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Are you looking for the best games to play in your state?

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Posted: November 28, 2016, 1:59 pm - IP Logged

TX please

UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
TX1$10.00 GamesThe Big Money Super Ticketâ"¢17193.209
TX2$20.00 Games100X The Cash17532.824
TX3$5.00 GamesTexa$ Ca$h Blowout17392.802
TX4$3.00 GamesJungle Gold17251.833
TX5$20.00 GamesMillionaire's Club17341.676
TX6$20.00 Games$500,000 Money Mania17451.561
TX7$5.00 Games$27 Million Payout17581.494
TX8$10.00 GamesCashword Multiplier17971.489
TX9$3.00 GamesTexas Loteria18011.374
TX10$2.00 GamesBreak the Bank18021.373
TX11$2.00 GamesWild 7's Doubler17701.355
TX12$5.00 GamesHouston Texans17771.303
TX13$5.00 GamesBonus Break the Bank17841.269
TX14$20.00 Games$500,000,000 Extreme Cash Blast13871.234
TX15$2.00 GamesInstant Bingo17951.226
TX16$2.00 GamesVeterans Cash18161.222
TX17$50.00 GamesHigh Roller Casino Action17561.2
TX18$10.00 Games$250,000 Extreme Green17691.18
TX19$1.00 GamesCash 2 Go17721.17
TX20$5.00 GamesSuper Loteria17961.153
TX22$5.00 GamesTexas Lottery Live!17441.14
TX21$20.00 GamesHit $1,000,00017401.14
TX23$50.00 Games$7,500,000 Ultimate Cash18321.138
TX24$5.00 Games$5 Set For Life17941.121
TX25$5.00 GamesCowboys17761.121
TX26$5.00 GamesLucky Numbers15971.117
TX27$5.00 GamesWild Cash Bonanza18201.112
TX28$10.00 Games$1,000,000 High Roller18691.108
TX29$1.00 GamesWeekly Bonus18001.097
TX30$2.00 GamesTriple The Money17881.085
TX31$5.00 GamesBonus Break the Bank18081.079
TX32$5.00 GamesGarland Riches18151.069
TX33$10.00 Games$200,000,000 Cash Blowout16441.066
TX34$5.00 Games$100,000 Mega Bingo17901.061
TX35$5.00 Games$100,000 Cash18111.056
TX36$5.00 Games$100,000 Super Cashword17991.055
TX37$20.00 GamesWinners Galore18221.05
TX38$20.00 Games$1,000,000 Riches17641.042
TX39$1.00 Games$7 Million Payout17571.04
TX40$1.00 GamesHit $5,00017381.033
TX41$10.00 GamesCashword Multiplier18661.024
TX42$5.00 GamesSuper Loteria18071.022
TX43$2.00 GamesHit $50,000!17351.014
TX44$3.00 GamesBonus Cashword17981.002
TX45$20.00 Games$500,000,000 Cash16710.986
TX46$10.00 Games$200 Million Payout17590.983
TX47$5.00 GamesCrazy Cash17820.975
TX48$1.00 GamesTexas A&M University18090.943
TX49$1.00 GamesDid I Win?16260.94
TX50$2.00 GamesWeekly Grand17930.937
TX51$5.00 GamesHit $200,00018030.914
TX52$10.00 GamesHoliday Countdown Super Ticketâ"¢18180.898
TX53$1.00 GamesHipster Holiday18190.889
TX54$1.00 GamesThe University of Texas18100.888
TX55$5.00 GamesGolden Ticket18170.829
TX56$2.00 GamesQueen Of Spades17080.824
TX57$5.00 GamesHit the Jackpot18130.774
TX58$10.00 GamesCasino Cash17810.747
TX59$2.00 GamesGas Monkey Garageâ"¢17650.732
TX60$5.00 GamesTexas Rangersâ"¢17910.716
TX61$3.00 GamesTexas Loteria17890.705
TX62$5.00 GamesWild Cash17630.694
TX63$1.00 GamesSpicy 9's17620.691
TX64$3.00 GamesHoliday Loteria18140.678
TX65$5.00 GamesHouston Astrosâ"¢17920.674
TX66$20.00 GamesSuper Break The Bank 17790.57
TX67$2.00 GamesCats vs. Dogs - Dogs vs. Cats17540.559
TX68$2.00 GamesPITBULL18050.509
TX69$1.00 GamesMoney Craze14470.505
TX70$1.00 GamesTriple Payout!16970.451
TX71$1.00 GamesLucky Bucks16890.306
TX72$5.00 Games50X Fast Cash17660.026
TX73$5.00 Games$100,000 Cashword-O-Rama17150.016
TX74$2.00 GamesBreak the Bank17780.012
TX75$3.00 GamesBack To School Crossword17850.006
TX76$5.00 GamesTriple Winning 7's17610.005
TX77$2.00 GamesMoney Bags17490.002
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    Skippack, PA
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    February 21, 2013
    116 Posts
    Posted: November 28, 2016, 2:00 pm - IP Logged

    New Jersey, please and thank you!

    UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
    NJ1$30.00 Games$5,000,000 Cash Extravaganza127319.943
    NJ2$10.00 Games50X THE CASH13355.904
    NJ3$10.00 Games$250,000 CROSSWORD13415.604
    NJ4$10.00 GamesSeason's Gold13195.244
    NJ5$5.00 GamesWin $2,500 a Week for Life11834.88
    NJ6$3.00 GamesLoteria12384.573
    NJ7$2.00 GamesBIG MONEY SPECTACULAR13513.945
    NJ8$2.00 GamesBirthday Bucks12833.682
    NJ9$3.00 GamesCROSSWORD13553.249
    NJ10$20.00 Games100X The Cash13153.169
    NJ11$3.00 GamesLoteria13583.09
    NJ12$5.00 GamesWin it All!12642.928
    NJ13$5.00 GamesSHIMMERING 7S13502.809
    NJ14$2.00 GamesBig Money Spectacular12722.554
    NJ15$2.00 GamesSPRING FLING TRIPLER13372.451
    NJ16$5.00 GamesSuper Crossword13052.354
    NJ17$2.00 GamesQUICK $50s13451.909
    NJ18$5.00 GamesLucky Cash13261.881
    NJ19$2.00 GamesEscape to Margaritaville12851.868
    NJ20$10.00 Games$500,000 Winfall13231.812
    NJ21$3.00 GamesCROSSWORD13301.73
    NJ22$3.00 GamesCrossword12701.682
    NJ23$10.00 Games$10,000 Pay Day12841.553
    NJ24$2.00 GamesClassic Bingo12711.552
    NJ25$2.00 Games$100 Frenzy12761.503
    NJ26$5.00 GamesWORLD SERIES OF POKER13141.502
    NJ27$5.00 GamesSuper Slots13011.49
    NJ28$2.00 GamesLucky Day13621.43
    NJ29$1.00 GamesTIC TAC TOE13441.407
    NJ30$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Spectacular13681.39
    NJ31$2.00 GamesDouble Match13031.387
    NJ32$1.00 Games5X THE CASH13321.37
    NJ33$2.00 GamesBoardwalk Bucks13571.346
    NJ34$5.00 GamesJoker's Wild12951.326
    NJ35$1.00 GamesDOUBLE DOUBLER13201.309
    NJ36$5.00 GamesJingle Bills13781.288
    NJ37$3.00 GamesWIN FOR LIFE!13521.239
    NJ38$5.00 Games20X Money12241.228
    NJ39$1.00 Games$25 Mayhem13651.209
    NJ40$5.00 GamesBingo Bonus Square13731.2
    NJ42$2.00 Games10X THE CASH13331.192
    NJ43$2.00 Games$100 Mayhem13661.192
    NJ41$5.00 Games20X The Cash13341.192
    NJ44$1.00 GamesRED WHITE & BLUE DOUBLER13481.158
    NJ45$5.00 GamesCASINO ROYALE13421.157
    NJ46$5.00 GamesSuper Crossword13841.155
    NJ47$3.00 GamesCrossword13861.151
    NJ48$1.00 GamesHoliday Luck13761.133
    NJ49$10.00 Games$10k BLOWOUT13431.131
    NJ50$2.00 GamesHoliday Lucky Times 1013771.124
    NJ51$3.00 GamesSuper 7's Slingo13381.113
    NJ52$10.00 GamesWILD CASH BONANZA13111.09
    NJ53$5.00 GamesWILD CASH13101.083
    NJ54$5.00 Games$200,000 Jackpot12901.08
    NJ55$5.00 Games$100,000 WINNING STREAK13531.078
    NJ56$1.00 GamesWILD DOUBLER13081.07
    NJ58$1.00 Games5X Money12221.063
    NJ59$2.00 GamesAMC The Walking Dead12491.063
    NJ57$10.00 Games$10K Blowout13851.063
    NJ67$1.00 GamesDouble Dollars13801.06
    NJ60$2.00 GamesKisses & Cash13881.06
    NJ63$2.00 GamesCash Flurries13811.06
    NJ66$2.00 GamesBIG MONEY SPECTACULAR13931.06
    NJ68$3.00 GamesCROSSWORD13941.06
    NJ69$3.00 GamesLoteria14011.06
    NJ70$5.00 GamesSuper Cash Spectacular12811.06
    NJ61$5.00 GamesALL CASH CLUB13891.06
    NJ65$5.00 GamesHOT STREAK13821.06
    NJ64$10.00 Games$250,000 Crossword14021.06
    NJ62$20.00 GamesMega Crossword13831.06
    NJ71$2.00 GamesINSTANT BINGO13601.032
    NJ72$2.00 GamesInstant Bingo13911.02
    NJ73$5.00 GamesGem 7s12301.006
    NJ74$5.00 Games$150,000 GOLD RUSH13461
    NJ75$1.00 GamesPocket Change13960.988
    NJ76$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune13590.984
    NJ77$1.00 GamesQuick Change13040.974
    NJ79$5.00 Games$500 Mayhem13670.971
    NJ78$20.00 Games$20,000 PayDay12510.971
    NJ80$10.00 GamesCash in a Flash13790.951
    NJ81$2.00 Games10X Money12230.934
    NJ82$20.00 GamesPlatinum Diamond Spectacular13640.931
    NJ83$5.00 GamesLucky Loot12360.929
    NJ84$30.00 Games$5,000,000 Cash Extravaganza13390.92
    NJ85$2.00 GamesFrosty Fun13210.911
    NJ86$5.00 GamesSuper Cash Spectacular12670.911
    NJ87$10.00 GamesCASH BLAST13470.905
    NJ88$20.00 GamesAll Cash Millions13250.889
    NJ89$3.00 GamesBankroll Bingo13700.884
    NJ90$1.00 GamesHoliday Cheer13160.864
    NJ91$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Jackpot12910.839
    NJ92$5.00 GamesPoker Showdown13630.824
    NJ93$1.00 GamesMonopoly ($1)12430.821
    NJ94$2.00 GamesBirthday Surprise13950.818
    NJ95$2.00 GamesMonopoly ($2)12440.802
    NJ96$5.00 GamesMonopoly Millionaires' Club12870.785
    NJ97$10.00 Games$250,000 Crossword13920.784
    NJ98$5.00 GamesExtra Play13710.73
    NJ99$1.00 GamesPOCKET CHANGE13610.729
    NJ100$2.00 GamesBig Money Spectacular13870.7
    NJ101$10.00 Games$2,500 Frenzy12780.615
    NJ102$20.00 Games$2,000,000 Mega Cash12110.614
    NJ103$1.00 GamesLoose Change12330.589
    NJ104$1.00 GamesDouble Your Luck12930.567
    NJ105$2.00 GamesLIFE IS GOOD13490.558
    NJ106$2.00 GamesBig Cash Spectacular12740.53
    NJ107$1.00 GamesRAPID REFUND13360.513
    NJ108$1.00 Games$5,000 Jackpot12880.449
    NJ109$1.00 Games$50 Frenzy12750.408
    NJ110$2.00 Games$20,000 Hollywood Cash Fantas13690.185
    NJ111$2.00 GamesClassic Bingo12600.103
    NJ119$2.00 GamesINSTANT BINGO13290.02
    NJ118$2.00 GamesCash Explosion12960.02
    NJ120$2.00 GamesBloomin' Bucks12940.02
    NJ116$3.00 GamesWin For Life!12970.02
    NJ117$3.00 GamesSuper Tic Tac Toe12860.02
    NJ114$10.00 Games50X Money12250.02
    NJ115$10.00 Games$500,000 Fortune12980.02
    NJ112$10.00 Games$150 Million Cash Spectacular12040.02
    NJ113$20.00 GamesDouble Diamond Spectacular12680.02
    NJ138$1.00 GamesWin $500 a Week for Life11810.01
    NJ131$2.00 GamesBig Money Spectacular13560.01
    NJ139$2.00 GamesWild 10s13090.01
    NJ125$2.00 GamesBIG MONEY SPECTACULAR NEW EDI13240.01
    NJ122$2.00 GamesBIG MONEY SPECTACULAR13070.01
    NJ135$2.00 Games$30,000 Jackpot12890.01
    NJ145$2.00 GamesBirthday Bucks12530.01
    NJ124$2.00 GamesBig Cash Spectacular13000.01
    NJ146$2.00 GamesHOLIDAY LUCKY TIMES 1013170.01
    NJ130$3.00 GamesCrossword13060.01
    NJ144$3.00 GamesWild Cherry Bingo Doubler13020.01
    NJ142$5.00 GamesBingo Multiplier13310.01
    NJ121$5.00 Games$500 Frenzy, 2nd Edition12770.01
    NJ143$5.00 GamesSuper Crossword13740.01
    NJ141$5.00 GamesGold Bar Bingo12820.01
    NJ134$5.00 GamesHoliday Sparkle13180.01
    NJ133$5.00 GamesSUPER CROSSWORD13280.01
    NJ126$5.00 GamesWorld Series of Poker12410.01
    NJ136$5.00 GamesSUPER CROSSWORD13400.01
    NJ137$5.00 GamesSuper Crossword13120.01
    NJ123$5.00 GamesTriple Winning 7s12500.01
    NJ129$10.00 Games$250,000 Crossword13270.01
    NJ127$10.00 GamesMassive Money Bingo12480.01
    NJ140$10.00 Games$250,000 Crossword13750.01
    NJ128$10.00 Games$250,000 Crossword13130.01
    NJ132$10.00 Games$250,000 CROSSWORD13540.01
    NJ147$2.00 GamesWIN $1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE11820.002
    NJ150$3.00 GamesCash Bonus Bingo12660.002
    NJ149$5.00 GamesSuper Crossword12990.002
    NJ148$10.00 Games$250,000 Crossword12920.002
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      Posted: November 28, 2016, 2:01 pm - IP Logged


      UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
      VA1$5.00 GamesPIRATE'S TREASURE16486.782
      VA2$2.00 Games5X THE MONEY16514.903
      VA3$3.00 GamesLOTERIA16262.963
      VA4$2.00 GamesHOT WINNINGS16842.662
      VA5$5.00 GamesJEWEL 7'S15502.636
      VA6$5.00 GamesWIN IT ALL14732.627
      VA7$5.00 GamesQUEEN OF HEARTS15822.47
      VA8$5.00 GamesCASH MULTIPLIER16382.459
      VA9$10.00 GamesALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS14972.226
      VA10$3.00 GamesBONUS BALL BINGO16332.012
      VA11$10.00 Games$52 MILLION CASH SPECTACU14661.916
      VA12$10.00 GamesGREEN15751.915
      VA13$5.00 GamesFROGGER16531.831
      VA14$2.00 GamesALL THAT GLITTERS16001.794
      VA15$20.00 Games$4 MILLION MEGA MULTIPLIE14721.743
      VA16$5.00 GamesJACKS ARE WILD16451.698
      VA17$2.00 GamesCASH IN A FLASH16581.651
      VA18$5.00 GamesCASH BLAST15711.599
      VA19$5.00 GamesCASH CLUB15801.537
      VA20$2.00 GamesGIVE ME $100'S16821.485
      VA21$20.00 Games$3,000,000 FORTUNE15761.462
      VA22$2.00 GamesSNEAK A PEEK17231.338
      VA23$5.00 GamesMONEY BAG DOUBLER16021.29
      VA24$10.00 Games20X THE MONEY16891.259
      VA25$10.00 GamesPlatinum Payout15441.253
      VA26$5.00 GamesJEWEL 7'S16761.228
      VA27$3.00 GamesTRIPLING BONUS CROSSWORD17161.19
      VA28$5.00 GamesTRIPLE BLACK CHERRY #153515351.149
      VA29$2.00 GamesMUSTACHE CASH16311.148
      VA30$5.00 GamesDOUBLE DOLLAR FORTUNE15591.143
      VA31$10.00 GamesGOLDEN SPADES16201.139
      VA32$20.00 Games$3,000,000 JACKPOT14641.138
      VA33$20.00 Games$2,500,000 CASH WINFALL15611.132
      VA34$1.00 GamesTHRILLS, CHILLS & $50 BIL17011.125
      VA35$5.00 Games10X THE MONEY16351.113
      VA36$2.00 Games5X THE MONEY17151.097
      VA37$5.00 GamesLUCKY LOOT TRIPLER16981.09
      VA38$10.00 Games$1,000,000 INSTANT CASHOU16641.089
      VA39$3.00 GamesLUCKY LINES15891.086
      VA40$1.00 GamesCUPCAKE CASH16361.064
      VA41$3.00 GamesWILD NUMBER BINGO14281.05
      VA42$10.00 Games$1,000 FRENZY15841.041
      VA43$10.00 GamesMILLION $$ MATCH17101.017
      VA44$1.00 GamesCASH IS KING15771.01
      VA45$1.00 GamesTURKEY PAYOUT17121.003
      VA46$10.00 GamesSEASON'S WINNINGS17260.97
      VA47$3.00 GamesTACKY SWEATER SURPRISE17240.954
      VA48$1.00 GamesFESTIVE $50'S17220.948
      VA49$5.00 GamesLUCKY CHERRY SLOTS13430.924
      VA50$20.00 Games$100 MILLION CASH EXTRAVA14670.899
      VA51$30.00 Games100X THE MONEY16970.867
      VA52$1.00 GamesBLACKJACK16240.841
      VA53$5.00 Games$15 MILLION PAYOUT17070.831
      VA54$1.00 Games201616210.801
      VA55$20.00 Games$5,000,000 CASH BLOWOUT14780.782
      VA56$5.00 GamesWINNER TAKE ALL15380.764
      VA57$5.00 Games$500 FRENZY16630.761
      VA58$10.00 Games$1,000,000 BANKROLL16420.743
      VA59$20.00 Games50X THE MONEY16120.737
      VA60$2.00 GamesLUCKY DOG DOUBLER16750.705
      VA61$2.00 GamesCASH VAULT16110.675
      VA62$5.00 GamesDOGS PLAYING POKER16010.673
      VA63$5.00 GamesHOLIDAY RICHES17250.669
      VA64$5.00 GamesAMAZING 8'S17050.668
      VA66$1.00 GamesHOG MANIA16800.643
      VA65$2.00 GamesNEON 9'S16250.643
      VA67$1.00 Games$5,000 BANKROLL15630.567
      VA68$1.00 GamesBlackjack #151415140.308
      VA69$20.00 Games50X THE MONEY14690.03
      VA70$10.00 GamesSUPER TICKET JEWELS16490.027
      VA71$20.00 GamesMILLIONS TO THE MAX14170.027
      VA72$10.00 GamesGOLD15010.026
      VA73$10.00 Games20X THE MONEY15570.025
      VA74$3.00 GamesDOUBLE SHOT CROSSWORD16340.018
      VA75$3.00 GamesSUPER RED HOT CROSSWORD16470.018
      VA76$3.00 Games7X THE MONEY16400.018
      VA77$5.00 GamesCasino Thrills16230.017
      VA78$5.00 Games10X THE MONEY15550.017
      VA79$5.00 GamesBIG WINNING NUMBERS14890.017
      VA81$1.00 Games2X THE MONEY16540.014
      VA80$2.00 GamesROLLING DICE16070.014
      VA84$1.00 GamesFAST $50'S16560.013
      VA85$1.00 GamesLUCKY $50'S16300.013
      VA82$2.00 Games5X THE MONEY16550.013
      VA83$2.00 GamesON THE MONEY15680.013
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        February 21, 2013
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        Posted: November 28, 2016, 2:01 pm - IP Logged


        UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
        NY1$5.00 GamesQueen of Green12303.866
        NY2$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Frenzy12153.347
        NY3$5.00 GamesIce Bank11862.947
        NY4$3.00 GamesWords With Friends11872.274
        NY5$10.00 GamesFrosty Cash12232.098
        NY6$25.00 GamesNew York Millions12292.017
        NY7$2.00 Games10X The Luck12341.75
        NY8$10.00 Games$3,000,000 Frenzy12141.718
        NY9$3.00 Games40X Your Money11681.699
        NY10$2.00 GamesMoney Drop Multiplier11981.672
        NY11$5.00 GamesHoliday Treasures12241.661
        NY12$3.00 GamesTripling Cashword12061.582
        NY13$1.00 GamesCool 9's12401.534
        NY14$20.00 GamesCash X10012001.501
        NY15$10.00 GamesSet For Life850, 12121.419
        NY16$2.00 GamesInstant $5012391.388
        NY17$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune - Orange12381.361
        NY18$20.00 Games$10,000 A Week for Life12371.325
        NY19$2.00 GamesIt's A Wonderful Life12251.254
        NY20$1.00 GamesBaa Humbucks12261.226
        NY21$1.00 GamesTriple Tripler12351.221
        NY22$3.00 Games$75,000 In Hamiltons12581.151
        NY23$1.00 GamesInstant Take 5831, 11031.132
        NY24$3.00 GamesFrogger ®12441.103
        NY26$3.00 GamesBlock - O ®12331.081
        NY25$5.00 Games$500,000 In Grants12571.081
        NY27$20.00 GamesWild Bonanza Multiplier12471.075
        NY29$2.00 GamesCashword1120, 12281.05
        NY28$3.00 GamesCrossway Cash12531.05
        NY30$5.00 GamesMonopoly Millionaire's Club11911.033
        NY31$5.00 GamesSuper $777,77712431.027
        NY32$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Cashword615, 12411.025
        NY33$25.00 Games$7,000,000 Cash Blowout12611.006
        NY34$3.00 GamesCashword Connect1227, 12310.999
        NY35$2.00 GamesWild 10s12490.99
        NY36$5.00 Games$2,500 A Week for Life12460.987
        NY37$2.00 GamesBingo Doubler808, 11400.985
        NY38$1.00 GamesLoose Change803, 11110.962
        NY39$2.00 Games$25,000 In Lincolns12590.957
        NY40$20.00 GamesLucky 7's Playbook11920.942
        NY41$1.00 Games$5,000 In Washingtons12600.941
        NY42$5.00 Games712620.929
        NY43$1.00 Games7/11/202112540.927
        NY44$10.00 Games$3,000,000 In Benjamins12560.926
        NY45$10.00 Games$25, $50 OR $100!12420.92
        NY46$2.00 GamesCashword Doubler1100, 12180.913
        NY47$2.00 GamesGold Fish12640.906
        NY49$1.00 GamesLucky 7's822, 11010.901
        NY48$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune11970.901
        NY51$2.00 GamesWin For Life728, 11240.89
        NY50$3.00 GamesScrabble12630.89
        NY52$5.00 GamesMoney Vault12520.88
        NY53$1.00 GamesWild Wins12500.877
        NY54$2.00 GamesFind the 8's12210.866
        NY55$5.00 GamesDouble Triple Cashword821, 12360.857
        NY56$10.00 GamesQuick $60012080.837
        NY57$10.00 GamesBonus Rainbow Bingo12040.834
        NY58$1.00 GamesTriple Black Cherry12110.832
        NY59$2.00 GamesMoney Multiplier12450.81
        NY60$3.00 GamesUNO12200.808
        NY61$2.00 GamesInstant Frenzy12160.8
        NY62$1.00 GamesSpicy 1's12550.78
        NY63$5.00 GamesGold Castle12510.766
        NY64$5.00 GamesJackpot Party ®12320.719
        NY65$2.00 GamesI♥NY®12100.672
        NY66$2.00 GamesWhole Lotta $100s12130.656
        NY67$1.00 GamesWild Cash12480.653
        NY68$2.00 GamesRed Hot & Blue 7's12070.632
        NY69$5.00 GamesNew York Poker714, 11300.509
        NY70$1.00 GamesFast Cash12220.353
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          UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
          CA1$10.00 Games$1,000,000 JACKPOT!11705.272
          CA2$5.00 GamesWINNING 77712092.918
          CA3$5.00 GamesEXTRA PLAY11672.189
          CA4$20.00 GamesEXTREME GREEN12001.951
          CA5$3.00 GamesTRIPLING BONUS CROSSWORD12151.804
          CA6$20.00 GamesMAX-A-MILLIONS11911.767
          CA7$5.00 GamesPOKER NIGHT12181.584
          CA8$5.00 GamesWIN IT ALL12251.517
          CA9$1.00 GamesDIAMONDS12311.494
          CA10$10.00 GamesMYSTERY CROSSWORD11871.475
          CA11$5.00 GamesMEGA CROSSWORD12261.451
          CA12$1.00 GamesI HEART CALIFORNIA12231.404
          CA13$20.00 GamesDELUXE 7's PLAYBOOK11751.403
          CA14$2.00 GamesSET FOR LIFE12031.358
          CA16$2.00 Games$30 GRAND12351.309
          CA15$5.00 GamesJOKER'S WILD12371.309
          CA17$5.00 Games20X THE MONEY12281.29
          CA18$2.00 GamesDIA DE LOS MUERTOS12321.288
          CA19$5.00 GamesDOUBLE SIDED DOLLARS12111.281
          CA20$5.00 GamesEXTRA CROSSWORD12341.279
          CA21$3.00 GamesWORD GAMES12241.268
          CA22$3.00 GamesLOTERIAâ"¢11991.257
          CA23$3.00 Games5X CROSSWORD BONUS MATCH12361.25
          CA24$3.00 GamesCA$H LINE BINGO12331.217
          CA25$5.00 GamesTHE PRICE IS RIGHT®12211.162
          CA26$2.00 Games10X THE MONEY12271.152
          CA27$1.00 GamesFIND THE 9'S12171.15
          CA28$5.00 GamesHAPPY HOLIDAYS12411.125
          CA29$5.00 GamesPOWER 5's12161.11
          CA30$2.00 GamesMERRY MONEY12401.095
          CA31$2.00 Games7 11 2112141.084
          CA32$10.00 GamesMYSTERY CROSSWORD12421.076
          CA33$10.00 GamesTHE PRICE IS RIGHT®12221.075
          CA34$10.00 Games50X THE MONEY12291.048
          CA35$20.00 Games$5,000,000 Platinum Payout12191.019
          CA36$10.00 GamesLUCKY GEMS12121.016
          CA37$10.00 GamesSET FOR LIFE12050.977
          CA38$10.00 GamesSILVER & GOLD11960.974
          CA39$3.00 GamesQUICK WIN BINGO12100.968
          CA40$1.00 GamesLUCKY SPOT12130.957
          CA41$3.00 Games5X CROSSWORD12080.948
          CA42$10.00 GamesGOLDEN TICKET12380.948
          CA43$5.00 GamesHIT $500!11590.947
          CA44$1.00 GamesCANDY CANE CASH12390.938
          CA45$1.00 GamesEA$Y CA$H11640.935
          CA46$20.00 Games100X THE MONEY12300.878
          CA47$2.00 GamesSUITS12070.829
          CA48$2.00 GamesTHE PRICE IS RIGHT®12200.67
          CA49$5.00 GamesSUPERSTAR CROSSWORD11900.648
          CA50$1.00 GamesSET FOR LIFE12020.584
          CA51$20.00 GamesULTIMATE RICHES11600.262
          CA52$1.00 GamesMATCH 3 TRIPLER12060.261
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            Ohio please

            UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
            OH1$5.00 GamesDiamond 727119.049
            OH2$5.00 GamesBingo Times 1026617.345
            OH3$5.00 Games20X the Money28215.728
            OH4$5.00 GamesSpecial Edition Cashword32811.128
            OH5$10.00 Games50X the Money #2832839.408
            OH6$5.00 GamesRuby Red 7s2969.19
            OH7$5.00 GamesTriple Winning 7s3327.425
            OH8$3.00 GamesBejeweled3317.362
            OH9$10.00 GamesMaximum Fortune2516.837
            OH10$5.00 GamesDouble Cash Doubler2773.836
            OH11$5.00 GamesGreen & Gold3122.916
            OH12$20.00 GamesGold2782.336
            OH13$20.00 Games$100,000 A Year For Life6942.336
            OH14$10.00 Games$250,000 a Year for Life3081.962
            OH15$20.00 GamesPlatinum Millions2911.905
            OH16$2.00 Games$1,000 a Week for Life3061.902
            OH17$20.00 GamesLucky Loot2411.754
            OH18$5.00 Games$5 Monopoly Millionaires' Club3171.745
            OH19$5.00 Games$10,000 a Month for Life3071.697
            OH20$10.00 Games$10 Monopoly Millionaires' Club3181.538
            OH21$5.00 Games$250,000 Payout3221.535
            OH22$1.00 Games$50 a Day for Life3051.443
            OH23$1.00 GamesDouble Doubler3241.403
            OH24$2.00 GamesBingo & Diamonds3031.368
            OH25$5.00 GamesGold Bar Bingo3401.365
            OH26$30.00 Games40th Anniversary Millions1741.292
            OH27$3.00 GamesBlock-O3441.268
            OH28$20.00 GamesFabulous Fortune3231.26
            OH29$10.00 Games$500,000 Cashword3621.241
            OH30$20.00 Games$300 Million Diamond Dazzler3021.239
            OH31$2.00 GamesGold Fish3101.22
            OH32$5.00 Games20X the Money3541.191
            OH33$1.00 GamesLoose Change3721.167
            OH34$20.00 Games$2 Million Cashfall2601.164
            OH35$20.00 Games$5 Million Cash Showcase3461.137
            OH36$2.00 GamesPower Play Cashword3381.125
            OH37$5.00 GamesHoliday Lucky Times 103501.112
            OH38$2.00 GamesScoop the Cash 3211.104
            OH39$2.00 GamesDazzling 7s3431.102
            OH40$1.00 GamesHoliday Cash3471.091
            OH41$10.00 GamesHoliday Lucky Times 203511.089
            OH42$2.00 GamesHoliday Lucky Times 53481.087
            OH43$3.00 GamesFrosty Cashword3491.061
            OH44$2.00 Games$20,000 Jackpot3351.031
            OH45$5.00 GamesSpecial Edition Cashword3631.019
            OH46$2.00 GamesCleveland Cavaliers3591.015
            OH48$1.00 GamesTriple Tripler3730.992
            OH47$3.00 GamesCashword Tripler3390.992
            OH49$2.00 GamesFast 100s3300.978
            OH50$5.00 GamesDouble Sided Dollars3450.965
            OH51$10.00 Games$500,000 Money Club3330.963
            OH52$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Jackpot3370.933
            OH53$2.00 GamesBingo Squared3530.914
            OH54$2.00 GamesCash Explosion3520.876
            OH55$2.00 Games$2 Monopoly Millionaires' Club3160.871
            OH56$1.00 Games5X the Money3250.828
            OH57$5.00 Games$300,000 Jackpot3360.748
            OH58$30.00 Games$500,000,000 Spectacular2330.747
            OH59$1.00 Games$5,000 Jackpot3340.735
            OH60$2.00 GamesOhio Lottery Limited3420.712
            OH61$1.00 Games$50 Frenzy3140.646
            OH62$2.00 GamesCash Explosion3130.55
            OH63$1.00 GamesTriple Tripler3270.544
            OH64$3.00 GamesRoulette3110.537
            OH65$1.00 Games$1 Monopoly Millionaires' Club3150.256
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              Massachusetts if you don't mind.

              UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
              MA1$30.00 GamesWorld Class Millions 20146 98720 00488 25.032
              MA2$10.00 Games100x the Cash 20156 98720 00492 92.025
              MA3$10.00 Games$4,000,000 Jackpot 20136 98720 00477 62.022
              MA4$10.00 GamesHoliday Gold 20136 98720 00496 71.858
              MA5$5.00 GamesHarley-Davidson 20096 98720 00229 11.349
              MA6$20.00 GamesBillion Dollar Blockbuster 20076 98720 00136 21.303
              MA7$2.00 Games20X The Cash 20166 9872016 111 01.299
              MA8$10.00 Games$4,000,000 Payout 20156 98720 004 40 01.225
              MA9$20.00 Games40th Anniversary Millions 20126 98720 00393 91.173
              MA10$30.00 GamesSupreme Millions 20156 98720 00471 41.115
              MA11$30.00 GamesUltimate Millions 20166 9872016 118 91.058
              MA13$20.00 Games$10,000,000 Big Money 20156 98720 003 25 01.03
              MA12$20.00 Games$10,000,000 Mega Fortune 20146 98720 00458 51.03
              MA14$20.00 Games$10,000 A Week For Life 20126 98720 00337 31.03
              MA15$10.00 Games$2,000,000 50X Cashword 20166 98720 16 108 01.027
              MA16$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Ca$hword 20116 98720 00303 81.027
              MA17$10.00 GamesHit $1,000! 20166 98720 16 122 61.025
              MA18$5.00 Games20X Cashword 20166 9872016 109 71.022
              MA20$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Holiday Bonus 20156 98720 004 28 81.019
              MA19$5.00 Games40X The Cash 20166 9872016 112 71.019
              MA21$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Gold Rush 20166 9872016 117 21.019
              MA22$5.00 GamesJumbo Bucks 20156 98720 004 44 81.019
              MA28$2.00 GamesPowerPlay Cashword 20166 9872016 107 31.018
              MA23$5.00 GamesSuper Cash Word 20126 98720 00318 21.018
              MA24$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Holiday Gifts 20146 98720 00498 11.018
              MA25$5.00 GamesHit $500! 20166 9872016 121 91.018
              MA26$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Lucky Numbers 20136 98720 00343 41.018
              MA27$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Lucky Numbers 20166 9872016 119 61.018
              MA29$5.00 GamesRoad To Riches 20166 9872016 105 91.017
              MA30$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Jackpot 20156 98720 005 46 91.017
              MA31$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Players Club 20156 98720 00413 41.017
              MA32$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Payout 20156 98720 004 86 81.017
              MA33$5.00 GamesRed Hot and Wild 7's6 98720 00485 11.017
              MA34$5.00 Games$1,000,000 Payday 20146 98720 00448 61.017
              MA35$5.00 Games$500 Frenzy 20146 98720 00483 71.017
              MA36$5.00 GamesMillion Dollar Gold 20146 98720 00342 41.017
              MA37$5.00 Games40X The Cash 20146 98720 00386 11.017
              MA38$5.00 Games2014 New England Patriots6 98720 00397 71.017
              MA40$5.00 GamesMonster Cash 20156 98720 005 66 71.017
              MA39$5.00 GamesSilver, Gold, and Platinum 8's 20146 98720 004 45 51.017
              MA41$5.00 GamesUltimate Garden Party 20156 98720 00455 41.017
              MA42$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune 20116 98720 00378 61.015
              MA43$5.00 GamesBoston Red Sox 20096 98720 00282 61.015
              MA45$2.00 Games$100,000 Holiday Bonus 20156 98720 005 15 51.014
              MA44$5.00 GamesCadillac Riches 20136 98720 00376 21.014
              MA48$2.00 GamesMoney Money Money 20156 98720 004 20 21.013
              MA47$2.00 GamesBreak the Bank 20156 98720 004 31 81.013
              MA46$2.00 Games$100,000 Taxes Paid 20166 9872016 104 21.013
              MA49$2.00 Games20x the Cash 20156 98720 004 91 21.013
              MA51$2.00 GamesMagic 8 Ballâ"¢ 20156 98720 004 61 51.013
              MA50$2.00 Games$1000 a Week for Life 20146 98720 00449 31.013
              MA52$2.00 Games$100 Frenzy 20146 98720 00435 61.013
              MA53$2.00 GamesWild 10's 20146 98720 00356 41.013
              MA54$2.00 Games$100,000 Payout 20156 98720 004 16 51.013
              MA55$2.00 GamesSilver 7's 20136 98720 00360 11.013
              MA56$2.00 GamesHit $200! 20166 9872016 120 21.013
              MA57$2.00 GamesAces & 8's 20126 98720 00384 71.013
              MA58$2.00 GamesBoston Bruins 20146 98720 00422 61.013
              MA60$1.00 Games$500 a Week For Life 20146 98720 004 23 31.012
              MA59$2.00 Games2014 Boston Red Sox6 98720 00324 31.012
              MA61$10.00 Games100X The Cash 20166 98720 16 113 40.914
              MA62$10.00 Games$4,000,000 Gold Bullion 20146 98720 00465 30.9
              MA63$20.00 GamesBillion Dollar Bonanza 20086 98720 00294 90.872
              MA64$20.00 Games$10 Million Multiplier Spectacular 20136 98720 00352 60.758
              MA65$10.00 Games$4,000,000 Winfall 20156 98720 005 90 20.597
              MA66$20.00 GamesPlatinum Millions 20136 98720 00454 70.297
              MA67$20.00 Games$10,000,000 Diamond Millionaire 20116 98720 00363 20.03
              MA68$10.00 Games$2,500,000 Holiday Bonus 20156 98720 004 21 90.025
              MA69$5.00 GamesLucky Shamrocks 20166 9872016 106 60.017
              MA70$5.00 GamesCash Blast 20136 98720 00381 60.017
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                Smiley      Thank You.  From Ky.      Smiley

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                  Smiley      Thank You.  From Ky.      Smiley

                  You're welcome!

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                    How about an updated PA list?



                    Thanks in advance!

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                      How about an updated PA list?



                      Thanks in advance!

                      Our subscribers got an updated refreshed list this morning, but I can definitely give you the data from 11-25!


                      UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016
                      PRICEGAME NAMEGAME
                      PA1$2.00 Games$1,000 a Week for Life1180107.735
                      PA2$1.00 Games$1,000 a Month for Life118113.948
                      PA3$5.00 GamesAll About the Bens12082.805
                      PA4$3.00 GamesBuried Treasure11992.541
                      PA5$1.00 GamesMatch 3 Tripler12232.193
                      PA6$20.00 GamesPennsylvania Millions12071.999
                      PA7$2.00 Games77711641.823
                      PA9$5.00 Games$100,000 a Year for Life11791.732
                      PA8$10.00 GamesBankroll Doubler11541.732
                      PA10$2.00 GamesStacks of Cash12221.607
                      PA11$20.00 Games$1,000,000 Mad Money12341.511
                      PA12$3.00 GamesMultiply Your Money11631.507
                      PA13$20.00 Games$100,000,000 Blowout11951.37
                      PA14$10.00 Games$300,000 Mad Money12351.348
                      PA15$5.00 GamesEscape to Margaritaville®12031.321
                      PA16$2.00 GamesMoney Magnet12161.315
                      PA17$5.00 GamesMustang12191.306
                      PA18$5.00 GamesGus Bucks11841.288
                      PA19$5.00 GamesCreepy Cash12371.282
                      PA20$2.00 GamesWild 112261.257
                      PA22$1.00 GamesMerry Money12461.242
                      PA21$2.00 Games$50,000 Mad Money12391.242
                      PA23$5.00 GamesFrosty Ca$h12431.236
                      PA24$5.00 GamesFamily Feud®12301.232
                      PA25$10.00 Games$300,000 Crossword12021.222
                      PA26$5.00 Games$50,000,000 Blowout11971.199
                      PA27$10.00 GamesWonder Buck$12241.171
                      PA28$20.00 Games$1,000,000 Snow Bank12411.165
                      PA29$30.00 Games$3,000,000 Extreme Green11881.157
                      PA30$2.00 GamesUnwrap the Cash12451.141
                      PA31$20.00 GamesMillion In An Instant12281.131
                      PA32$2.00 GamesPumpkin Patch Scratch12381.122
                      PA33$10.00 GamesTrim the Tree12421.119
                      PA34$1.00 GamesCash Bam Boom12271.108
                      PA35$1.00 GamesJust A Buck12171.096
                      PA36$10.00 Games$75,000,000 Blowout11961.093
                      PA37$5.00 GamesMoney Clip12291.083
                      PA38$3.00 GamesMoney Bag Crossword12211.075
                      PA39$3.00 GamesDiamond Mine12311.071
                      PA41$3.00 GamesFreezin' Greetings 12441.054
                      PA40$10.00 GamesFantastic 10s12131.054
                      PA42$20.00 Games$1,000,000 Fortune12181.048
                      PA43$5.00 Games$100,000 Mad Money12361.045
                      PA44$10.00 GamesDiamonds & Gold12481.039
                      PA45$5.00 GamesBingo Night11981.026
                      PA46$30.00 Games$3 Million Spectacular12471.025
                      PA47$3.00 Games$60,000 Bingo Frenzy12101.019
                      PA48$2.00 Games7-11-21®12501.01
                      PA49$2.00 GamesRed Hot Tripler12001.007
                      PA50$5.00 GamesMoney to Burn12491.006
                      PA51$1.00 Games$10,000 Mad Money12401.005
                      PA52$1.00 GamesBags of Money12510.996
                      PA53$2.00 GamesMoney Stash12320.992
                      PA54$2.00 GamesFunky 5s11930.965
                      PA55$5.00 Games$100,000 Home Makeover12140.934
                      PA56$10.00 GamesThe Price Is Right®11890.882
                      PA57$1.00 GamesLucky 1312330.87
                      PA58$5.00 GamesPower 7s12250.826
                      PA59$5.00 GamesFabulous $50012200.812
                      PA60$5.00 GamesBonus Ca$hword12090.735
                      PA61$3.00 GamesYahtzeeâ"¢11850.694
                      PA62$5.00 GamesSpicy 9s11900.568
                      PA63$2.00 GamesFind $5012050.015
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                        UPDATED AS OF 11-25-2016

                        PRICEGAME NAMEGAME
                        NC1$20.00 GamesMultiplier Spectacular38034.608
                        NC2$10.00 Games50X The Cash4863.15
                        NC3$2.00 GamesCash Inferno4942.755
                        NC4$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune4892.108
                        NC5$5.00 GamesKing's Ransom4472.03
                        NC6$5.00 Games$300,000 Jackpot4811.949
                        NC7$3.00 GamesTreasure Hunt4951.777
                        NC8$5.00 GamesCarolina Black4961.517
                        NC9$20.00 GamesMillionaire Bucks4821.421
                        NC10$10.00 GamesPlatinum 7's4681.403
                        NC11$1.00 GamesMerry Money5201.346
                        NC12$2.00 GamesDid I Win?4521.322
                        NC13$2.00 Games$50,000 Platinum Payout5141.313
                        NC14$1.00 GamesLoose Change5081.287
                        NC15$20.00 Games$4,000,000 Platinum Payout5191.286
                        NC16$2.00 GamesJunior Big Ol' Bucks4611.273
                        NC17$1.00 Games$10,000 Platinum Payout5131.264
                        NC18$1.00 Games$10,000 Bonus Cash5031.244
                        NC19$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Bonus Cash with Back Scratch5071.241
                        NC20$1.00 GamesFireball 7's4971.235
                        NC21$5.00 Games20X The Cash4851.225
                        NC22$20.00 GamesRuby Red 7s5001.224
                        NC23$1.00 GamesLucky Tripler4871.212
                        NC24$1.00 Games5X The Cash4831.21
                        NC25$2.00 GamesDouble Match5161.179
                        NC26$3.00 GamesLoteria5171.178
                        NC27$5.00 GamesCarolina Panthers5111.174
                        NC28$3.00 Games5X Bingo Multiplier5021.155
                        NC29$5.00 GamesHoliday Riches5231.145
                        NC30$3.00 GamesNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacationâ"¢5221.138
                        NC31$10.00 GamesHoliday Millions5241.128
                        NC32$30.00 GamesUltimate Millions4591.123
                        NC33$2.00 GamesLiberty Bills4981.115
                        NC34$10.00 Games10th Anniversary Millions4931.106
                        NC36$1.00 Games10th Anniversary Cash4901.078
                        NC35$10.00 GamesCarolina Millions5391.078
                        NC37$5.00 GamesFast $500 Cash w/Back Scratch4761.065
                        NC38$5.00 Games$200,000 Triple Play5181.065
                        NC39$2.00 GamesGolden Ticket4881.036
                        NC40$20.00 Games$200 Million Blowout4131.017
                        NC41$5.00 Games10th Anniversary Spectacular4921.012
                        NC42$5.00 GamesMega Bucks4621.004
                        NC43$2.00 Games10th Anniversary Riches4910.955
                        NC44$5.00 Games$400,000 Bonus Cash5060.931
                        NC45$1.00 GamesMighty Bucks4600.93
                        NC46$1.00 GamesLucky 7's3940.923
                        NC47$2.00 Games10X The Cash4840.891
                        NC48$5.00 Games$250,000 Platinum Payout5150.854
                        NC49$2.00 GamesWinter Winnings5210.831
                        NC50$10.00 Games$1,000 Mayhem4440.815
                        NC51$5.00 Games$250,000 Fortune4990.762
                        NC52$3.00 GamesBonus Crossword5050.756
                        NC53$2.00 GamesLucky Gems5100.698
                        NC54$5.00 GamesFat Wallet5120.676
                        NC55$2.00 Games$50,000 Bonus Cash5040.667
                        NC56$10.00 GamesJumbo Bucks4630.54
                        NC57$5.00 Games$2,500 A Week for Life3980.099
                        NC58$10.00 GamesMillionaire 7's3840.025
                        NC59$5.00 GamesCrossword Money Multiplier5010.02
                        NC60$1.00 GamesBlackjack5300.011

                        Thank you !!

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                          UPDATED FOR THE WEEK of 12-16-2016
                          TN1$10.00 GamesLady Luck 75907.997
                          TN2$10.00 Games100X The Cash6007.081
                          TN3$5.00 GamesGreen & Gold5726.909
                          TN4$10.00 Games$1,000 Mayhem5405.403
                          TN5$2.00 GamesCool $50s6095.129
                          TN6$10.00 GamesBig Money Game6074.521
                          TN7$2.00 Games20X The Cash6024.305
                          TN8$5.00 GamesThe Big $5 Ticket6064.274
                          TN9$5.00 GamesWin It All6144.27
                          TN10$5.00 Games50X The Cash6054.151
                          TN11$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Fortune5644.058
                          TN12$25.00 GamesMega Millionaire Jumbo Bucks6904.031
                          TN13$10.00 GamesInstant $5006243.666
                          TN14$2.00 GamesEscape To Margaritaville®6183.548
                          TN15$25.00 Games$5,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular4333.366
                          TN16$10.00 GamesJumbo Jumbo Bucks6503.362
                          TN17$1.00 GamesLucky 7's5623.331
                          TN18$1.00 GamesAmazing 8's5833.284
                          TN19$5.00 GamesGiant Jumbo Bucks6553.264
                          TN20$3.00 GamesWords With Friendsâ"¢5433.169
                          TN21$5.00 GamesJoker's Jackpot6233.042
                          TN22$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Cash Bonanza5813.026
                          TN23$5.00 Games$200,000 Money Clip5473.021
                          TN24$20.00 GamesWin For Life®4262.912
                          TN25$5.00 GamesThe Wizard of Ozâ"¢5932.911
                          TN26$1.00 GamesFireball 7's6122.874
                          TN27$5.00 GamesGridiron Cash5692.83
                          TN28$25.00 GamesSilver Spectacular5272.69
                          TN29$1.00 Games21 Blackjack5952.652
                          TN30$10.00 Games$500,000 Super Cash6112.525
                          TN31$10.00 GamesInstant Bankroll5852.523
                          TN32$2.00 GamesIt Takes 25842.481
                          TN33$10.00 GamesPayout5942.456
                          TN34$5.00 Games76212.41
                          TN35$5.00 GamesHoliday Lucky Times 106352.375
                          TN36$20.00 Games$1 Million Fever6202.362
                          TN37$5.00 GamesMonopoly Millionaires' Club5702.351
                          TN38$25.00 GamesMega Millionaire Jumbo Bucks7902.307
                          TN39$2.00 GamesSilver & Gold5742.207
                          TN40$2.00 GamesTriple Dynamite 7's5972.117
                          TN41$3.00 GamesJumbo Bucks Bingo5542.104
                          TN42$2.00 GamesMore Cash!5492.054
                          TN43$5.00 GamesDouble Sided Dollar$6152.045
                          TN44$10.00 GamesJumbo Jumbo Bucks7502.004
                          TN45$1.00 GamesWild 7's6031.989
                          TN46$2.00 GamesMagic 8 Ballâ"¢6171.938
                          TN47$5.00 GamesRuby Red 7s5631.901
                          TN48$3.00 GamesLoteriaâ"¢5981.831
                          TN49$1.00 Games10X The Cash6011.81
                          TN50$2.00 GamesBig Money Spectacular5921.73
                          TN51$10.00 GamesWild Cash Bonanza6281.693
                          TN52$5.00 Games$250,000 Jackpot5351.642
                          TN53$2.00 GamesTriple Play6161.586
                          TN54$2.00 GamesTriple Diamonds6041.525
                          TN55$10.00 GamesColor Me Rich6361.443
                          TN56$1.00 Games$5,000 Cash5961.39
                          TN57$5.00 GamesWild Cash6271.359
                          TN58$2.00 GamesWild 10s6261.358
                          TN59$1.00 GamesFast Cash6191.35
                          TN60$5.00 GamesRoyal Jewels6311.279
                          TN61$20.00 GamesMillionaire 7's5391.268
                          TN62$1.00 GamesBiscuits and Gravy6291.191
                          TN63$20.00 Games$3,000,000 Mega Cash3741.184
                          TN64$3.00 GamesLady Jumbo Bucks6531.171
                          TN65$3.00 GamesJumbo Bucks Bingo6541.146
                          TN66$1.00 GamesJunior Jumbo Bucks6511.138
                          TN67$2.00 GamesDouble Deuces6301.122
                          TN68$2.00 GamesJumbo Bucks6521.1
                          TN69$1.00 GamesWild Doubler6251.096
                          TN70$30.00 GamesUltimate Millions5991.087
                          TN71$1.00 GamesHoliday Treasures6331.032
                          TN72$10.00 GamesCash Club6401.023
                          TN73$10.00 Games$10,000 Payday5671.018
                          TN74$5.00 Games$5 Million Payout6391.017
                          TN75$1.00 Games7-11-21®6371.012
                          TN76$1.00 GamesLucky 7's6621.011
                          TN77$2.00 GamesUgly Christmas Sweater Tripler6340.999
                          TN78$5.00 GamesGiant Jumbo Bucks7550.949
                          TN79$3.00 GamesJumbo Bucks Seasons6610.914
                          TN80$1.00 Games7 Wins6220.881
                          TN81$1.00 GamesCash On The Spot6080.854
                          TN82$20.00 Games$500,000 Holiday Bonus6320.695
                          TN83$20.00 GamesMillionaire Jumbo Bucks6600.53
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                            South Carolina

                            UPDATED FOR THE WEEK of 12-16-2016
                            SC1$5.00 GamesDouble Jackpot83911.434
                            SC2$10.00 Games$250,000 Jackpot8158.66
                            SC3$10.00 GamesBlack Ice Millions8836.445
                            SC4$5.00 Games$200 Frenzy8485.248
                            SC5$2.00 GamesTriple Dollars8545.068
                            SC6$2.00 Games$100 Frenzy8474.103
                            SC7$1.00 Games$50 Frenzy8464.003
                            SC8$10.00 GamesMega Bucks7953.777
                            SC9$10.00 GamesGold Rush8693.757
                            SC10$1.00 GamesLucky 8's8333.73
                            SC11$10.00 GamesFranklin's Fortunes8602.545
                            SC12$1.00 GamesJunior Jumbo Bucks7872.351
                            SC13$3.00 GamesPink Diamond Bingo8512.144
                            SC14$1.00 GamesMad Money8231.987
                            SC15$10.00 GamesRoyal Cash8721.966
                            SC16$5.00 GamesCash Money7981.882
                            SC17$2.00 GamesLucky Green8521.796
                            SC18$2.00 GamesHoliday Cash8941.617
                            SC19$2.00 GamesCherry Jackpot8281.576
                            SC20$1.00 GamesQuick 7's8531.385
                            SC21$1.00 GamesQuick Bucks7961.384
                            SC22$5.00 GamesRoad to Riches8621.302
                            SC23$5.00 GamesGiant Jumbo Bucks8641.256
                            SC24$1.00 GamesDouble It9011.203
                            SC25$5.00 GamesMoney Madness8651.185
                            SC26$1.00 GamesTic Tac 2s8271.169
                            SC27$5.00 GamesAmethyst 8's8911.162
                            SC28$2.00 GamesCa$h Hero9021.111
                            SC29$5.00 GamesCash Funds8711.104
                            SC30$5.00 GamesLucky 78311.096
                            SC31$10.00 GamesCash Bonanza9001.083
                            SC32$10.00 GamesElegant Cash8961.064
                            SC33$5.00 GamesWinning 7779031.057
                            SC34$5.00 GamesGrand Luck8951.032
                            SC35$1.00 Games3 Times Lucky8770.998
                            SC36$5.00 GamesCash Blowout8990.991
                            SC37$5.00 Games$125,000 Big Money8680.974
                            SC38$10.00 Games$50 or $1009110.968
                            SC39$2.00 GamesJumbo Bucks8570.962
                            SC40$1.00 GamesJunior Jumbo Bucks8660.957
                            SC41$2.00 GamesNeon Green8980.945
                            SC42$1.00 GamesHoliday Lights8930.945
                            SC43$1.00 GamesRuby 6's8890.933
                            SC44$2.00 GamesCash Payout8160.915
                            SC45$1.00 Games7/11/20218700.906
                            SC46$5.00 GamesBlack and Gold8760.868
                            SC47$2.00 GamesSapphire 7's8900.842
                            SC48$1.00 GamesLucky Horseshoe8860.804
                            SC49$3.00 GamesWhiteout Bingo8850.796
                            SC50$1.00 GamesHot Spot8180.754
                            SC51$10.00 GamesEmerald 9's8920.734
                            SC52$10.00 GamesMighty Jumbo Bucks8500.719
                            SC53$1.00 Games$5,000 Jackpot8420.707
                            SC54$2.00 GamesMoney Stash8870.682
                            SC55$5.00 GamesCash Blowout8350.647
                            SC56$3.00 GamesBig Bonus Crossword8750.639
                            SC57$5.00 GamesMoney Mania8550.584
                            SC58$10.00 GamesQuarter Million Dollar Cashfall8400.48
                            SC59$1.00 GamesFast Bucks8800.465
                            SC60$1.00 GamesTic Tac Tripler8670.446
                            SC61$1.00 GamesJoker's Wild8370.324
                            SC62$10.00 GamesGold Millions8260.029
                            SC63$10.00 GamesCash King8580.029
                            SC64$10.00 GamesCash Reserve8630.029
                            SC65$10.00 GamesVIP Cash Club8360.029
                            SC66$10.00 GamesDiamond Dollars8450.028
                            SC67$3.00 GamesMoney Puzzle Gold8610.021
                            SC68$2.00 GamesRoyal Win7970.019
                            SC69$2.00 GamesLucky Stars8440.019
                            SC70$2.00 GamesBankroll8340.018
                            SC71$2.00 GamesDouble Match8810.018
                            SC72$1.00 Games$5,000 Taxes Paid8430.015
                            SC73$1.00 Games3 Times Lucky8560.012
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                              North Carolina please

                              UPDATED FOR THE WEEK of 12-16-2016
                              NC1$20.00 GamesMultiplier Spectacular38037.94
                              NC2$10.00 Games50X The Cash4863.173
                              NC3$2.00 GamesCash Inferno4942.775
                              NC4$5.00 GamesWheel of Fortune4892.51
                              NC5$1.00 GamesMerry Money5202.387
                              NC6$5.00 Games$300,000 Jackpot4812.134
                              NC7$5.00 GamesKing's Ransom4472.031
                              NC8$5.00 GamesCarolina Black4961.841
                              NC9$5.00 GamesHoliday Riches5231.82
                              NC10$3.00 GamesTreasure Hunt4951.794
                              NC11$1.00 GamesLoose Change5081.734
                              NC12$10.00 GamesPlatinum 7's4681.582
                              NC13$5.00 GamesCarolina Panthers5111.568
                              NC14$20.00 GamesMillionaire Bucks4821.476
                              NC15$2.00 GamesDouble Match5161.455
                              NC16$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Bonus Cash with Back Scratch5071.409
                              NC17$1.00 Games$10,000 Bonus Cash5031.389
                              NC18$20.00 Games$4,000,000 Platinum Payout5191.347
                              NC19$2.00 GamesDid I Win?4521.325
                              NC20$5.00 Games20X The Cash4851.317
                              NC21$20.00 GamesRuby Red 7s5001.31
                              NC22$2.00 GamesWinter Winnings5211.305
                              NC23$1.00 Games5X The Cash4831.256
                              NC24$30.00 GamesUltimate Millions4591.241
                              NC25$10.00 Games10th Anniversary Millions4931.23
                              NC26$1.00 GamesLucky Tripler4871.224
                              NC27$2.00 GamesLiberty Bills4981.212
                              NC28$5.00 GamesMega Fortune5271.2
                              NC29$1.00 Games$10,000 Platinum Payout5131.17
                              NC30$5.00 GamesFast $500 Cash w/Back Scratch4761.142
                              NC31$2.00 GamesGolden Ticket4881.115
                              NC32$1.00 Games10th Anniversary Cash4901.101
                              NC33$30.00 GamesExtreme Millions5381.069
                              NC34$5.00 Games10th Anniversary Spectacular4921.054
                              NC35$20.00 Games$200 Million Blowout4131.053
                              NC36$2.00 GamesCelebrate 20175260.987
                              NC37$1.00 GamesFireball 7's4970.984
                              NC38$10.00 GamesCarolina Millions5390.983
                              NC39$2.00 Games10th Anniversary Riches4910.982
                              NC40$5.00 Games$400,000 Bonus Cash5060.981
                              NC41$10.00 GamesHoliday Millions5240.968
                              NC42$3.00 GamesLoteria5170.96
                              NC43$1.00 GamesLucky 7's3940.95
                              NC44$3.00 GamesNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacationâ"¢5220.948
                              NC45$5.00 Games$250,000 Platinum Payout5150.923
                              NC46$5.00 GamesMega Bucks4620.915
                              NC47$2.00 GamesJunior Big Ol' Bucks4610.911
                              NC48$5.00 Games$200,000 Triple Play5180.868
                              NC49$3.00 Games5X Bingo Multiplier5020.868
                              NC50$1.00 GamesMighty Bucks4600.842
                              NC51$10.00 Games$1,000 Mayhem4440.837
                              NC52$2.00 Games$50,000 Bonus Cash5040.805
                              NC53$5.00 GamesFat Wallet5120.778
                              NC54$5.00 GamesCrossword Connect5560.777
                              NC55$2.00 GamesLucky Gems5100.763
                              NC56$2.00 Games$50,000 Platinum Payout5140.751
                              NC57$2.00 Games10X The Cash4840.72
                              NC58$1.00 GamesDouble Doubler5250.717
                              NC59$10.00 GamesJumbo Bucks4630.596
                              NC60$5.00 Games$2,500 A Week for Life3980.103
                              NC61$10.00 GamesMillionaire 7's3840.025
                              NC62$5.00 Games$250,000 Fortune4990.021
                              NC63$5.00 GamesCrossword Money Multiplier5010.02
                              NC64$3.00 GamesBonus Crossword5050.018
                              NC65$1.00 GamesBlackjack5300.011