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Let's be totally stupid

Topic closed. 19 replies. Last post 17 years ago by Colin F.

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December 22, 2003
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But if the Lotto History is long enough take a halfway point then for that past History you have the History that ensued.

Generally, I agree with what you are saying; previously on this forum I have said whatever conclusions you come to for a given History should be tested on another like History or do as I do generate your own Histories and multiple test.


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    It is a fact the Florida lottery uses 21 ballsets and 7 machines for the Pick-3 and Pick-4 draws, they randomize the rotation of ballsets and machines.  In my opinion this makes 147 unique digit generation systems weaving their draws throughout the results.  Nothing at all to do with what I was talking about in that other thread where I was wrong.

    I think they do this to make prediction as hard as possible, others think something else, whatever helps you sleep at night, right?

    When we talk about random in lotto it is often to say anything can happen even the one digit ball being drawn a hundred times in a row or not for a hundred draws.  Talk is cheap.

    Reality is extremes while interesting are not the way to bet and often cause deceptive avarages. True  Average, Median and Mode are what you really want to be looking at.  I'm sure the math scholars can tell you what they mean and how to use them if you were asleep in high school math class (I know I was stupid 7am bus pickup). 

    Sometimes really random things simulate non-random patterns, we're only talking about columns of ten possible digits each.  Visable patterns have to form, often do and continue like waves forming, raising and breaking.  Even with the lottery's attempt to rotate ballsets and machines simular patterns emerge.  You don't have to see them or look for them, but some people claim to see them and I can't prove they don't.  BobP

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        There is a spell checker. Look at the ABC icon on the right side on the toolbar. But you have to download it.

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