Allwyn to become new operator of Illinois Lottery after acquisition of Camelot LS Group

Jan 3, 2023, 11:27 am (6 comments)

Illinois Lottery

New UK lottery operator's reach extends to the US

By Kate Northrop

European company Allwyn Entertainment will become the Illinois Lottery's new operator after they announced their acquisition of Camelot LS Group in December.

The Illinois Lottery will have a new operator following the loss of Camelot's license as the operator of the UK National Lottery and Allwyn's acquisition of said company.

Currently, the Camelot Lottery Solutions Group (Camelot LS Group), operates the Illinois Lottery under a private management agreement through its operator company, Camelot Illinois LLC. The Chicago-based company provides products and services to lotteries throughout Europe and North America.

There are no plans underway to make changes to the Camelot LS Group leadership team.

"We remain committed to serving our customers, engaging players and growing lottery revenue to benefit the communities they serve," Camelot LS Group Chief Executive Wayne Pickup said in a press release. "As the private manager of the Illinois Lottery, we work closely with the Department of Lottery to drive responsible and sustainable growth to maximize revenue for the State of Illinois. Combining the resources, expertise, and talent of Allwyn and Camelot LS Group will only strengthen the results we help the State of Illinois and all our customers achieve."

The leadership team at Camelot, Allwyn stated, will have access to "in-depth experience developed by Allwyn over more than a decade" of operating and working with lotteries across Europe. In its announcement to acquire Camelot in November, the new operator affirmed that the transaction is meant to be collaborative in nature as it prepares to take over the operation of the National Lottery in February 2024.

"We have always viewed the US market as an important part of Allwyn's future growth story, and the acquisition of Camelot LS Group, is the right step," Allwyn CEO Robert Chvátal  added. "Allwyn's goal is building better lotteries, and helping them raise more for good causes, through innovation, technology, efficiency and safety in our quest for enhanced player engagement. Both Allwyn and Camelot share a passion about the lottery business, delivering value to our customers, and growing lottery returns to communities."

Once the transaction is complete, Allwyn will own all companies of the Camelot LS Group. The deal is estimated to reach completion in the first quarter of 2023.

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Clarkejoseph49's avatarClarkejoseph49

The age of Camelot operating Lotteries around the world is coming to an end.


I'm wondering why this is going on. And a company from a different country? I'm thinking some kinda liability. And money . Mabye if it's run by a different country and they get caught riggin it. Maybe its harder for people to sue. Who knows. People just need to stop buying tickets. I played md lottery and stopped as soon as they went  computerized. Weird world we are starting to live in that's for sure. Seems like globalization from every angle to me. But there is a simple solution to this. And it's just don't buy tickets.


Since The British National Lottery’s first draw took place on 19 November 1994, more than £46 billion has been raised for good causes in the areas of arts, sport, film, heritage and community; that's over £30 million raised for good causes each week.

Thanks to National Lottery player support, more than 670,000 projects across the UK have received National Lottery funding.


So I'm donating to charity?

HUN RockMan

At the second last sentence, the Allwyn has a typo.


Either way seems fishy. Same with pick games. They do 3 " test" draws. I'll pass.

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