New UK National Lottery operator Allwyn acquires Camelot UK

Nov 21, 2022, 12:35 pm (5 comments)

UK National Lottery

Cease fire in battle over UK National Lottery license as Camelot inches closer to the end of its final term

By Kate Northrop

Allwyn AG, the UK National Lottery's new operator, announced its intentions on Friday to acquire Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, the Lottery's previous license holder.

After a back-and-forth dispute between Camelot UK and Allwyn over the license to run the UK National Lottery, Allwyn came forward to publicly announce its acquisition of Camelot UK.

In March, the United Kingdom's Gambling Commission arrived at the decision to drop Camelot as the operator of the National Lottery and to appoint Czech company Allwyn Entertainment in its stead.

Camelot's license is set to expire January 31, 2024, after which it will become an owned subsidiary of Allwyn, Allwyn said in a press release.

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to acquire the current operator of the Third License for the UK National Lottery," Allwyn AG CEO Robert Chvátal said in a statement. "Allwyn and Camelot share a common goal: a passion to protect and improve the UK National Lottery, and the good causes it celebrates. Common ownership of the operators of both the Third and Fourth Licenses will help ensure the successful delivery of the National Lottery both in 2023 and over the next decade."

With the acquisition anticipated to close in the first quarter of 2023, Allwyn said that its ownership of Camelot will "help facilitate a smooth transition as AEL prepares to take over the operation of the National Lottery from February 2024."

The companies are reportedly working collaboratively with the UK Gambling Commission on its transition plan for the Fourth License.

After the UK Gambling Commission announced the new operator in March 2022, Allwyn immediately revealed intentions to make some major changes to the lottery. Some of those plans included ideas to halve ticket prices and reduce the emphasis on scratch-off games.

"Allwyn is committed to making the National Lottery better, raising more for good causes and improving player protection," Chvátal said. "This deal strengthens the transition process and helps support Allwyn in achieving its vision for the National Lottery."

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.. and so it begins!

mypiemaster's avatarmypiemaster

Promises, Promises: Are they going to provide better services, that remains to be seen. 


They are going to make the UK Lottery a lot harder to win...

Mata Garbo

Happy Thanksgiving to the Lottery Post family. Good luck Friday with Mega Million.!!!



In the UK, has over 10 million people have online accounts with the National Lottery. This is why the upcoming new lottery operator purchased Camelot, so they will be able to continue these subscriptions without any data ownership issues.

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