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missing a number

recently i hit a number on here,439,for a straight and box hit. I played the number on wed,and forgot to put it back in for thurs. really, i went back to the chart for out longest str and picked some even older numbers. but, in the back of my mind,i felt i should stay with that pick,and forgot to put it back in.that was a $250 mistake. it hurts,but you have to live with it.the lottery is a tough game to play,as you need a thick skin. as i say,you get rewarded for so little and punished for everything.but,you do not get anything for quitting
    I like to play out longest straight as the investment is minimal,and if you stick with it the reward could be substantial. one dollar will get you$500 with a straight hit 3 digit number!
    I like 150 straight midday New york numbers, as well as 173,286 and 338 box. these are all for midday New york numbers. I believe there will be a payoff here!
    I like to hope some of you made money off my 493 str midday ny numbers and collected. with me,I want a big return with a little investment. this should do it!
    also, i like 8000 evening.
                                                                                                 good luck,fluffy 9999

Entry #4

number strategies for 3 and 4 digit games

You can do a great job picking numbers,and end up not collecting any money. I have rules I follow,which i learned from experience,which help me out. following them means making money, not following means learning painful and expensive lessons.
    I alway play a number box,and then straight on top of it. if you play just straight,then you take your lumps.almost always is the rule.if i am specifically looking for a hit of a out longest straight list, then i look for the $250 hit and won't worry about losing 40 dollars. if you have not hit in a while,then look for a hit, any hit. what makes a great lottery player is one that regularly hit numbers. watch your hit rate,that is how many tickets you buy before you get another winner.
    with the actual bets, i can plays ways that i cannot play on the simulation.i play pairs and collect money. recently hit 82 front pair win 4 on monday for new york.
    i have been playing since 2001, and experience has taught me a lot. fitting 3 or 4 different criteria together can make a big difference. after a while, it gets easier. but,it still takes some work to put together good plays.
    another rule i use is 3 plays or 3 days. you will miss a lot of numbers if you do not do this.
                                                                           good luck, fluffy 9999

Entry #3

new york midday numbers picks

there are some numbers that are looking good for  a straight play for new york numbers midday. here they are:493,173,613. you can play them every other day,or keep them in mind to play every once in a while. sometime i play them for 3 plays or three days.
                                                                               good luck, fluffy9999

Entry #2

tips on picking winning numbers

One way to help pick winning numbers is to first pick your lucky number.it can a number related to your pet,something sentimental,an address,etc. then do some research on the number and figure out what day the number comes out most often,and play it on or around that day. I have hit the same number on the same day many times! this also cuts down on your cost to play,which is important.
  also, i like to troll out longest box numbers. you can use database info or publications to find out what numbers are out longest midday or evening.
   I spend the most time on numbers and win 4 for new york. Keep your hand in the big lotteries byputting  a couple of dollars on them each time you play,say once or twice a week.
   Keep your head on straight,and do not over-commit money to the game. you can't beat the game by throwing a lot of money at it! play smarter, not harder!
   Put my tips to work,especially the days system,play your favorite number on the days it came out most in the past. this works and will work for you!
                                                                             talk to you again soon,
                                                                             fluffy 9999

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