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UK Lottery opens bidding for 10-year license

UK National LotteryUK National Lottery: UK Lottery opens bidding for 10-year license

The United Kingdom National Lottery opened the competition for a ten-year license to run the operation on Thursday.

The license is currently held by Camelot, which has run the lottery under two licenses since its launch in 1994, and will also be bidding for this, the third.

Industry sources told Reuters on Thursday that Ladbroke and BSkyB were among a number of companies looking at how they might be involved, but it was early days.

Other companies that have shown an interest include Cable & Wireless and Thus Plc .

The Lottery boosted annual sales by 5.2 percent to over 5 billion pounds last year, said Camelot, a joint venture between Royal Mail, De La Rue, Cadbury Schweppes, Thales, and Fujitsu.

Bidders will have until December 15 to prepare their final submissions.


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