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I am shocked, utterly shocked

I am not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Just read that they have found 26 bio-weapons labs in the Ukraine operated by the US government.

Also reported that the US has 600 + bio-weapons labs around the world.

What the he!! is going on in this country?

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Plastic money, automatic paycheck deposit, auto gov't deposits


With all we see lately of world governments controlling access to your money they have got you by the balls. They will shut you down in a skinny minute.

I doubt if there is enough money in circulation for everyone to go cash transactions again.

Your so called cash in the bank is nothing but numbers on a ledger.

Cash is King.

Entry #5,032

Hign fuel prices [WHY]

The Democrats want to push up fuel prices to match or exceed green new deal energy cost.

Can not argue very well for the green new deal with low fossil fuel prices.

Entry #5,031

My political donations to MAGA candidates

In this political climate would I make donations to MAGA candidates? Who is to prevent opposing candidates or political parties to declare MAGA candidates insurrectionist and then decide to grab my money in the bank or have other financial activities seized.

With Canada seizing funds of political donors to the trucker demonstrators I would not trust the US Gov't at all.

When they latched on to calling demonstrators of their choice insurrectionist opened a new can of worms in the political arena.

Entry #5,029

The Big Steal

A lot of news lately about how the big steal operated.

Ballot mules.

Stealing of overseas and military ballots.

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Cash Pop evening draw

There is the 9 ball I played this afternoon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022



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Played Cash Pop today

Played the number nine with a random cash prize of $7.00. Number 3 drawn.

It is difficult enough in the pick 3 to pick an exact position ball using 10 numbers. Using 15 balls in cash pop really increases the difficulty.

I do not think much of a random cash prize either.

Think I will stick with pick 3.

Entry #5,025

Aint this the truth

Came from a comment section.


Jerry Chandler

To implement a new world order, it is necessary for Americans to want a new government.

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January 14, 2022 1:15 pm
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This & That

Digital ID

They are out to track every move you make in life.

Just like how they track every move you make on the internet.

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