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PB or MM Quick Picks vs. Your Own Numbers

Topic closed. 18 replies. Last post 8 months ago by LottoLucy.

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Posted: May 14, 2016, 10:44 am - IP Logged

The biggest advantage for QP and thus disadvantage for Self-Pick(SP) is that people are pretty horrible when picking numbers. When I pick my own numbers I often pick the same numbers for different lines of I'm not careful and I never pick three or more in a row even though they are possible. QP's are any combinations so you don't have that problem. 

The biggest disadvantage for QP is that in order to have the winning QP you need to be at the right store at the right time and buy the ticket at just the right moment for the machine to print the numbers that would win. With a SP, you don't need those extra random hurdles.

This is another one of those great yet debatable topics. Based just purely on the range of numbers that either of the games utilizes, it's nearly impossible to implement any type of strategy for the every day player and what they'll spend. I know that may not make some people feel good but, it's the truth. There's absolutely zero ability available to attempt 'control' of a reasonable, expected outcome with the MEAN, MEDIAN, and MODE regarding the range compiled with the corresponding money spent on combos. This is simply a math-based conclusion. People that have sentimental combinations are in the exact same boat as any QP player because those numbers must still be drawn as well. The only difference is that 'set in stone numbers' must be played on every single draw or the player(s) risks missing out on 'their win' if their numbers are drawn.

Think about it for a minute. Every SP player that has ever won did so because they were sure their numbers were in, okay. Likewise, all the QP winners were certain that they also went out and grabbed some some tickets as well. Since I've been here, there are only a handful of players that truly understand this and they treat the games as hobbies. Among those whom I've enjoyed watching are RJOh and the late (no longer at LP I guess) Ronnie316. Ronnie proved that the game could be won, beyond a shadow of a doubt, and those of us who get the math weren't surprised one bit. It requires a ton of money to successfully play any system on either game, and, you must then have the resources to print and implement all the tickets. It's not impossible at all but, very expensive and tedious. In the past, groups have come together with all the above criteria in place with the intent to win and, they did. 

Small games, frequent wins, and regular payouts 'cause.....

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    Posted: May 15, 2016, 9:45 pm - IP Logged

    What are the pros and cons either way of having the machine generate your numbers automatically vs. having your own numbers?

    I did my own little study of this topic a couple of years ago using Louisiana Lotto(6 numbers) out of curiosity to see what the results would be.
    I picked a set of numbers to play for each drawing and also played a quickpick along side of it.

    After 70 drawings, the self picked numbers matched an average of 0.714 numbers per ticket, with most tickets matching 1 number. None of those 70 draws matched the minimum of 3 numbers to win a lower tier prize.

    The quickpicks matched an average of 0.971 numbers/ticket with most tickets matching 1 number. However, I had a couple of winners, including matching 4 for $53.00 and ended up winning $0.84/ticket on the quickpicks.

    In other words, I did slightly better on the quickpicks than I did when I picked one set of numbers and played every drawing with it. Whether this means anything, I don't know, but overall, the difference in the number of matches wasn't that significant.

    Perhaps if buying one or two tickets, it doesn't make much difference, but if buying multiple tickets, it might be better to self pick the numbers so the player can cover more of the matrix over all the tickets, which will increase the chances of matching numbers.

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      Posted: May 15, 2016, 9:54 pm - IP Logged

      I am usually a one line ticket kind of guy so for megabucks, powerball and mega millions.  I do add the multiplier to the tickets though so if I win something it is a little bit more.  For that reason I like quick picks!-weshar75

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        Posted: May 18, 2016, 12:18 am - IP Logged

        LottoLucy, how right you are!!! Back in 2012, a Virginian lady won TWICE by playing her own faithful numbers in a way she hadn't planned. Once a player assigns specific and sentimental numbers to this game, they are bound to them. Otherwise, if they fail to play, they will be as nervous as all get out when the winning numbers are posted for the draw(s) they skipped. I can't do it to be honest. I'd rather just get some disposable Quick Picks and be done with it. Here's link to that lady in Virginia that almost decided NOT to play:




        Right now, I have a fortune cookie prediction which reads, 'Financial Opportunity Lies Ahead." I've had it for two weeks already...

        Thanks for the article!  You've had the fortune but did you play the numbers? Maybe you should play it twice.

        I recently had an odd fortune cookie experience.  I was staying at a hotel and as I was getting ready to leave for the day when I saw a fortune from a cookie laying on the bed.  It was very odd because we don't know where it came from and hadn't eaten Chinese the entire trip.  It says Persistency Pays Off!

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