Lottery millionaire Bud Post dies

Jan 17, 2006, 7:13 am (18 comments)

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William J. "Bud" Post, the Venango County man who won millions in the Pennsylvania Lottery and then endured a fortune's worth of troubles, has died.

Post, 66, of 249 Grant St., Franklin, died Sunday morning at UPMC Northwest in Seneca.

Post became a local celebrity and later gained nationwide notoriety after winning $16.2 million in the lottery in 1988. An extravagant spending spree followed, then Post's life began to unravel.

His sixth wife moved out on him, his brother was convicted of trying to kill him, and his landlady successfully sued for one-third of his winnings. Various businesses he started with his siblings failed.

A federal bankruptcy judge auctioned off what was left of his prize payments - $4.9 million - to pay off his debts. He was left with about $1 million.

"I truly won the lottery of death, I think," Post said in 1996.

Post, who had been a carnival worker and cook, was convicted of simple assault in 1992 for firing a gun at an Oil City man who was at Post's house to collect on a bill. He received a six-to-24-month sentence, then spent six years trying to overturn the conviction.

The state Supreme Court refused to hear Post's appeal in 1998, and he was supposed to turn himself in and start serving his sentence. But he refused, repeatedly, and fled to Mississippi. Detectives eventually located him at his fishing camp there, then authorities returned him to Venango County.

Post was filling in holes with a tractor at his camp when he was found.

The lottery winner, who lived in relative obscurity since his release from jail, was featured over the years on television documentaries and talk shows and in national newspaper articles that focused on the pitfalls of winning millions.

Post, who grew up in the Erie area and served in the Army during the Korean Conflict, is survived by his current wife, Debra S. Wice. They were married in December 1997. Nine children, three stepchildren and 44 grandchildren also survive.

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Well the press won't have to worry. They now have Jack down in WV who has alot more money, and seems to have alot more bad luck than this guy.

Raven62's avatarRaven62

Rich or poor you are what you are: If you're rich you get alot more Media Coverage.




Chances are, if you were troubled before you won the money, you're most likely going to be more troubled with the money.  If stupid people would wise up and learn how to invest, it would be great.


speed you hit that one right  6 wifes ding ding ding  lets watch the cat fight over whats left

fja's avatarfja

Some people just never learn not to "dance with the devil by the pale moon light."



This is both Sad and Rediculous.....Why didn't he simply serve out his sentence and get it over with.You cannot hide forever from the Law.....They always catch up w/you in the end. They send the "plain clothes" detectives and police" to track you down.....following credit card receipts, utility bills, bank statements, tax responsibilities,  and neighbors, you name it....he could have cut his troubles in half if he'd served the full sentence...It was bad enough that he reneged on paying the bill and attempted to shoot the Man...I think he was saddly a glutton for punishment.


Sixth wife???  He faced down doom and lost!

justxploring's avatarjustxploring

This is one case where taking a 20 or 30 year annuity might help someone control his spending and be more responsible.  I can't believe someone with all those children wouldn't have the sense to form a trust. There was definitely something emotionally wrong with this man. I wonder if he suffered from some kind of PTSD since he served in Korea. The article didn't get specific about his tour of duty.

He obviously had troubles before he ever won and took them to his grave which is sad.  Did he die of natural causes? He was only 66. 

"He was left with about $1 million. "

That's not so bad after being in bankruptcy court! I wouldn't mind being left with a million right now. I just pray that, whenever I drop dead, there isn't an article about me in the paper listing all my scew-ups. What a price to pay for winning a game. Of course I'll be dead so I guess I won't care, but there are many more fascinating events to be reporting on than someone's unfortunate demise.


MADDOG10's avatarMADDOG10

Some people just never learn not to "dance with the devil by the pale moon light."

got that right dude.... nor did he learn not to dance with wolves...!

TheGameGrl's avatarTheGameGrl

My condolences to his family and those who did *know* him. The press did the A-typical job of reporting the *woes* of his fortune. I've no doubt this man did some good deeds. Its funny how as adults we think we know what is best for other adults....tell them how to invest, spend , or live their own life and then *expect* them to do it. Then casting judgement on their mindset if they dont do as advised.

I like Maddogs line.."a little respect here and there...." ITs befitting of this topic.

gocart1's avatargocart1

omg this poor guy had six wifes.i wonder if all the wifes live on the same block?almost sounds like a tv show thats on sunday nights


Looks like he struck gold with the lucky seventh wife.  She'd been around since '97.


Sixth wife???  He faced down doom and lost!


WRONG...MY DEAR....he faced down the "LAW & COURTS" and lost....Thud


Looks like he struck gold with the lucky seventh wife.  She'd been around since '97.


He actually and initially struck "GOLD" when he won all that money, but apparently didn't appreciate either his new wealth or his wives.....

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