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N.C. lottery startup will be no April Fool's joke

Nov 23, 2005, 9:15 am

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North Carolina LotteryNorth Carolina Lottery: N.C. lottery startup will be no April Fool's joke

North Carolinians can expect to play the lottery on or before April 5 — four months after Tom Shaheen, the new lottery director, officially begins his job in Raleigh.

Shaheen and Charles Sanders, the lottery chairman, on Tuesday finalized the deal that will bring Shaheen to North Carolina from New Mexico, where Shaheen has been chief of the lottery since 2000.

Shaheen will start in Raleigh on Dec. 5, from an office location still to be determined. Shaheen said he'll focus first on requesting proposals from lottery vendors, lining up retailers and beginning to hire a staff.

Shaheen has a big incentive to start the games by April 5. If he does, he'll receive a $50,000 bonus on top of a $235,000 salary. The potential bonus would be reduced by $12,500 for each week the lottery doesn't offer games, down to no bonus for starting up after May 5.

Shaheen expressed optimism about the April 5 start Tuesday but said he couldn't yet offer a specific day the games will begin.

"Obviously, we'll be trying to get it going quicker than that," he said.

Shaheen was pretty sure, though, about ruling one day out: April 1.

He said players might not believe it if the lottery were to begin on April Fool's Day.

"We'll probably avoid that day, yes we will," he said, chuckling.

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3 comments. Last comment 15 years ago by LOTTOMIKE.
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Coastal Georgia
United States
Member #2653
October 30, 2003
1866 Posts
Posted: November 23, 2005, 11:05 am - IP Logged

Oh come on....go ahead and start it on April Fools day- what better day than that for those that think a fool and his money are soon parted ?






    United States
    Member #379
    June 5, 2002
    11296 Posts
    Posted: November 23, 2005, 12:18 pm - IP Logged

    The Oklahoma Lottery started "sooner" in terms of the day (August 12) that the date (October 12) was announced.

      United States
      Member #7853
      October 15, 2004
      11350 Posts
      Posted: November 25, 2005, 10:08 pm - IP Logged

      they will be fools if they let this computerized drawing thing take place.