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Use of Pyramid and P4 – Anecdotal evidence

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Posted: May 18, 2016, 7:14 pm - IP Logged

Good Evening Fellow Players!


I have been exploring the resources of the forums, and had stumbled upon prior postings of pyramid workout that uses the current.  See the following thread link for an explanation of its operation:



I have applied this process to NC P4 (primarily the evening drawing; my game of choice), and have noted some very positive findings; at least 3 of the 4 winning numbers do regularly show up in that particular day’s pyramid workout.  I have often identified, almost always after the fact, that two drawn number of the next drawing appear at an angle to the key number (or the key number maybe one of the next drawn); the others are often close by or maybe even connected.


NC envening drawn 5/5/16 was 7404


The challenge that I am running into (and am supposing others have as well) is identifying which correct three digits around the key number (see directions from the link above) that could successfully be used in a run down for the next drawing.

My thought was to use another pairs picking process that other have used successfully and posted on the forums, as part of my identification process.  None have worked thus far.

What I am hoping is for some direction from members (either posted here, or via private message) on any ways that you had “overcome” the choosing process?  Or if you use other processing for identifying expressive pairs that maybe a que for the next drawing numbers?   I have tried applying several processes that members have posted on the forums for picking expressing pairs, with little or no success.

I appreciate your assistance in my (and the other member’s) endeavors.




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