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January 10, 2017, 9:02 amDear Celebrities.

How is it that you have your heads up your own azzes and haven't smothered on your own crap yet?

Let start with you Meryl Streep, You are a dishonest lying bitchh, nobody is deporting foreigners who are here legally, nobody is being denied a work visa. You stood on your soapbox, pretending to be holier than thou, lied through your teeth and twisted facts.

Illegals, are just that idiot, illegal, America voted for a man who has promised to remove the criminal element and stop more drugs, guns, gang members and killers from coming into our country.

He promised to severely vet people from terrorist countries from coming here, you are to stupid to see or even understand that, YES!, MANY OF THESE PEOPLE WANT US DEAD. How many times do you have to hear death to America before you listen, are you willfully dumb?

And exactly where has your dumb azz been for the last 8 years? Calling on the Press to do their job, maybe it escaped your keen mind, but they have been complicit in covering up the wrong doings of our current Government.

The list is so long it would boggle your mind, and you are way to stupid to see how the policies of this Government has crushed the middle class, Obamacare being at the top of the list. People lost their insurance and many were forced to sign up, most of them did not qualify for the subsidies, many lost hours at work, had to have wages reduced just to keep their job, but hey you don't care, I know a couple million people got free insurance, off the backs of those who get up and go to work. And by the way, most Americans don't get paid 70k per episode, that's how much they make in a year. A year, do you even understand that? I realize we are just the little people, put on this Earth to honor and adore the likes of you.....you are a <snip>ttty over rated actress.

On to Matt Damon and Leonard DiCaprio, another couple of useless azzwipes. Take your global warming and climate change agenda and shove it, I always see pictures of you 2 jet setters in tropical locations, court side at ball games.

I bet you 2 morons have done more flying in the last 6 months then I will ever do in my lifetime.

Carbon tax, stop industry, create more choking regulations, put the little people out of work and cause the cost of utilities to go skyrocketing, helping to create more poverty, and you are to stupid to see it.

It's a toasty 12 degrees here in Michigan, my thermostat is set at 68, I have throw wrapped around my shoulders to help keep me warm, cause you see in Michigan, the cost of natural gas is through the roof, and a 4 hundred dollar gas bill means less food on the table, you 2 are so out of touch with reality it makes me wonder how you survive at all.

I don't see you morons planting trees, cleaning up the garbage, or doing anything to help improve this country at all.

Why don't you go after the 4 big sports franchises, NFL 32 Teams, NHL, 30 Teams, MLB 30 Teams, NBA 30 Teams.

Do you have any idea how much traveling by plane and bus these teams do in a year? C'mon tough guys, go after them, I dare you. If you are so worried about carbon, start at the top.

You're hypocrites, you live a lavish lifestyle and have no clue what the other 99 percent of this country does to survive.

And for the rest of you Hollywood idiots, I'll try to type slow so you can understand.

First of all, Hillary sold 20 % of Uranium rights to Russia, in exchange, her foundation got big Russian donations.

Russia has sold much of it to Iran, they now have enough for 10 Nuclear Bombs.

Iran has repeatedly said they will destroy Israel and then us.

Sinking in yet?

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December 20, 2016, 7:26 amMichael Moore

Liberal film maker Michael Moore offered to pay the fines of all electors who changed their vote.

In many cases up tp $1000 .


We have heard nothing but all the interference in our election system, well guess what, this is stone cold solid proof.

7 electors changed their vote.

Did they do it for a little holiday payday?

Doesn't matter, Michael Moore openly bribed and interfered with our election.

Another example of the wealthy throwing their weight around, laws are for little people.

Call your State Reps.and demand he be charged.

If you let this slide, if it's just another day in America, then you my friends, need to shut the hell up when someone you care about is arrested for a lesser violation.

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December 2, 2016, 8:23 amDear President elect Trump

First , Congratulations to you and Vice President Elect Pence and all the Cabinet members you have picked so far.

Looking Good!

I am very happy you won, we will make America Great again.

I think it's awesome you have already saved 1100 jobs in Indiana.

You did more then that, those people will not be going on Federal assistance, they will continue to add to Federal, State, and local coffers.

They will continue to pay into Medicare and Social Security.

They will continue to help local economy, the dry cleaners, coffee shops, diners, book stores, and all the people who benefit from their patronage. This is huge!

There are more then 1100 who will have a very Merry Christmas in Indiana.

Thank you.


ps, In the spirit of good will, may I suggest Hillary Clinton for Ambassador to Libya.

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November 12, 2016, 7:03 am70 days

Governments first duty is to protect the people, not run there lives... Ronald Reagan

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall... Ronald Reagan

Excerpt from Pink Floyd's " Mother"

Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb?

Mother do you think they'll like this song?

Mother do you think they'll try to break my balls?

Mother should I build this wall?

Mother should I run for President?

Mother should I trust the Government?


If you haven't guessed by now, I love Pink Floyd.

Couple months ago, I was driving down 5 mile road and saw one of the girls I work with wearing the orange community service vest, she was picking up garbage with about 25 other girls.

The next time I seen her I asked her what she did, she got caught driving without her seat belt, $150.00 fine, points on her license and community service, she said the girl she was hanging out with that day had to pay a $500 dollar fine, community service because a passenger in her car threw a cigarette butt out the window.

They are now criminals, that is going on their permanent record.

Do you know who else are criminals? EVERY PERSON WHO SNEAKS INTO THIS COUNTRY!

They are not treated like criminals, they are not fined, imprisoned or forced to pick up the garbage.

They get entitlements, hard working Americans get to help pay for their Food stamps, medical, dental, housing.

They get drivers licenses, and we now have Federally funded sanctuary cities.

Seattle, Portland, LA, Phoenix, San Diego, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, NY, Baltimore, DC, Miami, just to name a few.

Our tax dollars, 100's of millions, going to these cities that protect criminals.

Those are just a few ways illegal immigration costs this country, factor in drug dealers, drugs, illegal weapons, gangs.

The strain on our Police, Hospitals, emergency services, next time the ambulance takes to long to get to your house, and you are in a sanctuary city ?, ask yourself ?

Illegal immigration drives down wages, these people work under the table in most cases and pay no tax, all the while receiving Government handouts.

Identity theft, many of these people get their hands on stolen Social Security numbers, more times then not from deceased citizens, so yes they do file tax returns, but most get that money refunded.

We hear the argument that they pick our crops, yes migrant workers, have been doing this for a very long time, there are no crops in Detroit, Miami or Chicago.

No one has a problem with immigration, we have a problem with illegal immigration, where people come here and get handouts.

Couple years ago, in Detroit, the illegals held a protest, they weren't going to spend money that day, boy were they going to show us.

Very few seemed to notice the bigger picture, first they broke our laws coming here, second, the DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE. That right is for American citizens.

Third, who the hellll do they think they are dictating to us in our own country?

They would never pull this crap in their country, cause they would be shot, tortured or imprisoned.

With legal immigration, we got people coming here dictating to us that they don't like our laws, Sharia mean anything?

The removal of Jesus , God or anything Christian, Don't sit there and wonder why we saw a wall of red Tuesday November 8th.

The Obama admin, came up with the "Dream Act" what a disaster, the word was spread throughout Mexico and South America that you could walk right in and become a citizen.

This reminds me of the "Trail of Tears" The Cherokee were forced out of North Carolina and had to walk to Oklahoma.

Sadly many did not make it.

So now we have people South of us, walking, taking trains, getting here by any means possible, what many of these people went through was inhumane , I feel for them and I blame our Government, they walked through Heat, had to deal with gangs, rapists, and disease was spreading.

They flooded our border, what did our Government do? They put sick people on buses and shipped them all over the country, The Government sworn to protect us, put us all at risk.

I'll say it again, who does that to their own people?

Our Government does not enforce our laws, The Obama Administration is not the only guilty party, they all are.

Donald Trump ran his campaign on building a wall to keep illegals, drugs and sick people out.

He will stop funding to the sanctuary cities and hopefully deport the nastiest criminals first.

I feel bad that these people come from countries that are so awful, I do, but I am not going to be taxed into taking care of them.

I really don't want a giant wall, but I don't want people breaking our laws, rubbing my face in their Rhetoric, being called a racist, or wanting to break up families, hey!, no one told you to come here, if you get deported, well take your family with you, real effing simple.

Our Border patrol people have had there hands tied by our Government, untie them Mr Trump, enforce the law and maybe we won't really need a giant wall.

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November 11, 2016, 9:10 am71 days

The Constitution is not a tool to be wielded for political expediency, it is the supreme law of the land and the Presidents responsibility to take care that it is followed, NOT outmaneuvered

                                                                                                   Trey Gowdy

And that's exactly what President Obama did, he refused to work with Republicans on job creating bills, wrote executive orders that were not only costly, but job costing . Turned around and blamed Republicans for not working with him, the Liberal media refusing to even read many of the Bills and proceeded to spread the manure.

Speaker Paul Ryan said in a news conference, that as soon as President Elect Trumps had comes off the Bible, they would hit the ground running.

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump have kissed and made up, probably not BFF'S  but they need each other and I believe they can accomplish much in the first 100 days.

When Paul Ryan ran with Mitt Romney, he laid out a plan to reduce waste and cut spending, I read much of what he wrote and this guy is one smart cookie.

Sadly, I woke up one day and discovered that my computer upgraded itself to windows 10, I did not approve or select or want this to happen, maybe you computer gurus can explain.

Anyhow, I lost much of my data from years of collecting political notes etc, if it's on my computer, I do not know how to retrieve it.

Back to Ryan, he knows where the pork and waste is, we actually spend millions on analyzing squirrel droppings near Nuclear power plants, a Geiger counter works just fine.

So I imagine, Trump will go down that Executive order list and undo everything Obama did.

Obamacare, kiss it goodbye, it is crushing the middle class and 2017 has some crazy increases. It's a massive tax and is doing more harm then good, it was crammed down our throats, an as an example of just how bad Obamas first term, it was voted on and passed by the Democrats who never even read the bill. THEY NEVER READ IT AND BLINDLY PUSHED IT THROUGH.This won't be easy, they still want people to have insurance, but they got economic gurus working on it and crunching numbers.

They will go after the job crushing EPA, Many of these people are fanatics, no one wants pollution or dirty water, they are going crazy overboard, thanks to lobbyists. Guess what Trump won't be bought. The Global warming money machine has made millions for many and caused much harm to the working class.

I believe we will see coal miners, Ranchers, oil rig workers, Lumberjacks all going back to work, hopefully sooner then later.

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November 10, 2016, 11:08 am72 days

72 days until President elect Trump takes the oval office.

President Trump, I like the sound of that.

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November 4, 2016, 10:56 pmHow to win big.

You got 2 choices.

Trump, Believes in our Constitutional rights, and they are at stake in this election.

Hillary, Believe in taking millions of dollars from countries whose people would love to see us destroyed.

She wants higher taxes and given the chance, she will make sure she gets the most left leaning person to fill the vacant seat for the Supreme Court. Someone who would have no problem taking our Second Amendment rights.


Take our money and leave us broke, take our weapons and leave us with no real way to defend ourselves, and what do you have left?

Subjects, not Citizens.

We are far from perfect, think of all the people who fought and died for those rights.

Think of all the people who marched, sacrificed all, for our rights.

The United Nations would love to have more control over us, and if UN troops ever land on US SOIL, all will be lost.

Don't let all those who gave all they had for us to be in vain.

Don't be willing to give up your rights.

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October 13, 2016, 5:15 am30 Years ago

Wow, Call in Gloria , we got women who were abused.

I watched a woman claim that 30 years ago A young business man named Donald Trump groped her on a plane.

Let's dissect this , 30 years ago he was 40, not exactly the youngster WE'VE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE.

30 Years ago, he was very rich, are you telling me a man with Private Jets was flying Coach?

At 5'5 and 138 lbs. I'm neither small nor large, but you know what, touch me and you're in for a world of hurt.

The narrative of all these women , I was helpless and didn't know what to do? Really.

Am I the only woman who knows how to say no, don't do that, get away from me.

I guess we are going to be led to believe , women are helpless, have been helpless, and in a world where there are men we will continue to be helpless, unless of course we turn to Hillary. Give me a break.

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September 12, 2016, 11:50 pmDear NFL

You rotten losers.

To show disrespect for the Flag and our National Anthem is down right dirty rotten.

You freaking cry baby millionaires, you could have used your star power in a positive useful way, did you? No.

Instead on the 15 year anniversary of 9/11, you took a great big giant dump on all those who died at the hands of Godless terrorists.

You took a giant dump on all the rescue people who ran into those towers that day and died.

You took a giant dump on all of those who served this country and all of those who died to preserve the freedom you enjoy , so you could do something so stupid.

You rotten <snip>s.

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August 19, 2016, 9:35 amBuilding wealth part 3

So far we are not talking income.

Make a list of all your weekly and monthly income.

Compare what you bring in to what you have to spend out.

If you're paying out more then you bring in, you are in debt, if you're breaking even, you will never get ahead.

If you have money left over, you can start saving.

Let's talk about saving on those expenses.

The gas bill. Because I live in Michigan it can get really high in the winter.

Some people do a budget plan, that means the gas co. averages your yearly bill and you pay the same amount every month.

Example, my sister in law is on the plan, let's say she pays $120 every month.

My bill for July was $32, there is no way I'm forking out extra, I know when it gets colder, my bill will go up.

The money I am not using for gas, goes into the emergency fund and earns interest, not much, but better me then the gas co.

At our house we have the hot water tank, stove, dryer and furnace on gas.

Using these appliances with a little savvy can help out.

Let's start with the water tank, I keep it on the lowest setting, we are in and out shower takers, if you take long hot showers, you are spending more. Cut back just a little and the savings will add up. I love to take long hot soaks so I know sometimes you just need that time to yourself.

Laundry, sometimes, especially for socks ,towels, you need hot water, I don't just wash in cold, most times I use warm,

really depends on what I am washing.

Inspecting your water tank, many times older ones rust out, every 6 months take a peek, if you see a drip, know that a major basement flood is well on it's way .

Also a good idea to have a smoke detector with a carbon monoxide detector on it.

Your Dryer, keep your lint trap clean and the pipes that lead outdoors. Not only will your dryer work more efficiently, you may very well prevent a fire.

Major cause of house fires, smoking, candles, furnace, dryer stove, Christmas trees, poorly maintained electrical wires.

Big Joe your booky, just kidding.

To clean your lint trap, remove lint, you can spray it with lime away to dissolve  soap and fabric softener build up.

To clean your pipe leading out doors, we just unscrew ours and I vacuum it out.

Well, just got a phone call will continue this tomorrow, I got to go.

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August 18, 2016, 9:23 amBuilding wealth part 2

Time to make a list.

I have a 5 subject notebook, I can get 2 years of data in them. I have 8 of these books.

Quick story, before my son was born we didn't pay much attention, just paid our bills, put money in savings and our retirement funds.

I had credit cards galore and when my son was born went crazy using them. Learned a hard lesson real fast.

I now only have 2.

Here's How I list my monthly expenses, I list them in order by due date, I only list bills that are monthly and  I have a misc . list.

Gas co          $25

Electric co     $180

Cell phone     $ 80

Water           $ 154  These are not real amounts, just examples and I'll tell you why.

Cable/ internet   $ 152

Mort/ Rent        $ 500

car pymt        $ 174

car insurance  $ 220

Grocery         $ 700

credit card1    $230

credit card2    $ 102

Cash out        $ 200  Cash we keep for , gas/lottery/whatever.

Adjust your list to suit you needs, these are not real numbers for my household, it is not my intention to let you in on my finances, just to help you think of something you may not have thought of.

If you add the list, it comes to $2517 this does not include the cash.

Some people get paid every week, some bi-weekly.

according to the list you need $629.25 to go into checking every week.

Because I have past data, I can go look at Sept. 2015 and know what I paid for bills that fluctuate , like gas/elec/water.

I already have September 2016 ready, on my list looking from last year, I see I will be writing checks to my son's HS for various things.

If you have bills, that are not monthly, like license tabs...our birthdays are January and June, so I add them to my list in December and May. It is easy to forget these things, so keep a list you can fall back on.

Being organized is your first priority to yourself. When you see it written you get a higher sense of where your money goes.

Now there are the Misc things, health co/pays dentist co/pays, oops need a water heater, all the little things that come up that you can't really track until they happen.

We have 2 types of Savings, one for emergency and one for long term.

This doesn't happen overnight either you have to work at it.

So many are living check to check, when a bill comes due they have rob Peter to Pay Paul and it doesn't have to be that way.

People get laid off, get hours cut, get sick, hurt, have to care for an elderly parent, all kinds of stuff does and will happen.

Getting your bills under control is first.

My next post will talk about all the bills I listed and some tricks to help you reduce them.

You can't start and emergency savings until you get control of the money eating machines.

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August 17, 2016, 8:51 amBuilding wealth Part 1

I really should have called this creating financial stability, I see so many living check to check and making bad financial decisions.

Hopefully I can help just a little.

First , Do you think about your old age? You are going to get older and Social Security may not be enough to get you through monthly expenses.

Do you have a savings account? I hear so many people say they don't because it doesn't pay much.

That is not the point of saving. If you have no interest in saving your money, stop reading now.

Many of us are here because we love the lottery, if your waiting for a big win, it's time to rethink your priorities.

Have you ever asked yourself, where do I want to be in 10 years?

Do you have goals? Do you have an IRA or 401K, Stocks, bonds or other investment income?

Do you really pay attention to those monthly bills?

Do you really know how much of your money is wasted on impulse buys ?

Are you drowning in loan or credit card debt?

Are you living well beyond your means?

Many households only have 1 or 2 sources of Income....not good.

Creating more then 2 sources of income takes time, doesn't happen over night.

If you are using credit cards as a source of income, you will never get ahead.

Do you know how much it cost you to live last year? Do you know how much it will cost you next year?

Like I said, you will get older, unexpected things happen.

Chew on all these questions, ask yourself if you really want to take the time to track your money, because if you are willing, you are already ahead of the curve.

You can have so much more by being conservative with your cash.

If you are serious, go get a couple pads of paper. My next post will be tracking monthly expenses.

In the mean time, spend the next couple days writing down everything you buy, after a couple days look at that list and ask yourself, Did I really need that crap? If you see things you didn't really need, your ahead .

We are bombarded with ads, people wanting our hard earned cash.

Self control will be a big part of getting and staying ahead.

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August 4, 2016, 2:04 pmRemember to thank Hillary.

So our favorite girl ( sarcasm) Hillary wants to raise taxes on the Middle class.

The average for middle class are those making between 50,000 and 250,000.

The nation average is 55,000.

With health care insurance and medical bills going up, food, property tax, everyday goods and services.

Car insurance, home owners insurance, dental insurance, renters insurance, boy do we pay a lot for insurance.

She doesn't say she'll raise taxes on the rich, and she doesn't say what she'll use the taxes for.

Just that the middle class has to pay their fair share.

Mind you 47 % pay no Federal income tax and get child credits, they get nice big tax refunds for money they never paid?

So, I guess many in the income level will be making hard choices.

If you have to stop magazine subscriptions, tell them to thank Hillary.

If you have to return your leased vehicle and become a one car family, remember to have them thank Hillary.

If you have to get rid of cable, or down grade, Remember to tell them to Thank Hillary.

If your like us we have 3 cell phones, thanks to Obama we already got rid of the land line.

So , when you shut a phone off, remember to tell them to thank Hillary.

In fact you can send notes to all your favorite restaurants, tell them you won't be in thanks to Hillary.

Not buying meat, you can tell your butcher to thank Hillary.

Not using your credit card, drop them a line and tell them to thank Hillary, or worse, you now have so much debt you have to file for bankruptcy, let them know they can thank Hillary.

Have to go sign up for food stamps, thank Hillary, and oh oh, another tax increase to cover all the new mouths to feed.

At some time we will reach a saturation point, we will in fact collapse, and at some point even the rich cannot survive, because they don't have a working middle class.

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July 30, 2016, 8:05 pmZika Virus

This is a Mosquito born illness.

Symptoms include, Rash, Muscle aches, Fever, Joint Pain.

There are currently just over 1200 confirmed cases in the US, 4 of them are now considered American contracted, that means these 4 people did not travel outside the US.

These 4 cases are in Florida, 2 in Dade Country and 2 IN Broward County.

Zika is also transmitted through blood and body fluids, you can contract it through Sex.

For most healthy adults, the symptoms are not very severe, but a pregnant woman can pass this to her unborn child and this will cause very severe birth defects.

Things you can do...

Where mosquito repellent, even during the day.

Get rid of all standing water near your home.

Spray your around your home.

Do not feed the birds and squirrels, Mosquitos will be drawn to these animals, feeding these animals also invites rats and mice. They can feed themselves.

If you own pets, make sure they don't bring mosquitos in on their fur. If they have an outdoor water dish, empty every couple hours and give them fresh water.

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July 15, 2016, 7:02 amYes he does want to be President.

Another attack in France, Our weak and failed leadership is refusing to call it what it is, Islamic Terrorism.

France has been hit hard, we have been hit hard, We most certainly will see another Orlando, we cannot sit by and wait.

As President, Trump said he would call on NATO ( The North Atlantic Treaty Organization). There are 25 countries that are our allies , He would call on them to stop the terrorism and wipe this very form of brutal terrorism off the planet.


LilIdiot would have you believe he would just Nuke em, that is not the way this would be fought, as they are all over in pockets, the largest concentrations in the Middle East would be wiped out by Air Attacks, which is what odummy should have done, instead he let them spread, called our troops back, and let the bad guys get our weapons, tanks, trucks, ammo, medicine, and all kinds of other military supplies left behind. Still don't need nukes for that.

The little terror pockets all over the world would be found out through intel, this is where NATO works together to share, find, and arrest.

Lilsplodeyhead is irresponsible for spreading unfounded fear.

Mr. Trump was asked about Nuclear weapons, his response was that he would not take them off the table.

No we cannot surrender our weapons as a Nation as we have many countries who are building a massive arsenal of their own Nuclear Weapons.

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