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Someone won $127 Millions Mega Millions jackpot from LP

Topic closed. 33 replies. Last post 2 years ago by KY Floyd.

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January 23, 2011
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Posted: March 2, 2015, 5:22 pm - IP Logged

I know the difference between an opinion and a unhinged tantrum, thanks all the same. 

Yes, I'd agree, "some" people need to be blocked...and "some" are just blockheads.   If you want to block people for free, I'd suggest joining Facebook;  my block list there is probably close to a thousand and even though I've only had an account there for a couple of yrs., it didn't take all that long to get to that number.  I block racists, homophobes, Tony Romo/Dallas Cowboys/Texas haters and people like you all the time.

No you don't!  Every <snip> thing I say here my hater club takes it out of context every single time.  My haters bitched and complained about the complainers,  I let up.  Now my haters don't  like my opinions views once again. 

As for blocking I have 16 people blocked here ( including you )  instant message only....Instant message blocking is Sure  a lot of help in the forum area!

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Trump 2016!

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    Posted: March 2, 2015, 6:02 pm - IP Logged

    You need to alter the orientation of that face palm and apply it repeatedly with a hard and swift motion against the side of your cheek.  Either that, or retire that graphic, it's getting worn out.

    You didn't have to block me on the message part, I'd never waste my time composing something only you could read.  No, I'd rather ridicule you out in the open where EVERYONE can see.

    Oh, and I don't hate you.  I simply don't like you and I don't think I'm alone in feeling that way.  It's because you're a <snip>. (I censored myself)

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      Posted: March 2, 2015, 11:05 pm - IP Logged

      Nope it wasn't me,  since I don't play MM.   Since when has someone that doesn't need money done "great things?" 

      Every one is tired of these middle aged men in their mid life crisis,  riding their bicycles stupidly on the road ways.   Get a sports car like everyone else,  stop being a child!


      The above post by you is not what any clear thinking person would call an opinion.

      It is what is called a "rant", about people that don't need money not doing "great things".....middle aged men in mid life crisis.....riding bicycles on the roadways.

      I mean, all that was straight out of left field. And when people comment on it, you go bonkers.

      At least try to make some sense when you type something, or as I suggested before, get help, because you really really have some major issues.

      Good luck.



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        October 16, 2005
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        Posted: March 3, 2015, 1:02 am - IP Logged

        "The above post by you is not what any clear thinking person would call an opinion."

        Even an insane rant from a crazy person is an opinion, as long as it's completely lacking in any kind of factual basis.