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Are you looking for the best games to play in your state?

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Skippack, PA
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February 21, 2013
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Posted: November 15, 2016, 11:49 pm - IP Logged

I would take 1 week old Florida data over following someone saying that  Game A has the same chance of winning as Game B just by going off of the top prizes remaining number.


2 Million Dollar Top Prize

Game A has 1 top prize remaining and approximately 20,000 tickets available.

Game B has 2 top prizes remaining and over 20 Million tickets available. 


You are giving these 2 games the same chances/odds/best play?   No way. Ill take  1:20k over  1:10mil    every day and 3 times on Sunday. 


I understand that you are only using the info that is instantly available, but that info is only about half the info you need to be anywhere close to accurate.

We received the data from the information request you told us about.  Thank you!  I won't be able to get that request on a regular basis, but, running all of the prizes remaining data through our database, here is the updated analysis for FL based on data delivered to us last Thursday:


DO NOT PLAY ANY GAMES where the SMART FACTOR is less than 1.0:









FL1CROSSWORD DOUBLER$5.00 Games13086.478
FL2$10,000,000 FORTUNE$25.00 Games13034.454
FL3MONOPOLY $5,000,000 FLORIDA ED$20.00 Games13133.432
FL4$5,000,000 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER$20.00 Games13222.603
FL5$1 Holiday Millions$1.00 Games13231.837
FL6Bingo$3.00 Games13271.743
FL7BONUS CROSSWORD$3.00 Games13171.724
FL8$10 Holiday Millions$10.00 Games13261.596
FL9WINNING STREAK$5.00 Games13021.57
FL10QUICK CASH$1.00 Games13191.438
FL11MONOPOLY $2,000,000 FLORIDA ED$10.00 Games13121.289
FL12$2 Holiday Millions$2.00 Games13241.222
FL13MONOPOLY $50,000 FLORIDA EDITI$2.00 Games13101.213
FL14KING'S RANSOM$5.00 Games11801.054
FL16$5 Holiday Millions$5.00 Games13251.053
FL17TRIPLE PLAY$2.00 Games13201.05
FL18$50,000 GOLD RUSH$2.00 Games12590.995
FL19$50,000 FLAMINGO MULTIPLIER$2.00 Games12970.995
FL20$1,000,000 CASHWORD$10.00 Games13140.968
FL21MAXIMUM MONEY$5.00 Games13180.967
FL22LOTERIA$2.00 Games12560.945
FL23PLATINUM 7's$5.00 Games13210.925
FL24$5,000,000 FLAMINGO MULTIPLIER$20.00 Games12880.893
FL25MONOPOLY $500,000 FLORIDA EDIT$5.00 Games13110.882
FL26$600,000,000 GOLD RUSH$20.00 Games12490.849
FL27$50,000 HOLIDAY GIFTS$2.00 Games12900.843
FL28$2,000,000 HOLIDAY GIFTS$10.00 Games12920.839
FL29LUCKY 7$1.00 Games13150.83
FL30BRONZE BUCKS$1.00 Games11890.823
FL31MONOPOLY $10,000 FLORIDA EDITI$1.00 Games13090.801
FL32WHEEL OF FORTUNE$5.00 Games50100.795
FL33$500,000 FLAMINGO MULTIPLIER$5.00 Games12980.793
FL34DOUBLE DEUCES$2.00 Games13160.792
FL35MONEY STASH$2.00 Games13010.792
FL36$10,000 FLAMINGO MULTIPLIER$1.00 Games12960.735
FL37$500,000 GOLD RUSH$5.00 Games12600.707
FL38SUPER 7'S$5.00 Games13070.611
FL39$2,000,000 FLAMINGO MULTIPLIER$10.00 Games12990.574
FL40$250,000 CASHFALL$5.00 Games12950.537
FL41LOTS OF BUCKS$1.00 Games13000.474
FL42LUCKY CASH CROSSWORD$3.00 Games12730.462
FL43$5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE$10.00 Games12790.454
FL44FLAMINGO$5.00 Games50070.366
FL45RUBY RICHES$2.00 Games11900.361
FL46FAST $100$2.00 Games50110.361
FL47$500 A WEEK FOR LIFE$1.00 Games12760.35
FL4850X THECASH$10.00 Games12240.335
FL49BLACKJACK$1.00 Games13060.335
FL50Lucky $200,000 A Year For Life$20.00 Games10480.332
FL51ELECTRIC 8S$2.00 Games70160.312
FL52Fab 4s$1.00 Games12810.302
FL53$2,000,000 JACKPOT$10.00 Games12400.287
FL54WILD 7'S BINGO$3.00 Games12710.277
FL55MONEY TREE$1.00 Games12850.269
FL56THE PRICE IS RIGHT$5.00 Games11920.25
FL57$2 MONOPOLYâ"¢$2.00 Games11970.238
FL58EA$Y MONEY$2.00 Games13050.224
FL59$50,000 GRIDIRON CASH$2.00 Games12020.224
FL60QUICK BUCKS$1.00 Games12660.218
FL61$10,000 HOLIDAY GIFTS$1.00 Games12890.218
FL62SUPER MILLIONS$20.00 Games12280.216
FL63$5,000 BANKROLL$1.00 Games12050.2
FL64LUCKY $HAMROCK$2.00 Games12260.189
FL65HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS$1.00 Games12930.189
FL66BIG MONEY$1.00 Games12250.159
FL67LUCKY LOOT$5.00 Games12170.153
FL69TRIPLE CASH$1.00 Games13040.093
FL70$10,000,000 FLORIDA CASH$25.00 Games12650.032
FL71High Roller$5.00 Games11050.02

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    November 24, 2016
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    Posted: November 24, 2016, 2:42 am - IP Logged

    New York

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      Posted: November 24, 2016, 10:32 am - IP Logged

      Any suggestions for MICHIGAN?

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        November 24, 2016
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        Posted: November 24, 2016, 3:07 pm - IP Logged

        Thank you for this post! I was hoping that the top 3 listed would be some hot games to play. My last win ws $500 on the $3,000,000 Frenzy and $200 on the Instant 50s back in July

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          Posted: November 24, 2016, 6:50 pm - IP Logged

          Smiley  Ky. Please. Thank You.

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            Skippack, PA
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            Posted: November 28, 2016, 1:47 pm - IP Logged

            New York

            UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
            NY1$5.00 GamesQueen of Green12303.866
            NY2$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Frenzy12153.347
            NY3$5.00 GamesIce Bank11862.947
            NY4$3.00 GamesWords With Friends11872.274
            NY5$10.00 GamesFrosty Cash12232.098
            NY6$25.00 GamesNew York Millions12292.017
            NY7$2.00 Games10X The Luck12341.75
            NY8$10.00 Games$3,000,000 Frenzy12141.718
            NY9$3.00 Games40X Your Money11681.699
            NY10$2.00 GamesMoney Drop Multiplier11981.672
            NY11$5.00 GamesHoliday Treasures12241.661
            NY12$3.00 GamesTripling Cashword12061.582
            NY13$1.00 GamesCool 9's12401.534
            NY14$20.00 GamesCash X10012001.501
            NY15$10.00 GamesSet For Life850, 12121.419
            NY16$2.00 GamesInstant $5012391.388
            NY17$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune - Orange12381.361
            NY18$20.00 Games$10,000 A Week for Life12371.325
            NY19$2.00 GamesIt's A Wonderful Life12251.254
            NY20$1.00 GamesBaa Humbucks12261.226
            NY21$1.00 GamesTriple Tripler12351.221
            NY22$3.00 Games$75,000 In Hamiltons12581.151
            NY23$1.00 GamesInstant Take 5831, 11031.132
            NY24$3.00 GamesFrogger ®12441.103
            NY26$3.00 GamesBlock - O ®12331.081
            NY25$5.00 Games$500,000 In Grants12571.081
            NY27$20.00 GamesWild Bonanza Multiplier12471.075
            NY29$2.00 GamesCashword1120, 12281.05
            NY28$3.00 GamesCrossway Cash12531.05
            NY30$5.00 GamesMonopoly Millionaire's Club11911.033
            NY31$5.00 GamesSuper $777,77712431.027
            NY32$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Cashword615, 12411.025
            NY33$25.00 Games$7,000,000 Cash Blowout12611.006
            NY34$3.00 GamesCashword Connect1227, 12310.999
            NY35$2.00 GamesWild 10s12490.99
            NY36$5.00 Games$2,500 A Week for Life12460.987
            NY37$2.00 GamesBingo Doubler808, 11400.985
            NY38$1.00 GamesLoose Change803, 11110.962
            NY39$2.00 Games$25,000 In Lincolns12590.957
            NY40$20.00 GamesLucky 7's Playbook11920.942
            NY41$1.00 Games$5,000 In Washingtons12600.941
            NY42$5.00 Games712620.929
            NY43$1.00 Games7/11/202112540.927
            NY44$10.00 Games$3,000,000 In Benjamins12560.926
            NY45$10.00 Games$25, $50 OR $100!12420.92
            NY46$2.00 GamesCashword Doubler1100, 12180.913
            NY47$2.00 GamesGold Fish12640.906
            NY49$1.00 GamesLucky 7's822, 11010.901
            NY48$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune11970.901
            NY51$2.00 GamesWin For Life728, 11240.89
            NY50$3.00 GamesScrabble12630.89
            NY52$5.00 GamesMoney Vault12520.88
            NY53$1.00 GamesWild Wins12500.877
            NY54$2.00 GamesFind the 8's12210.866
            NY55$5.00 GamesDouble Triple Cashword821, 12360.857
            NY56$10.00 GamesQuick $60012080.837
            NY57$10.00 GamesBonus Rainbow Bingo12040.834
            NY58$1.00 GamesTriple Black Cherry12110.832
            NY59$2.00 GamesMoney Multiplier12450.81
            NY60$3.00 GamesUNO12200.808
            NY61$2.00 GamesInstant Frenzy12160.8
            NY62$1.00 GamesSpicy 1's12550.78
            NY63$5.00 GamesGold Castle12510.766
            NY64$5.00 GamesJackpot Party ®12320.719
            NY65$2.00 GamesI♥NY®12100.672
            NY66$2.00 GamesWhole Lotta $100s12130.656
            NY67$1.00 GamesWild Cash12480.653
            NY68$2.00 GamesRed Hot & Blue 7's12070.632
            NY69$5.00 GamesNew York Poker714, 11300.509
            NY70$1.00 GamesFast Cash12220.353

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              Skippack, PA
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              Posted: November 28, 2016, 1:48 pm - IP Logged

              Any suggestions for MICHIGAN?

              UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
              MI1$2.00 Games$10,000 Jackpot8654.417
              MI2$1.00 GamesMoney Machine8644.296
              MI3$0.50 GamesSlot Crazy5703.732
              MI4$2.00 GamesTriple 7s5472.722
              MI5$0.50 GamesDice Night5461.836
              MI6$0.50 GamesFast Cash5611.787
              MI7$0.50 GamesBaggin' Bucks5581.678
              MI8$1.00 GamesGreen Machine5431.623
              MI9$0.50 GamesPub Cash5491.555
              MI10$1.00 GamesHappy Hour8551.474
              MI11$1.00 GamesDiamond Deal5551.446
              MI12$1.00 GamesCashin' In8541.42
              MI13$2.00 GamesRed Hot 7's8601.403
              MI14$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Casino5521.378
              MI15$1.00 GamesHOT Cash5801.35
              MI16$1.00 GamesPure Gold8631.334
              MI17$1.00 GamesBen's Bills5441.299
              MI18$0.50 GamesNice Pair5741.296
              MI19$1.00 GamesHit $55731.258
              MI20$5.00 Games$25,000 Jackpot8611.244
              MI21$1.00 GamesFast 5's8681.215
              MI22$1.00 GamesPub Crawl8591.171
              MI23$2.00 GamesBig Win8691.099
              MI24$1.00 GamesLucky Spot8671.081
              MI25$0.50 GamesTreasure Trove5711.074
              MI26$5.00 GamesMega Money8661.05
              MI27$2.00 GamesLucky Loot5541.028
              MI28$1.00 GamesCash Club8581.014
              MI29$1.00 Games$200 A Week For Life5500.867
              MI30$2.00 GamesCriss Cross Cash5510.854
              MI31$0.50 GamesDeer Hunter5770.824
              MI32$2.00 GamesMax Money5830.798
              MI33$2.00 Games$10,000 Explosion5390.794
              MI34$2.00 GamesSpin to Win8560.786
              MI35$5.00 GamesUltimate Slots8570.664
              MI36$1.00 GamesBrewin' Bucks8700.552
              MI37$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Riches5400.018
              MI38$1.00 GamesUltra 8's Multiplier5640.012
              MI42$1.00 GamesCasino Cash5560.011
              MI45$1.00 GamesDetroit Tigers5570.011
              MI40$1.00 GamesDetroit Red Wings5650.011
              MI43$1.00 GamesGreenback Stash5620.011
              MI39$1.00 GamesPac-Man5660.011
              MI41$1.00 GamesWin It All5600.011
              MI44$1.00 GamesMoney Night Lights5590.011
              MI46$1.00 GamesAll American Winners5820.011
              MI47$0.50 GamesDouble Cherry Slots5670.007
              MI48$1.00 GamesMega 7's Multiplier5530.006
              MI49$0.50 GamesCash Vault5480.002
              MI50$0.50 GamesS'More Money5370.002
              MI51$0.50 GamesBlazin' Cash5450.002

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                Posted: November 28, 2016, 1:49 pm - IP Logged

                Thank you for this post! I was hoping that the top 3 listed would be some hot games to play. My last win ws $500 on the $3,000,000 Frenzy and $200 on the Instant 50s back in July

                You're Welcome!

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                  Skippack, PA
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                  Posted: November 28, 2016, 1:50 pm - IP Logged
                  UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
                  PRICEGAME NAMEGAME
                  KY1$10.00 GamesMake My Year4509.173
                  KY2$10.00 GamesCash King4618.498
                  KY3$10.00 Games$100,000 Jackpot Doubler4753.024
                  KY4$3.00 GamesSlingo Trio 5X4602.64
                  KY5$10.00 GamesCash Club4811.661
                  KY6$20.00 GamesKentucky Cash Blowout3291.659
                  KY7$10.00 GamesCorvette® Cash5291.644
                  KY8$5.00 Games$50,000 Casino Cash4681.599
                  KY9$3.00 GamesWealthy Winnings4091.534
                  KY10$20.00 Games$200,000 CashFall4391.53
                  KY11$5.00 Games$60,000 Payout4231.515
                  KY12$1.00 GamesFast 504631.421
                  KY13$3.00 GamesPAC-MANâ"¢5281.34
                  KY14$1.00 Games5X4711.339
                  KY15$5.00 GamesFull of 500's4841.313
                  KY16$10.00 GamesMega Bucks4861.309
                  KY17$5.00 GamesWizard of Oz4511.306
                  KY18$1.00 GamesTriple Cash4771.302
                  KY19$2.00 GamesMoney Maker4641.212
                  KY20$5.00 GamesFolding Money4211.123
                  KY21$2.00 GamesLucky 8's4661.122
                  KY22$1.00 GamesThe Perfect Gift4781.107
                  KY23$25.00 Games$30,000,000 Fortune4701.091
                  KY24$2.00 GamesTriple Win4591.09
                  KY25$20.00 Games$15 Million Cash Bonanza4621.083
                  KY26$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune®5501.067
                  KY27$5.00 Games5x Fortune4851.059
                  KY28$2.00 GamesCrossword4671.052
                  KY29$3.00 GamesBuried Treasure4871.042
                  KY30$2.00 GamesBingo4731.041
                  KY31$10.00 GamesJumbo Bucks4441.038
                  KY32$1.00 GamesWild 8's4431.037
                  KY33$2.00 Games$10,000 HOLIDAY GOLD4791.034
                  KY34$3.00 GamesRed Hot 7's4761.031
                  KY35$10.00 GamesBluegrass Blowout4320.994
                  KY36$3.00 Games3 Times The Fun4830.936
                  KY37$2.00 GamesQuick $100's4720.885
                  KY38$5.00 GamesMake My Month4490.83
                  KY39$5.00 GamesBig Money4650.788
                  KY40$2.00 Games$15 Grand4890.761
                  KY41$5.00 GamesDiamond Fortune4570.754
                  KY42$25.00 GamesCash Royale4880.693
                  KY43$20.00 GamesCash Reserve4690.598
                  KY44$5.00 GamesMoney Mania Extra Play4740.582

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                    Skippack, PA
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                    February 21, 2013
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                    Posted: November 28, 2016, 1:54 pm - IP Logged


                    UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
                    PRICEGAME NAMEGAME
                    TN1$10.00 GamesLady Luck 75907.048
                    TN2$5.00 GamesGreen & Gold5726.909
                    TN3$5.00 Games50X The Cash6055.923
                    TN4$2.00 Games20X The Cash6025.605
                    TN5$10.00 Games$1,000 Mayhem5404.968
                    TN6$10.00 Games100X The Cash6004.529
                    TN7$2.00 GamesCool $50s6094.123
                    TN8$25.00 GamesMega Millionaire Jumbo Bucks6904.031
                    TN9$1.00 GamesAmazing 8's5833.939
                    TN10$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Fortune5643.866
                    TN11$10.00 GamesBig Money Game6073.808
                    TN12$5.00 GamesThe Big $5 Ticket6063.763
                    TN13$5.00 GamesJoker's Jackpot6233.754
                    TN14$5.00 GamesWin It All6143.446
                    TN15$25.00 Games$5,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular4333.366
                    TN16$10.00 GamesJumbo Jumbo Bucks6503.362
                    TN17$3.00 GamesWords With Friendsâ"¢5433.336
                    TN18$5.00 Games76213.314
                    TN19$1.00 GamesLucky 7's5623.296
                    TN20$1.00 Games10X The Cash6013.208
                    TN21$2.00 GamesEscape To Margaritaville®6183.19
                    TN22$5.00 GamesGiant Jumbo Bucks6553.171
                    TN23$5.00 GamesGridiron Cash5693.155
                    TN24$10.00 GamesInstant $5006243.037
                    TN25$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Cash Bonanza5813.026
                    TN26$5.00 Games$200,000 Money Clip5473.021
                    TN27$20.00 GamesWin For Life®4262.912
                    TN28$5.00 GamesThe Wizard of Ozâ"¢5932.797
                    TN29$25.00 GamesSilver Spectacular5272.69
                    TN30$1.00 Games21 Blackjack5952.652
                    TN31$10.00 Games$500,000 Super Cash6112.525
                    TN32$10.00 GamesInstant Bankroll5852.523
                    TN33$1.00 GamesFireball 7's6122.482
                    TN34$2.00 GamesIt Takes 25842.481
                    TN35$20.00 Games$1 Million Fever6202.362
                    TN36$10.00 GamesPayout5942.345
                    TN37$2.00 GamesSilver & Gold5742.207
                    TN38$25.00 GamesMega Millionaire Jumbo Bucks7902.16
                    TN39$5.00 GamesMonopoly Millionaires' Club5702.118
                    TN40$2.00 GamesTriple Dynamite 7's5972.117
                    TN41$3.00 GamesJumbo Bucks Bingo5542.104
                    TN42$2.00 GamesMore Cash!5492.054
                    TN43$1.00 GamesWild 7's6031.989
                    TN44$5.00 GamesDouble Sided Dollar$6151.938
                    TN45$5.00 GamesRuby Red 7s5631.901
                    TN46$2.00 GamesMagic 8 Ballâ"¢6171.85
                    TN47$2.00 GamesBig Money Spectacular5921.676
                    TN48$3.00 GamesLoteriaâ"¢5981.65
                    TN49$5.00 Games$250,000 Jackpot5351.642
                    TN50$2.00 GamesWild 10s6261.615
                    TN51$5.00 GamesRoyal Jewels6311.523
                    TN52$20.00 GamesMillionaire 7's5391.516
                    TN53$10.00 GamesJumbo Jumbo Bucks7501.491
                    TN54$2.00 GamesTriple Diamonds6041.474
                    TN55$10.00 GamesWild Cash Bonanza6281.36
                    TN56$1.00 Games$5,000 Cash5961.357
                    TN57$2.00 GamesTriple Play6161.354
                    TN58$1.00 GamesWild Doubler6251.317
                    TN59$3.00 GamesLady Jumbo Bucks6531.195
                    TN60$20.00 Games$3,000,000 Mega Cash3741.184
                    TN61$10.00 GamesColor Me Rich6361.17
                    TN62$2.00 GamesJumbo Bucks6521.161
                    TN63$1.00 GamesFast Cash6191.149
                    TN64$3.00 GamesJumbo Bucks Bingo6541.146
                    TN65$1.00 GamesLucky 7's6621.1
                    TN66$1.00 GamesJunior Jumbo Bucks6511.091
                    TN67$5.00 GamesWild Cash6271.065
                    TN68$5.00 GamesGiant Jumbo Bucks7551.036
                    TN69$20.00 Games$500,000 Holiday Bonus6321.029
                    TN70$1.00 GamesHoliday Treasures6331.015
                    TN71$10.00 Games$10,000 Payday5671.014
                    TN72$30.00 GamesUltimate Millions5991.006
                    TN73$5.00 GamesHoliday Lucky Times 106351.001
                    TN74$2.00 GamesDouble Deuces6300.963
                    TN75$2.00 GamesUgly Christmas Sweater Tripler6340.962
                    TN76$1.00 GamesBiscuits and Gravy6290.872
                    TN77$1.00 GamesCash On The Spot6080.86
                    TN78$3.00 GamesJumbo Bucks Seasons6610.83
                    TN79$20.00 GamesMillionaire Jumbo Bucks6600.808
                    TN80$1.00 Games7 Wins6220.79

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                      Posted: November 28, 2016, 1:55 pm - IP Logged

                      South Carolina

                      UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
                      PRICEGAME NAMEGAME
                      SC1$5.00 GamesDouble Jackpot83911.306
                      SC2$10.00 Games$250,000 Jackpot8158.622
                      SC3$5.00 GamesEmerald 8s8297.01
                      SC4$5.00 Games$200 Frenzy8485.19
                      SC5$2.00 Games$100 Frenzy8474.071
                      SC6$2.00 GamesTriple Dollars8544.03
                      SC7$1.00 Games$50 Frenzy8463.672
                      SC8$1.00 GamesLucky 8's8333.507
                      SC9$3.00 GamesPink Diamond Bingo8513.482
                      SC10$10.00 GamesBlack Ice Millions8832.998
                      SC11$10.00 GamesMega Bucks7952.989
                      SC12$10.00 GamesCash Reserve8632.467
                      SC13$1.00 GamesJunior Jumbo Bucks7872.259
                      SC14$5.00 GamesLucky 78312.19
                      SC15$10.00 GamesRoyal Cash8722.15
                      SC16$5.00 GamesCash Money7981.876
                      SC17$1.00 GamesMad Money8231.837
                      SC18$10.00 GamesGold Rush8691.744
                      SC19$1.00 GamesTic Tac 2s8271.591
                      SC20$2.00 GamesCherry Jackpot8281.566
                      SC21$10.00 GamesFranklin's Fortunes8601.56
                      SC22$2.00 GamesLucky Green8521.342
                      SC23$5.00 GamesAmethyst 8's8911.331
                      SC24$1.00 GamesQuick Bucks7961.31
                      SC25$5.00 GamesCash Blowout8991.293
                      SC26$1.00 GamesQuick 7's8531.224
                      SC27$5.00 GamesGiant Jumbo Bucks8641.166
                      SC28$2.00 GamesHoliday Cash8941.141
                      SC29$1.00 GamesRuby 6's8891.134
                      SC30$2.00 GamesJumbo Bucks8571.124
                      SC31$5.00 GamesRoad to Riches8621.099
                      SC32$5.00 GamesMoney Madness8651.078
                      SC33$10.00 GamesElegant Cash8961.069
                      SC34$1.00 GamesHoliday Lights8931.058
                      SC35$1.00 GamesJunior Jumbo Bucks8661.052
                      SC36$2.00 GamesSapphire 7's8901.037
                      SC37$1.00 Games3 Times Lucky8771.023
                      SC38$2.00 GamesNeon Green8980.992
                      SC39$5.00 GamesCash Funds8710.982
                      SC40$10.00 GamesCash Bonanza9000.964
                      SC41$10.00 GamesQuarter Million Dollar Cashfall8400.96
                      SC42$10.00 GamesEmerald 9's8920.957
                      SC43$10.00 GamesMighty Jumbo Bucks8500.92
                      SC44$3.00 GamesWhiteout Bingo8850.91
                      SC45$3.00 GamesBig Bonus Crossword8750.892
                      SC47$1.00 Games$5,000 Jackpot8420.881
                      SC46$5.00 GamesCash Blowout8350.881
                      SC48$5.00 GamesGrand Luck8950.864
                      SC49$1.00 GamesTic Tac Tripler8670.819
                      SC50$1.00 GamesFast Bucks8800.813
                      SC51$5.00 Games$125,000 Big Money8680.801
                      SC52$1.00 Games7/11/20218700.79
                      SC53$1.00 GamesHot Spot8180.751
                      SC54$1.00 GamesLucky Horseshoe8860.716
                      SC55$2.00 GamesCash Payout8160.702
                      SC56$1.00 GamesJoker's Wild8370.648
                      SC57$5.00 GamesBlack and Gold8760.609
                      SC58$5.00 GamesMoney Mania8550.532
                      SC59$2.00 GamesMoney Stash8870.506
                      SC60$10.00 GamesMoney Money Money8060.12
                      SC61$10.00 GamesGold Millions8260.03
                      SC62$10.00 GamesCash King8580.029
                      SC63$10.00 GamesVIP Cash Club8360.029
                      SC64$10.00 GamesDiamond Dollars8450.028
                      SC65$10.00 Games$500 Frenzy8490.028
                      SC66$3.00 GamesMoney Puzzle Gold8610.021
                      SC67$2.00 GamesRoyal Win7970.019
                      SC68$2.00 GamesLucky Stars8440.019
                      SC69$2.00 GamesBankroll8340.018
                      SC70$2.00 GamesDouble Match8810.018
                      SC71$1.00 Games$5,000 Taxes Paid8430.015
                      SC72$1.00 Games3 Times Lucky8560.012
                      SC73$2.00 Games7778380.011

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                        North Carolina please

                        UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016

                        PRICEGAME NAMEGAME
                        NC1$20.00 GamesMultiplier Spectacular38034.608
                        NC2$10.00 Games50X The Cash4863.15
                        NC3$2.00 GamesCash Inferno4942.755
                        NC4$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune4892.108
                        NC5$5.00 GamesKing's Ransom4472.03
                        NC6$5.00 Games$300,000 Jackpot4811.949
                        NC7$3.00 GamesTreasure Hunt4951.777
                        NC8$5.00 GamesCarolina Black4961.517
                        NC9$20.00 GamesMillionaire Bucks4821.421
                        NC10$10.00 GamesPlatinum 7's4681.403
                        NC11$1.00 GamesMerry Money5201.346
                        NC12$2.00 GamesDid I Win?4521.322
                        NC13$2.00 Games$50,000 Platinum Payout5141.313
                        NC14$1.00 GamesLoose Change5081.287
                        NC15$20.00 Games$4,000,000 Platinum Payout5191.286
                        NC16$2.00 GamesJunior Big Ol' Bucks4611.273
                        NC17$1.00 Games$10,000 Platinum Payout5131.264
                        NC18$1.00 Games$10,000 Bonus Cash5031.244
                        NC19$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Bonus Cash with Back Scratch5071.241
                        NC20$1.00 GamesFireball 7's4971.235
                        NC21$5.00 Games20X The Cash4851.225
                        NC22$20.00 GamesRuby Red 7s5001.224
                        NC23$1.00 GamesLucky Tripler4871.212
                        NC24$1.00 Games5X The Cash4831.21
                        NC25$2.00 GamesDouble Match5161.179
                        NC26$3.00 GamesLoteria5171.178
                        NC27$5.00 GamesCarolina Panthers5111.174
                        NC28$3.00 Games5X Bingo Multiplier5021.155
                        NC29$5.00 GamesHoliday Riches5231.145
                        NC30$3.00 GamesNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacationâ"¢5221.138
                        NC31$10.00 GamesHoliday Millions5241.128
                        NC32$30.00 GamesUltimate Millions4591.123
                        NC33$2.00 GamesLiberty Bills4981.115
                        NC34$10.00 Games10th Anniversary Millions4931.106
                        NC36$1.00 Games10th Anniversary Cash4901.078
                        NC35$10.00 GamesCarolina Millions5391.078
                        NC37$5.00 GamesFast $500 Cash w/Back Scratch4761.065
                        NC38$5.00 Games$200,000 Triple Play5181.065
                        NC39$2.00 GamesGolden Ticket4881.036
                        NC40$20.00 Games$200 Million Blowout4131.017
                        NC41$5.00 Games10th Anniversary Spectacular4921.012
                        NC42$5.00 GamesMega Bucks4621.004
                        NC43$2.00 Games10th Anniversary Riches4910.955
                        NC44$5.00 Games$400,000 Bonus Cash5060.931
                        NC45$1.00 GamesMighty Bucks4600.93
                        NC46$1.00 GamesLucky 7's3940.923
                        NC47$2.00 Games10X The Cash4840.891
                        NC48$5.00 Games$250,000 Platinum Payout5150.854
                        NC49$2.00 GamesWinter Winnings5210.831
                        NC50$10.00 Games$1,000 Mayhem4440.815
                        NC51$5.00 Games$250,000 Fortune4990.762
                        NC52$3.00 GamesBonus Crossword5050.756
                        NC53$2.00 GamesLucky Gems5100.698
                        NC54$5.00 GamesFat Wallet5120.676
                        NC55$2.00 Games$50,000 Bonus Cash5040.667
                        NC56$10.00 GamesJumbo Bucks4630.54
                        NC57$5.00 Games$2,500 A Week for Life3980.099
                        NC58$10.00 GamesMillionaire 7's3840.025
                        NC59$5.00 GamesCrossword Money Multiplier5010.02
                        NC60$1.00 GamesBlackjack5300.011

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                          Ga please

                          UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
                          PRICEGAME NAMEGAME
                          GA1$5.00 Games$300,000 TAXES PAID          119813.609
                          GA2$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Grand Casino96411.745
                          GA3$20.00 Games21 Black Series111311.441
                          GA4$5.00 GamesMONEY VAULT                  120210.515
                          GA5$5.00 GamesSUPER TRIPLER WIN12267.972
                          GA6$5.00 Games$25 Million Payout11905.475
                          GA7$1.00 Games$10,000 TAXES PAID           11964.897
                          GA8$20.00 Games$3,000,000 Jackpot11744.277
                          GA9$3.00 Games15x The Money Exclusive11553.927
                          GA10$5.00 GamesEZ Grand11353.598
                          GA11$3.00 Games15x The Money10953.222
                          GA12$20.00 GamesMillionaire Jumbo Bucks10062.764
                          GA13$20.00 Games$7,500 a Week For Life11002.704
                          GA14$30.00 GamesSUPER MAX THE MONEY          12032.519
                          GA15$2.00 GamesHit $200!11332.319
                          GA16$2.00 GamesJumbo Bucks - Lotto Edition11762.282
                          GA17$3.00 GamesLady Jumbo Bucks10622.224
                          GA18$5.00 GamesHit $500!11202.143
                          GA19$20.00 Games100X The Money10301.929
                          GA20$2.00 GamesMonopoly ($2)11481.913
                          GA21$2.00 GamesCA$H MATCH12011.857
                          GA22$5.00 GamesShimmering Cash11951.827
                          GA23$25.00 GamesJINGLE JUMBO BUCKS12461.799
                          GA24$10.00 GamesJingle Jumbo Bucks11871.78
                          GA25$10.00 GamesWINNER GREEN12451.697
                          GA26$2.00 GamesCashword VII11091.663
                          GA27$10.00 Games50X THE MONEY                10111.591
                          GA28$5.00 Games20X THE MONEY                10101.58
                          GA29$3.00 GamesJumbo Bucks Crossword10451.554
                          GA30$20.00 GamesCaesar's11421.54
                          GA31$20.00 GamesCA$H BLAST!12401.533
                          GA32$1.00 GamesHOLIDAY SPARKLE12411.405
                          GA33$2.00 GamesLOTERIA                      12131.398
                          GA34$5.00 GamesBIG MONEY MAKER12391.394
                          GA35$3.00 GamesX The Money Bingo11941.356
                          GA36$2.00 Games$20,000 TAXES PAID           11971.341
                          GA37$1.00 Games$50,000 Jackpot11711.328
                          GA38$1.00 GamesSPOOKY CASH!12361.297
                          GA39$2.00 Games10X THE MONEY                10091.29
                          GA40$30.00 Games$10 Million Cash Spectacular10881.245
                          GA41$3.00 GamesMonopoly ($3)11491.219
                          GA42$10.00 Games$100 MILLION CASH OUT        11991.138
                          GA43$3.00 GamesFROGGER12481.119
                          GA44$2.00 Games$17,000,000 CASH PAYOUT!12561.116
                          GA46$2.00 GamesSILVER12291.113
                          GA45$3.00 Games5 CARD CASH12381.113
                          GA47$3.00 GamesGLIMMERING GIFTS12431.11
                          GA48$20.00 Games$20,000 WINFALL12171.107
                          GA49$20.00 Games$77,000,000 CASH PAYOUT!12581.094
                          GA50$10.00 GamesJUMBO JUMBO BUCKS            10051.074
                          GA54$1.00 GamesPAY ME!12511.06
                          GA51$1.00 GamesCA$H 312471.06
                          GA53$3.00 GamesWIN ALL!12531.06
                          GA52$5.00 GamesFA$T MONEY12541.06
                          GA56$1.00 Games5X THE MONEY                 10081.054
                          GA55$2.00 Games10X THE MONEY EXCLUSIVE12331.054
                          GA57$2.00 GamesHOLIDAY CASH12421.05
                          GA58$1.00 GamesBRONZE12281.043
                          GA59$5.00 GamesSuper Loteria®11411.036
                          GA60$2.00 Games4 LEAF CLOVER12051.021
                          GA61$10.00 GamesWIN EITHER $50 OR $10012271.008
                          GA62$2.00 GamesJUMBO BUCKS CLASSIC          10021.004
                          GA63$25.00 GamesMIGHTY JUMBO BUCKS12070.988
                          GA64$20.00 GamesMonopoly Millionaire11500.984
                          GA65$5.00 Games$12210.976
                          GA66$5.00 GamesRED HOT 5'S12160.965
                          GA67$5.00 Games$37,000,000 CASH PAYOUT!12570.956
                          GA68$5.00 Games$500,000 BONUS12870.945
                          GA69$5.00 GamesATLANTA FALCONS12340.931
                          GA70$5.00 GamesLUCKY CLOVER, POT 'O GOLD, HO12060.931
                          GA71$2.00 GamesJUMBO BUCKS LOTTO12370.911
                          GA72$2.00 GamesRED HOT 5'S12150.904
                          GA73$5.00 GamesGIANT JUMBO BUCKS            10040.893
                          GA74$1.00 GamesQUICK 7'$12320.89
                          GA75$5.00 GamesSILVER BELLS12440.889
                          GA76$5.00 GamesMonopoly Millionaires' Club11690.887
                          GA77$5.00 GamesGOLD12300.854
                          GA78$1.00 GamesLUCKY HEARTS/LUCKY MONEY/BLOO12000.85
                          GA79$1.00 Games$7,000,000 CASH PAYOUT!12550.848
                          GA80$3.00 GamesCherry, Orange, & Lemon Tripler Cashword10680.841
                          GA81$1.00 Games$_$112230.833
                          GA82$1.00 GamesShimmering Cash11920.809
                          GA83$1.00 GamesLUCKY 7'S                    10070.784
                          GA84$1.00 GamesRED HOT 5'S12140.779
                          GA85$1.00 GamesJUNIOR JUMBO BUCKS           10010.753
                          GA86$2.00 GamesJumbo Bucks Classic - Anniversary Edition10580.735
                          GA87$2.00 GamesShimmering Cash11930.703
                          GA88$5.00 GamesHarley-Davidson®11800.68
                          GA89$1.00 GamesRED WHITE BLUE12180.61
                          GA90$10.00 GamesSILVER PEACH12350.604
                          GA91$2.00 Games$_$212240.507
                          GA92$5.00 GamesTHE 777 SERIES               11810.501
                          GA93$3.00 GamesBig Bucks4870.179
                          GA94$5.00 GamesTHE CASH WHEEL12110.168
                          GA95$30.00 GamesMax The Money11460.032
                          GA96$10.00 GamesJumbo Jumbo Bucks - Anniversary Edition10600.031
                          GA97$20.00 GamesShimmering Cash11910.031
                          GA98$20.00 GamesSUPER 712220.03
                          GA99$20.00 GamesPLATINUM12310.03
                          GA100$10.00 GamesCOLOR ME RICH12120.029
                          GA102$2.00 GamesGHOSTBUSTERS12250.025
                          GA101$2.00 GamesTHE BIG $2 TICKET12090.025
                          GA104$2.00 GamesFAT CAT LUCKY DOG12190.025
                          GA103$5.00 Games$2,000 a Week For Life10910.025
                          GA105$3.00 GamesLET'S WIN THIS!12200.024
                          GA106$3.00 GamesFROGGER12100.023
                          GA107$2.00 GamesThe Walking Dead11790.018
                          GA108$2.00 Games$100,000 Jackpot11720.017
                          GA109$3.00 GamesKevin's KENO!11340.017
                          GA110$1.00 GamesTHE BIG $1 TICKET12080.015
                          GA111$1.00 GamesHORSE SHOE SYMBOL12040.015

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                            OK I'M Game (((((INDIANA)))))


                            UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
                            PRICEGAME NAMEGAME
                            IN1$1.00 Games$500 A Week Cash For Life20012.799
                            IN2$5.00 GamesMerry & Bright           21792.252
                            IN3$30.00 GamesAll Cash Millions        21541.828
                            IN4$5.00 GamesRed Hot Crossword20491.603
                            IN5$1.00 GamesFunky 5S Tripler         21461.539
                            IN6$3.00 Games30X The Cash             21741.507
                            IN7$2.00 Games$1,000 A Week Cash For Life20021.506
                            IN8$5.00 Games20X The Money            20991.451
                            IN9$3.00 GamesElectric 7S              21481.431
                            IN10$10.00 GamesSuper Ticket 7s            21321.429
                            IN11$20.00 Games$3 Million Jackpot20091.413
                            IN12$10.00 Games$5,000 A Week Cash For Life20041.406
                            IN13$5.00 Games$2,500 A Week Cash For Life20031.37
                            IN14$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune®21651.368
                            IN15$5.00 GamesJackpot 20X              21441.336
                            IN16$1.00 GamesJoy/Cheer/Merry          21771.269
                            IN17$10.00 GamesPlatinum 7S              21691.239
                            IN18$10.00 Games$700,000 Extreme Green   21161.236
                            IN19$1.00 GamesBlackjack                21631.215
                            IN20$5.00 GamesBlazin' Hot Crossword Bonus21851.184
                            IN21$1.00 GamesLoaded $50               21551.15
                            IN22$1.00 GamesJackpot 5X               21421.142
                            IN23$2.00 GamesBingo Frenzy             21641.086
                            IN24$1.00 GamesBronze 7S                21661.083
                            IN25$2.00 GamesHappy Holidays           21781.069
                            IN26$5.00 GamesJewel 7S                 21401.068
                            IN27$10.00 GamesIndiana Cash Blowout     21761.06
                            IN28$1.00 GamesLoose Change             21071.052
                            IN29$20.00 Games$150,000,000 Extravaganza21621.05
                            IN31$2.00 Games10X The Money            20981.029
                            IN30$5.00 GamesLoaded $500              21521.029
                            IN32$5.00 GamesGold 7S                  21681.028
                            IN33$5.00 GamesTriple Play              21751.01
                            IN34$2.00 GamesSilver 7S                21670.994
                            IN35$5.00 GamesWin It All               21270.987
                            IN36$30.00 Games$7,000,000 Mega Ca$H     20900.983
                            IN37$20.00 GamesJackpot 100X             21450.973
                            IN38$20.00 GamesDiamond Dazzler          21060.953
                            IN39$10.00 GamesTax Free $10 Grand       21530.95
                            IN40$3.00 GamesBoardgame Bonus          21610.904
                            IN41$1.00 GamesDouble Doubler           21730.88
                            IN42$3.00 GamesWild Cherry Crossword20430.879
                            IN43$10.00 GamesMultiplier Mania         21410.847
                            IN44$25.00 GamesGold Bullion             21330.828
                            IN45$20.00 GamesUltimate Triple 777      21800.827
                            IN46$5.00 GamesWild 5S                  21570.807
                            IN47$2.00 GamesLoaded $200              21230.759
                            IN48$2.00 GamesHoosier 200S             21700.676
                            IN49$5.00 Games$20,000,000 Payout       21710.608
                            IN50$10.00 Games$120M Cash Spectacular20270.601
                            IN51$5.00 GamesPlatinum Mine 9X         21240.554
                            IN52$5.00 GamesRed Hot Slots            21600.116
                            IN53$2.00 GamesJackpot 10X              21430.072

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                              Washington state please

                              UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
                              PRICEGAME NAMEGAME
                              WA1$20.00 Games$30,000,000 Blowout133014.946
                              WA2$5.00 GamesLucky For Life13489.666
                              WA3$5.00 GamesFor The Love Of 713434.801
                              WA4$1.00 Games7/11/202113903.344
                              WA5$1.00 GamesFarm Fresh Ca$h14003.135
                              WA6$5.00 GamesGolden Riches13463.065
                              WA7$3.00 GamesCrossword Connect13862.352
                              WA8$20.00 GamesCash Spectacular13792.035
                              WA9$1.00 GamesGOLD RUSH14181.824
                              WA10$2.00 GamesHAPPY CAMPER13701.611
                              WA11$5.00 Games$75,000 Fortune14141.531
                              WA12$2.00 GamesPENG-WIN CROSSWORD14261.354
                              WA13$5.00 GamesHOT CARD13611.296
                              WA14$30.00 Games$80 Million Payout13731.239
                              WA15$2.00 GamesLOTERIA v1114251.227
                              WA16$20.00 Games$500,000 JEWEL JACKPOT14101.219
                              WA17$5.00 GamesLucky For Life13981.188
                              WA18$5.00 GamesFandango14111.17
                              WA19$2.00 GamesFISH & CHIPS14191.163
                              WA20$5.00 GamesHonda Ultimate Garage Giveaway13971.137
                              WA21$5.00 Games$75,000 FESTIVAL CELEBRATION14201.105
                              WA22$10.00 Games$250,000 WINDFALL14051.053
                              WA23$1.00 GamesFIND A 914061.05
                              WA24$5.00 GamesSEAHAWKS 201614161.026
                              WA25$1.00 GamesFROSTY FUN!14241.008
                              WA26$5.00 Games$50,000 DOUBLE PLAY CROSSWORD14171.004
                              WA27$2.00 GamesSeattle Sounders Fc13960.984
                              WA28$5.00 GamesSEASON'S GREETINGS14270.978
                              WA29$1.00 GamesHOLIDAY HOOPLA14280.976
                              WA30$1.00 GamesCrossword Lite13650.975
                              WA31$2.00 GamesBingo Squared13950.928
                              WA32$1.00 Games3 In A Row13880.918
                              WA33$3.00 GamesCash Word Connect14130.868
                              WA34$3.00 GamesDEVIL DOUBLER SLINGO14230.857
                              WA35$10.00 GamesI Heart Ben14040.826
                              WA36$5.00 GamesLots Of Letters12970.789
                              WA37$2.00 GamesYear Of The Monkey13890.748
                              WA38$2.00 GamesCasino Crossword13740.747
                              WA39$1.00 GamesTHE BIG CHEESE14010.642
                              WA40$5.00 GamesMoney Madness13930.026
                              WA41$5.00 GamesMoney Bag Crossword13990.025
                              WA42$10.00 GamesTriple 77713920.025
                              WA43$2.00 GamesLoteria14080.024
                              WA44$2.00 GamesLoteria13940.024
                              WA45$5.00 Games7/11/202113400.023
                              WA46$5.00 Games10X The Money13620.023
                              WA47$10.00 GamesUltimate Bankroll13190.023
                              WA48$1.00 GamesPlatinum Vip14070.022
                              WA49$5.00 GamesJackpot Riches13690.022
                              WA50$3.00 GamesWild West Slingo14020.018
                              WA51$2.00 GamesLady Luck13280.016
                              WA52$1.00 GamesHang 1013510.015
                              WA53$1.00 GamesMoola13720.015
                              WA54$1.00 GamesSasquatch Search13710.014
                              WA55$2.00 GamesWild 9S13270.002

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