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covermaster- need help

Topic closed. 17 replies. Last post 13 years ago by RJOh.

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June 16, 2003
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Posted: December 1, 2003, 6:56 pm - IP Logged

rjoh/  ok I will go back and look at transpose

I know I like it so far.just need to use it.

will be back to let u know ok


see you soon


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    Posted: December 1, 2003, 7:24 pm - IP Logged

    Go back and print out what I wrote and try again with paper in hand.  If you only want to replace one or two pointer numbers with your numbers, just change two of them and click APPLY.  If you think pointer number 01 should be 49 just type 49 in the box next to 01, then APPLY.  The only problem would be if you were trying to use the same number twice.  When you go back and click DISPLAY, your number 49 will be there instead of the 01 pointer on the grid where ever the 01 would have been only on the end of those combinations rather then the front.  Copy the wheel to Notepad if you want to print.  BobP

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      Posted: December 2, 2003, 9:03 pm - IP Logged


      I never noticed that Configure tab,  I've been adding some parameters and changing the txt extension so my lottery program could read the file and swap numbers and add the file to a list of wheel.  Learn something new everyday.


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