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Online Lottery Play

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How much longer should online lottery be banned in the USA?

6 Months [ 7 ]  [31.82%]
1 Year [ 1 ]  [4.55%]
5 Years [ 1 ]  [4.55%]
10 Years [ 1 ]  [4.55%]
Forever [ 3 ]  [13.64%]
Its not a problem I already play lottery online. [ 9 ]  [40.91%]
Total Valid Votes [ 22 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 1 ]  
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April 12, 2015
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Posted: May 26, 2015, 11:29 pm - IP Logged

I play on line, so I guess I don't know what you mean by "banned". I do know, however, that I can not play on my state's lottery website if I am not logged on within the state. I find that odd.

When I say banned, I mean to prohibit by legal mean.

In a so called capitalist country, if I want to spend my money on a lottery game in another state, than that should be legal, as I demand to do it, and there is a supply.

I dont know if it is a security issue, because if people start putting their personal info online to buy tickets and pay taxes on their winnings, perhaps some sort of chinese hacker will try and steal the winning numbers or perhaps, the government is afraid that lottery winners like that florida 10 time winner will play in easy states, win billions and dollars and then become targets for terroist organizaztions tthat need money to buy their food in their food for oil programs.  (Florida is an easy state to win the lotto, they have many less balls!) 

I would really like to play the texas cash five.  So if I have ten dollars a tax ID numbers and a U.S. residency then I should be able to play.  Even though you could argue that Texan voluntary taxes should stay in the state.

Currently there are people in Africa and in Europe who buy tickets to play the US Mega and PowerBall.  Why is that legal?  I dont want to play el Gordo, even though I can online.  Spains voluntary tax should probably go to spaniards.

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    United States
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    April 12, 2015
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    Posted: June 3, 2015, 8:49 pm - IP Logged

    The government helps themselves to our money having squandered much of what they already received.

    If our government really wanted to help they would reduce their share of the take. 

    Make it easier to win, smaller game matrix evenly divisable such as 5/35 and 6/48 games. 

    Make the prizes tax free. 

    Pour  the game profits into scholarships.

    Wake me up when it happens.  Bed


    Thanks for responding Bob!

    That is a great idea!  Pour the profits into scholarships!  Tax free prizes! 

    I was watching that John Oliver program, and it seems that (for North Carolina at least) that education is advertised as the benificary of lottery.

    But it also seems that "normal" city taxes, that are used for education, are replaced with lotto funds and not ADDED to the fund.

    For example,

    If normal city taxes yielded  1 million budget for schools, and lottery adds 1 million "bonus" dollars for schools, then that should be 2 MILLION total.

    But as you mentioned, goverenment helping themselves to "our" money, then it seems that government, will figure out a way,

    to take 500 thousand bonus dollars from the lottery, and replace 500 thousand normal city taxes, so now you should have 1.5 million for schools and .5 million bonus.

    Being now that we are "overbudget on taxes", we can now take 500 thousand dollars surplus and spend it on, lets say "something else"

    Wake me up when I make sense.Bed