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Newbie Question...

Topic closed. 8 replies. Last post 12 years ago by BobP.

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June 24, 2004
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Posted: June 24, 2004, 9:12 am - IP Logged

do these systems even work? is there any real science to this? i am new to this group, so i also wanted to say hi...


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    April 24, 2004
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    Posted: June 24, 2004, 10:47 am - IP Logged

    Most systems do not work on a consistent basis. Of course there is real science and mathematics to systems.

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      November 18, 2003
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      Posted: June 26, 2004, 12:15 pm - IP Logged

      Everything depends on what do you consider a success. Many people believe that winning the minor prizes is success. Other people say success is only if you hit the top prize. No matter what, a success of a system is to gain more than the money spent in overall. Behind any system there is science of course but the random nature of the lottery games require more intelligent systems to design. Now, there are people that say randomness cannot be trapped and those that believe there must be something that can be used successfully. Personaly, I belong to latter category. But we have to admit something here: the use of a system provides a feeling of win, even if it never hits! This is the joy of playing with systems!

      If you have something to do, at least do it well...

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        June 26, 2004
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        Posted: June 26, 2004, 12:20 pm - IP Logged

        I use to play numbers that did  not come up frequently thinking they were over due.

        However the balls in the collorado lottery were chiped or something and numbers were comming up more frequent then should have been by chance.

        Once they figured it out they fixed the balls.

        So my plan was not good considering that the therotical mathimatical odds were scewed by the balls uses

        Shan "[url]www.fla .net/cgi-local/s.cgi?welcome-344[/url]" Ziel

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          June 5, 2002
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          Posted: June 26, 2004, 1:52 pm - IP Logged
          Quote: Originally posted by kannooks on June 24, 2004

          do these systems even work? is there any real science to this? i am new to this group, so i also wanted to say hi...

          None of them can work in the scientifically proveable sense. 

          Pick-3/4To be successfull there is always a human factor where it comes down to you making a choice that will determine whether you will win or lose.  Of course there is no reasonable basis for making the choice which must be made correctly for the system to play at a profit.

          Pick-5/6, like whistling in the dark to keep the elephants away, the odds of a win are so big it's hard to tell the good systems from the bad as anything can happen with random draws.  The worst system can win and the best may not ever in one state and reverse the trend in another.

          Most systems cannot win as recieved or their authors wouldn't offer them, you have to figure a way to make them work by studing the history, the system just provides an idea path to get you started.

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            April 6, 2003
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            Posted: June 26, 2004, 8:35 pm - IP Logged

            depending on the nature and amount of picks, just about all systems can be backtested to glean real results... but can just as easily be colored by hindsight...

            for example... PA pick 3... I have fully backtested the following against the entire draw history (all the way back to 1977)... TicTacToe, Skips (longest outs), NBey6's system and a host of pencil and paper systems from the infamous 111 to the julian date system... no natural winners... with some tweaking winners could be found, but if you alter the systems they are biased to past draws and inevitably don't work anymore.

            for the most part, the systems are based on either theories (not proven fact) or presentation of statistics... Some programs help if you wheel while some help to identify pairs etc... because systems are experimental, I prefer to design my own ,and because they are all theory-based experiments, I don't fool myself into believing they are anything more.... I would rather re-invent the wheel than pay someone for something no more or less successful than what I could do myself in excel/access/visual basic...

            you need one ticket to be in it... unless you are a wheeling whiz, anymore than 1 is overkill...

            Playing more than one ticket per game is betting against yourself.

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              December 22, 2003
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              Posted: June 27, 2004, 3:50 am - IP Logged

              To All

              Do I detect a maturing in thought here?

              No over exaggeration, hype etc!

              This is the road map to respectability for our noble interest and quest - you've got to be plucky to take on odds of 8 million to 1..

              Yes, we exercise our brains, (and therefore live longer), entertain ourselves and beat the odds if we do it right. 


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                May 4, 2004
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                Posted: June 27, 2004, 4:22 am - IP Logged

                The lottery people don't go by and don't care about the 1000 pick 4 numbers, they go by the 0 to 9 digits.

                That is in the long run every one of this 10 0 to 9 digits must show up an almost equal number of times, that is the requirment that they must go by, they don't care too much how many times any given pick 3 combo comes out, some never or almost never come out others only 1 or 2 times and yet others 6 to 8 or 9 times in 10 or so years, that does not matter to them, they only go by digit (0 to 9) counts, so they have a lot of freedom, they can have any pick 3 numbers that they want come out so long as in the long run the digit count for all 10 digits remains about the same.

                So go by frequency of digits and not by frequency of combos.

                I might be wrong, but I think that this is how it works.

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                  Dump Water Florida
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                  June 5, 2002
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                  Posted: June 27, 2004, 10:00 pm - IP Logged

                  For Pick-3 and Pick-4 I don't think frequency matters as much as when it's each digit's turn to hit again. 

                  Frequency whether in total or by position can be totally different for different players one using a week, another ten days, another two weeks range of history, etc.

                  Watching the skips and hits can tell you when a digit is expected, whether it shows up or not is another story, but at least you know what's due to hit in a perfect world.  BobP