Woman 'hiding lottery win from husband'

Jan 20, 2006, 11:15 am (167 comments)

UK National Lottery

A mystery woman claimed today she has won £1.5 million (US$2.65 million) from the UK National Lottery — but has never told her husband.

The woman, a mother-of-two who gave her name as Jane, called a radio show to reveal her astonishing secret.

For the past three years she has hidden her fortune from colleagues, friends and family, she claimed.

Her husband had a drug problem 15 years ago and she fears living the high life would tempt him back to his old ways.

She also worries he would give up work and start demanding luxury holidays.

"Jane" has remained in her job and, if she ever splashes out on treats for the family, tells her husband she has had a pay rise or bonus.

The woman revealed her extraordinary story on BBC Radio Five Live this morning.

Presenter Victoria Derbyshire was hosting a phone-in which asked the question: "Is money guaranteed to make you happy?"

"Jane" called in and began, "I won quite a bit of money, just under £1.5 million, and I've never, ever told anybody. Not even my husband."

An incredulous Derbyshire said, "You're kidding me. Why not?"

"Jane" replied, "Fear that it would change our lives too dramatically. My husband had, many years ago, a small drug problem — around 15 years ago. And I'm scared with the money and perhaps the high life... he would go back there.

"So I just said that I've had a pay rise and I get bonuses, so every now and again I can have nice things."

She continued, "I do feel if I had said, yes, I've won this money, that he would have wanted holidays, he perhaps would have wanted to give up work, which would destroy our little family unit we've got now."

Derbyshire asked, "No-one has suspected?" to which "Jane" said, "No."

The presenter told her, "I'm flabbergasted, I can barely believe it, but it's clearly true. Do you feel it's made you happier?"

"Jane", who said her win was "about three years ago", said, "It's nice because I know I haven't got to worry about bills.

"One of the little white lies is that I've cut my hours down at work but I tell him I work from home for the other two days.

"There's no fear of not being able to pay the mortgage and things like that."

Derbyshire told her, "I'm full of admiration for you, but is it not a betrayal of your relationship? You call them little white lies but it's a huge one, isn't it?"

The woman admitted, "It's absolutely huge and I feel terribly guilty in one way, but in another way, we've got two young children and I think, well, if their lives change dramatically then it's not fair on them. So I just want to keep things as they are."

Lottery operator Camelot said they could not confirm whether or not the caller was genuine.



fja's avatarfja

Now thats what I call remaining anonymous!!!!

Todd's avatarTodd

It's possible in the UK because they have no taxes on lottery prizes, so you really can just stick it in the bank without anyone knowing.


Since the lottery is the state selling paper for $1 while giving back 50 cents of their revenue in prizes, I would say that each buyer of lottery tickets has already paid a 50 cent tax to the state by buying a ticket. State income tax on lottery winnings is unconscionable. Talk about the states double dipping.  

gocart1's avatargocart1

man ...money makes people do some funny things

winsumloosesum's avatarwinsumloosesum

Maybe her Rolls Royce parked in front of the house created a guilty conscious.


Ahhhh love and marrage, based on compromise- NOT.  One person thinking they know whats better then another person about what is best for the other person.  Where have I seen that before?  The person did something the other didn't like, so know they try to control the environment of that person. Why? Because they can - they are superior!

emilyg's avataremilyg

smart woman!!!


She was very smart to hide it from him, but very stupid to call a radio station and talk about. It the tabloid journalists track her down, she will have only herself to blame. Whatever about money buying happiness, it seems you can't buy wisdom.

Konformthismfs's avatarKonformthismfs

What a sneaky lyin controlling broad! She won't tell the husband because he might wanna take off work, then she cuts back on her hours. Hope he find out , takes his fair share , then goes on a long wild vacation without her!

Elizabeth03's avatarElizabeth03

I agree she is a smart woman!Party

emilyg's avataremilyg

What a sneaky lyin controlling broad! She won't tell the husband because he might wanna take off work, then she cuts back on her hours. Hope he find out , takes his fair share , then goes on a long wild vacation without her!

yes and starts back on drugs.

Konformthismfs's avatarKonformthismfs

Emily, If he was able to kick his "Small Drug Habit 15 years ago" why would money change things now? People quit certain habits and never look back. They do things when they're young and dumb, because they're young and dumb! If he was good enough to keep in the family for the last 15 years and be part of her "happy little family unit",  then he's good enough to share the winnings with!

spyc63's avatarspyc63

Yes she is a very smart woman. She is still a MILLIONARE! Her response to the question ("Is money guaranteed to make you happy?") could have been..."No my husband depleted our Lottery winings on drugs, and now we are broke." Again, a smart woman!!

dphillips's avatardphillips

Konformthismsf, please don't hate, congratulate! We can't judge her relationship/marriage: she knows her husband better than we do! You mentioned lying -- she never admitted to him that she won the money. Therefore, she didn't lie.

Finally, the possibility of the husband taking off work is only a morsel in the smorgasbord of goodies. What if he actually went back to his old drug ways? Hey, with all that money, he could go buck wild, devastating the little, cozy nest she has prepared. Why risk it all!


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