfathomable upheaval and heavy toll of loss.

                  This coming week, we are clearly ascending to higher ground or descending, being dragged further into our underground that demands exploration. Remember that depression simply means walk down those stairs to face what’s in your basement, your deeper self, and I guarantee, it is there, in your depths, that your greatest Light shines forth.

                  This is the message of what this posted painting of Emilie Betts has always meant to me.


                  Mon April 27

                  Mercury enters sidereal Taurus: Now your thinking/reasoning can become more interested in the logistics of life. How will you actually create the desired changes you have been a’dreaming this winter? For some, this can initially feel a tad depressive, feeling hopeless with no end in sight. But hopefully, this week, you can transition to a more productive practical way of thinking, admitting it is time to get REAL about something you may have been avoiding. Push your way through resistance, inertia, laziness, with the determination of Taurus the Bull, to achieve real lasting results.

                  Tue April 28

                  Sun in Aries trine Moon in Leo: Your inner desires and outer goals align in fiery creative signs, which brings both inspiration and motivation to move forward.

                  Mars in Aries sextile Chiron in Aquarius: At the macro level, this is clearly an aspect that mirrors the global outpouring of support (Mars) assisting those wounded (Chiron) in these epic environmental events unfolding. This aspect might manifest as a desire to help a friend in need.

                  Venus in Taurus square Chiron in Aquarius: Venus in Taurus ponders where do I want to direct my physical resources, especially money? Chiron in Aquarius speaks to the way we are all influenced, whether we know it or not, by the larger challenges of our friends, community members, all of humanity. A decision needs to be made today about what you choose to support that also supports you.  Reciprocity is central to creating healthy relationships.

                  Leo Moon opposite Neptune in Aquarius: This aspect can pit the needs of the individual (Leo) against or in contrast to the needs of a friend or groupings you are part of (Aquarius). This aspect can affect all your relations from the most personal to the most universal. No need to abandon yourself or your friend, find a way to bridge all that is being asked of you.

                  Wed April 29

                  Sun sextile Neptune: A lovely stimulating sextile forms between our brilliant life-giving Sun and spiritually awakened, creatively inspired Neptune. Today is a wonderful day to spend time engaged with your own Muse, spiritual Guides, co-creative partners. Good things are sure to come with a sunny aspect like this.

                  Leo Moon opposite Chiron in Aquarius: The Moon, ruler of our emotions, is in playful, creative Leo and is in a counter-balancing, perspective-giving opposition to Chiron. If you are part of design team, use that tension of differing points of view to come to even greater inspiration. Honor your own genius, and also, the genius of others.

                  Thu April 30

                  Sun in Aries square Juno in Cancer: With this aspect, a tense square, it’s possible you will have to confront or negotiate with someone you consider to be a close family member or colleague. The Sun in Aries seeks individual freedom, while Juno in Cancer has the concerns of the tribal unit in mind.  Surely this will manifest in some making that final decision to stay in a marriage/relationship or be willing to shift.

                  Fri May 1

                  Moon in Virgo trigger: Today’s health-seeking, service-oriented Virgo Moon aligns with the North Node which asserts it is time to step into your future self and all she/he desires.  The Moon will also square transformational Pluto and oppose risk-taking Uranus. This might support your deep desire to cleanse and release yourself from prior unhealthy obligations to another or to your old self who truly seeks to begin anew.

                  Sat May 2

                  Venus enters Gemini: Venus, who is the infinitely curious Aphrodite, enters infinitely curious Gemini.  This aspect sparks exploration and openness in the coming weeks in regards to all aspects of love, art, financial options. Give yourself permission to be more flirtatious, friendly, gregarious even if it is not your usual nature.

                  Mars departs Aries: You may have had to be confrontational in the previous weeks as direct Mars made a transit through courageous Aries. This aspect only comes around once every two years so use this one last day to make or take stands that you have felt shy about. Advance your agenda, make your case, be bold.

                  Sun May 3

                  Full Moon: Tonight you can feel (even if you can’t see it physically) the sidereal Libra Moon opposite the Aries Sun. This aspect can bring further Light to all your relationships and create more polarization and standoffs,  or, pressure you to make some kind of peace. I will write more about this powerful event on Monday of next week’s Star Signposts.

                  Sun in Aries square Jupiter in Cancer: This energy is similar to Wednesday’s post so I will state it again. With this aspect, a tense square, it’s possible you will have to confront or negotiate with someone you consider to be a close family member or colleague. The Sun in Aries seeks individual freedom, while Jupiter in Cancer has the concerns of the tribal unit in mind.  Surely this will manifest in some making a decision to release an outworn role played in the dying family dynamics. The hope is to create a healthier future for all individuals and the larger family constellation.

                  Mercury in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio: I tend to steer away from old style astrological interpretations as they can be so black and white. For example, Jupiter and Venus are considered ‘benefics’ and Mars and Saturn are considered ‘malefics’. Meaning good and bad. I will grant this, Saturn carries a heaviness, seriousness, and when it opposes mental Mercury, there can be a tendency toward depression.  The signs of Taurus and Scorpio are linked to money, resources, intimacy.  So you get the picture. It’s like an overcast day that may lend itself to more interior reflection.

                  I reiterate. Depression simply means walk down those stairs to face what’s in your basement, your deeper self, and I guarantee, it is there, in your depths, that your greatest Light shines forth.

                  ~ EarthWord SkyWord ~ Lyn Dalebout


                  Star Signposts: Week of April 27-May 3

                  Game:  Pick 3

                  Method 1:  0-8-9
                  Method 2:  0-7-2
                  Method 3:  0-7-2
                  Method 4:  1-8-5
                  Method 5:  6-7-4
                  Method 6:  3-6-9


                  Star Signposts: Week of April 27-May 3

                  Game:  Play 4

                  Method 1:  9-2-6-8
                  Method 2:  9-9-1-2
                  Method 3:  7-4-4-5
                  Method 4:  4-9-2-4
                  Method 5:  4-5-6-5
                  Method 6:  4-7-7-0

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                    Star Signposts: Week of May 4-11



                    “Aquarius mirror”~ mosaic detail by Lisa Miller

                    What is your energy experience of late? I am aware of an overwhelming need I have for what I dub my ‘self-care sabbatical’. I am unusually exhausted by the heaviness in the heavens of late and I find I need lots of extra rest and quiet after full days of energy. From an astrological perspective, I attribute this need for stillness and to be more insular to these final weeks of Jupiter completing a once-every-12-year transit through homebody Cancer. It’s an extra fine time to huddle in your own little bubble and assess the health of your life/life systems/relationships. This cycle that started July 2014, has also manifested as the final transition of many of our elders, pets, as well as the death of old family dynamics.

                    From the place of safe insulation that Cancer offers, it might not feel all that comfortable however. Things can bubble up, bubbles can be burst about things you believed were true, which can make you want to just insulate yourself even more in your own little bubble of protection, creating a temporary sanctuary against the harsher aspects of life. Are you wanting to shed longstanding obligations/relationships that no longer bring you joy? Are you finding you have to prioritize your own self-care more consciously in order to assure you can fulfill your many responsibilities? It’s a good time to set boundaries and create healthier habits under the seriousness of Saturn transiting through delving Scorpio, which is an aspect also at play in our planetary field for the next couple of years.

                    By the way, this week’s Star Signposts are a tad abbreviated due to my self-care sabbatical.


                    Mon May 4

                    Full Moon revelations continue: Yesterday’s Full Moon is reverberating through our field of experience today and tomorrow. The day after a Full Moon is a good day for realizations to bubble up concerning a life lesson you might be in the midst of learning. The counter-balancing intensity of both the Sun’s light, symbolic of your conscious Self and the Moon’s reflected light, symbolic of subconscious motivations and your shadow side, can bring great challenge, illumination, or both at once.

                    Tue May 5

                    Moon/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio opposite Mercury in Taurus: This aspect can feel super heavy upon awakening, creating a feeling of dread about all you have been avoiding, resisting, which has lead to major procrastination. If you can turn this depressive feeling into action, you can plow through much today and fall into bed with the decks cleared, stuff released, inhabiting a fresher energetic field moving forward.  That’s what I am currently doing!

                    Wed May 6

                    Sun in Aries trine Pluto in Sagittarius: This energetic epitomizes spring plants and bulbs bursting forth with fresh vitality and the drive to thrive. You too can tap into that natural life force today, all day, and into the night.

                    Mercury in Taurus trine Ceres in Capricorn: This aspect might manifest as financial help or other beneficial support coming from someone who cares about you, or visa versa.

                    Thu May 7

                    Venus in Gemini opposite Moon/Pallas Athene conjunct in Sagittarius: It’s a wonderful day for shared intellectual collaboration or brainstorming. You can’t get enough knowledge today, gobbling up information like you’ve been starving for a new way to view a situation. For those who like to journal as a form of being in conversation with yourSelf, you can fill of the pages with lightning speed, getting answers pronto as you ask your probing questions.

                    Fri May 8

                    Moon/Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius: This energy is similar to Wednesday’s post involving the Sun and Pluto (re-read). And now the Moon joins this galactic team, allowing for a conscious shift in habits, and a desire to not harp on the past. Make re-vitalizing choices today.

                    Sat May 9

                    Mercury in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius: The practical minded Mercury in stubborn Taurus butts heads with dreamy, flaky, visionary Neptune in Aquarius. This tension might arise in a conversation with a friend, or within your own head. The key is talk it through and physically move so the energy doesn’t get stuck.

                    Mercury in Taurus trine North Node sextile South Node: This aspect stimulates creative ways to use past talents that will support you with future creative impulses. You may need to redistribute your resources, including your time, in a way that supports your future goals.

                    Sun May 10

                    Sun sextile Vesta: Vesta is an asteroid that manifests a fierce dedication and focus. With the helpful sextile of Sun’s light today, you can discover renewed passion and commitment to things you care about, including people, causes and collaborations.

                    Venus in Gemini inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio: Since Gemini likes breadth and living on the surface and Scorpio probes the depths, diving deep beneath the surface, conversations can arise today exploring those different ways of seeing a situation or relationship. Sometimes we need to lighten up from too much obsessing, and other times we need to stop joking and face what’s really going on beneath the facade of teasing.

                    Mon May 11

                    Last quarter Sun/Moon square: Today marks the point in this lunar cycle where we symbolically or literally turn a corner, completing projects or challenges of the past and begin to look ahead to the next phase of our life.  The Moon in responsible Capricorn means we may have specific responsibilities and obligations we need to follow through with so we can finish the job feeling good about what was accomplished.  A potential happy ending is in view, but you still have to do the work to get there.

                    ~ EarthWord SkyWord ~ Lyn Dalebout


                    Star Signposts: Week of May 4-11

                    Game:  Pick 3

                    Method 1:  9-3-3
                    Method 2:  5-5-6
                    Method 3:  7-0-8
                    Method 4:  9-7-5
                    Method 5:  1-2-7
                    Method 6:  0-6-3


                    Star Signposts: Week of May 4-11

                    Game:  Play 4

                    Method 1:  4-6-8-6
                    Method 2:  3-1-8-7
                    Method 3:  0-5-0-4
                    Method 4:  2-1-7-8
                    Method 5:  0-3-7-3
                    Method 6:  3-0-8-9

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                      Star Signposts: Week of May 12-17



                      “Saturn’s RingBow” photograph by Lyn Dalebout

                      Beginning next week, I will start timing my Star Signposts postings to the Lunar cycle in hopes of helping you all work more consciously and creatively with this natural timing cycle. This means I’ll be posting on New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, Last Quarter Moon. I am excited to change up my pattern in hopes this format will be supportive to you as well, dear readers and friends.

                      The major news this week will surely be the every two year opposition of Mars and Saturn. (This picture of a recent rainbow I took, applying a black and white filter, reminded me of the rings of Saturn which symbolize how the limitations each of us face are an integral part of our gift.)  This aspect is traditionally considered to be a heavy-hitter in terms of reality delivering hard blows, or can create a feeling of being socked in with a low cloud depression. If you’ve ever done a cleanse, remember how day one, two and three are tough and you want to give up?  That’s what this aspect can feel like. Try to work with this leaden realistic dynamic and rediscover passions and possibilities by consciously busting through inertia, laziness, boredom.

                      And this SolLunar cycle ends at the end of this week on a more upbeat note, signaling new partnerships arriving.  Read on…


                      Tue May 12

                      Moon/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius: Appreciate a friend, spend time in a community collaboration with this aspect. Your spiritual and creative sides are more available to you as well. Take in an art show, join a meditation group, make new friends via social media.

                      Wed May 13

                      Vesta/Chiron/Moon conjunction in Aquarius: Now Vesta ~ undaunted focus ~ makes a final conjunction with Chiron ~ vulnerability/healing/the rainbow bridge that takes you to a whole new reality. You might find yourself committing to new alliances that support helping those in need and also helps you as you embark on a new adventure. And every single day is an adventure, given all the uncertainty in our lives at this time.  What impossible dream do you still want to make happen? Have you ever read “A Course in Miracles”? Part of the wisdom shared in this book, and many others out there, remind us that miracles are the natural order of reality, if we could remember how to use the power of our imagination. Reclaim the gift of your own thoughts and powerful mind today.

                      Thu May 14

                      Pisces Moon conjunct South Node: This once monthly aspect can bring a deluge of sudden tears about something from your past or connect you with a feeling of grief and compassion for current global crises and high levels of suffering many humans and other creatures are facing.

                      Mars/Saturn opposition: This aspect is exact right around midnight tonight (MST) but the pressure is building all day to the point of breaking. Here’s what I wrote above:  This aspect is traditionally considered to be a heavy-hitter in terms of reality delivering hard blows, or a feeling of being socked in with a low cloud depression. If you’ve ever done a cleanse, remember how day one, two and three are tough and you want to give up?That’s what this aspect can feel like. Try to work with this leaden realistic dynamic and rediscover passions and possibilities by consciously busting through inertia, laziness, boredom. out in frustration or determination or a combination of both perhaps.

                      In addition, I will add this. It’s hard for any of us to escape the more challenging aspects of this transit when it occurs once every two years. Mars represents our physical vitality (or lack of it) and guides us to decide where we want to apply our will and physical energy. Mars also calls forth a desire to speak your inner truth, not repress it or lash out in defensiveness or rage. The opposition aspect to serious Saturn might mean you are facing a standoff or stalemate, and that a solution may be at hand in the next couple of days. Don’t give up. You may need to balance two opposing tendencies in yourself, finding a new perspective that will integrate your shadow with your light (remember the rings of Saturn).

                      Fri May 15

                      Mars/Saturn continues: Please re-read yesterday and hopefully you will begin to feel the pressures of late begin to dissipate. Today things might begin to move from a place of standstill to the first beginnings of a new flow, but that flow might still be more like molasses than flowing water. This aspect will still be working hard in our planetary field for the coming week.  Don’t give up.

                      Moon/Uranus conjunction: This startling aspect greets you first thing in the morning and might lead to emotional breakdowns and breakthroughs as well as sudden inspiration.

                      Sat May 16

                      Juno/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer: I find this astrological event miraculously, thankfully synchronistic as it relates to tomorrow’s New Moon.  I have been writing about how Jupiter moving through sidereal Cancer this past year has brought transformational changes to all our family relationships.  By transformational I mean death, endings, old roles completing. And as Juno ~ asteroid of marriage/core partnerships/soul colleagues ~ has been near Jupiter this whole time, many of our personal and professional relationships have also undergone shifts that are now about to reach completion. Juno now aligns with Jupiter exactly, and crosses over to the other side. This signals the end of the death cycle and the beginning of the rebirth cycle. Or that’s how I sense it to be, hope it be, trust it will be so. In time, so patience is still required going forward.

                      ~ EarthWord SkyWord ~ Lyn Dalebout


                      Star Signposts: Week of May 12-17

                      Game:  Pick 3

                      Method 1:  3-7-7
                      Method 2:  7-7-3
                      Method 3:  5-6-7
                      Method 4:  9-2-4
                      Method 5:  2-7-8
                      Method 6:  2-7-1


                      Star Signposts: Week of May 12-17

                      Game:  Play 4

                      Method 1:  6-6-9-1
                      Method 2:  5-4-0-3
                      Method 3:  7-0-5-0
                      Method 4:  1-0-1-2
                      Method 5:  7-6-1-2
                      Method 6:  7-4-3-6

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                        How true these ring ! Wednesday was a very trying day with Thursday not much better. Decision time.

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                          Here we go again. Chaos maker. No No

                          Stay out of my threads! Bat

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                            Star Signposts: Week of New Moon May 17-24

                            Bear Love_cpy

                            New Moon

                            “Bear Love” acrylic on canvas painting by Sue Ewald Cedarholm

                            Tis the season, my favorite time of year, when the Grizzly Bear coys (cubs of the year) and yearling cubs appear more regularly for roadside viewing before they soon disappear into the backcountry. It’s a gift to watch both the wild ferocity of the mother Bears juxtaposed with the jubilant goofiness of the baby Bears. Watching Grizzlies is an obsession of mine, bringing a deep calm to my whole nervous system as I spend full days in quiet observation of these magnificent beings. I learn so much that I can never quite articulate. It is a sacrament of sorts. It reminds me of the energy of Taurus: grounded, visceral, calm. Taurus, and this New Moon reminds us to slow down enough to catch the finer details of life that is too often quickly passing us by.

                            With this post, I will now begin posting every seven days according to the cycles of the Moon. This will be a great way to help you attune to working with the natural supportive energies each lunar cycle brings, assisting you to go with the flow rather than against it. Each person will use these over-arching planetary energies in different ways, but I do feel it’s helpful to learn about the planetary weather that is universal to all of us. We are all under one sky, living on one Earth.  In that realization lies the hope for our humanity.

                            Here’s a list of New Moon characteristics compliments of my friend/sidereal colleague Nick Anthony Fiorenza ~ http://www.lunarplanner.com/:

                            “Beginning the Sprouting Phase of the Lunar Cycle, expressing a New Theme: A new theme emerges. A new idea, a new concept sprouts forth. This is an inner message, an impulse expressing from a field of all possibilities deep within the unconscious mind. Often this process is one of discovery, slowly revealing a simple theme over a day or two, or it may be quite clear and specific, a spontanious message, even suggesting a major life change. The New Moon is a perfect time for meditation or a quite walk—to go within self and listen. A simple word or phrase may pop into your mind during this quite time describing the new lunar theme in a way that is unique to you, or perhaps a simple feeling or knowing will come over you. The ability to listen, honor and trust the inner is all that is required at this time. The ideal time to attune to your New Moon theme is exactly as the New Moon occurs, or at sunrise after the New Moon if the New Moon occurred during the night.”

                            This entire four week cycle will importantly, powerfully, aggressively see our Sun dancing in close tandem to Mars. Read about that advanced warning below.


                            Sun May 17

                            New SolLunar cycle in Taurus: This New Moon is happening near midnight tonight and will be strongly felt all day Monday. We are entering our next lunar cycle as both Sun and Moon align in Taurus and also align with the Pleiades constellation. The Pleiadien storyline is associated with helping us depart, for good, our fear-based reality and realign to a more compassionate love–based reality. This really is happening to us, within us, all around us. And YOU are a key player in this planetary shift so keep finding ways to ditch your fears and recalibrate to the love field.

                            During this entire four week period, our illuminating Sun will be dancing closely with passionate, willful, combative Mars so we can expect this to be one dynamic SolLunar cycle for our entire planet. You can make startling advances in your plans, goals, confronting what you may have been avoiding, but you may need to monitor being too strident in your demands of others. Mars can sometimes get our attention by accidents, major bouts of inflammation, being attacked by someone to get you to stand up for yourself.  Take your warrior stance and speak your truth with conviction. This is a healthy way to align with Mars, and your own personal inner Mars (it’s in your astrological chart, we all have one!).

                            Mon May 18

                            Moon/Mars conjunct in Taurus: Our newly hatched, not yet a sliver of Moon aligns with activating Mars, and this might very well trigger memories or open old wounds from  last week’s very intense Mars/Saturn opposition. But because we are now in this next celestial cycle, hopefully, instead, this will manifest as actually taking steps that you decided to take out of last week’s frustrations.  Remember, this is a very active period, like volcanoes going off inside of you and around you.  You must MOVE with this energy so as not to implode or explode.

                            Mercury goes retrograde in sidereal Taurus: Mercury is our planetary ruler of social media, the Internet, vehicles and office equipment, is going into reverse till June 11. You may decide to take a break from too much time on-line, either because you are overwhelmed and need to reset your brain, or because your actual computer or phone breaks down. Ah, Mercury, the trickster god, often plays havoc with us during the retrograde period. This will also be a fabulous time to clear your life of unnecessary physical clutter, so purge your storage and closets and make them organized and useable again. This celestial event is happening in earthy financial Taurus, you might want to revisit and revamp your budget during this period, spend extra blessed time in the garden, and just work on  s l o w i n g    d o w n.

                            Tue May 19

                            Moon/Mercury conjunct in Taurus: This aspect is taking place in the wee hours of the early morning, which means your mind can be very active, so you might as well get out of bed and get going with your day. The Moon is the ruler of emotions and Mercury rules our thoughts so when they fuse your decision making process can become more simple and direct, especially today as they align in simple, direct Taurus.

                            Wed May 20

                            Moon/Venus conjunct in Gemini: This is worth seeing in the dusk sky, bright Venus and a shining sliver of Moon paired with the binary stars of Gemini. Your wants and needs unite, yet Gemini is infinitely curious so it still might be hard to actually settle on a course of action.  It’s a great day for socializing, following your instinct to visit a library or bookstore, search on-line, for what it is you are looking for, including a dating mate. Gemini also rules our sibling relationships so you might find yourself desirous of connecting with a brother or sister, or aunts and uncles reach out to their nieces and nephews.

                            Thu May 21

                            Venus in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius: Venus rules our creative longings, our heart’s desires in both who we love and what we most value. When Venus opposes obsessive Pluto, issues of control or obsession can arise but we can also use Pluto’s gifts to delve deeply into new levels of intimacy and understanding the totality of what makes us tick. Each of us is a complex unfathomable mystery, even to ourselves.  Explore your depths today and come up richer for the underwater dive.  Counselors, prepare for a deluge of clients calling last minute.

                            Jupiter in Cancer inconjunct Pluto in Sagittarius:  This rare aspect can manifest as powerful turning points in our planetary field in regards to how power is being used/abused.  Cancer speaks of tribal alignments and our historical ties while Sagittarius is always about the future vision. Today there can be a clash in world views or even in regards to how family members want to keep to the status quo or take a risk to evolve to a better place.

                            Fri May 22

                            Sun in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio: This serious decision-making aspect happens once a year. You may be faced with an important choice, be delivered some tough news, or just feel an inner certainty to keep going when times are tough. You can and will get through. Use the determination, focus and discipline of Saturn, Scorpio and Taurus to keep on keepin’ on.

                            Cancer Moon sextile Taurus Sun: This is a delightful nurturing aspect sure to have many entertaining at home (Cancer Moon can make us want to stay home or in a cozy safe place), cooking a superb meal of comfort foods (Cancer loves the carbs and sugars!). If you have been strictly following some new diet (see above) this might be the one night to take a break and satisfy your craving, just for a day, then you can be back at it tomorrow!

                            Sat May 23

                            Moon/Jupiter/Juno conjunction in Cancer: Check out the night sky tonight to witness this beautiful coming together of gigantic Jupiter and a budding Moon. I mentioned in last week’s Signposts that we are now entering partnerships or new ways of relating with our core people as Juno ~ soul colleagues/beloveds ~ Jupiter ~ joy, optimism, faith ~  move us forward in love.

                            Sun May 24

                            Mars in Taurus trine Ceres in Capricorn: What a fabulous aspect this is for home and gardening projects or taking a long leisurely day in the mountains with your family members. It’s a very nurturing supportive kind of day so express your love freely in both word, deed and touch.

                            ~ EarthWord SkyWord ~ Lyn Dalebout


                            Star Signposts: Week of New Moon May 17-24

                            Game:  Pick 3

                            Method 1:  9-1-7
                            Method 2:  5-1-4
                            Method 3:  8-3-4
                            Method 4:  3-2-5
                            Method 5:  6-3-2
                            Method 6:  8-6-1


                            Star Signposts: Week of New Moon May 17-24

                            Game:  Play 4

                            Method 1:  5-7-1-3
                            Method 2:  0-0-3-5
                            Method 3:  3-0-2-7
                            Method 4:  6-4-0-3
                            Method 5:  1-4-5-8
                            Method 6:  0-8-8-4

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                              Thanks Moon

                              Going Retro <<<<<

                              It takes practice to keep your feet on the ground while aspiring toward the heavens. Wink


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