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Yonkers accountant new lottery millionaire

New York LotteryNew York Lottery: Yonkers accountant new lottery millionaire

This accountant's moving to a new tax bracket.

Brian DiCicco, a single, 44-year-old Yonkers accountant, was named yesterday as one of the seven newest New York Lottery millionaires. DiCicco, a regular scratch-off player, won $3 million, the top prize in the $10 Jubilee game.

DiCicco, who was presented his oversized check by lottery officials at Tavern on the Green in Manhattan yesterday, said he already was pretty happy on Aug. 18, when he bought the winning ticket at Dan's Tobacco on Yonkers Avenue, near his office. He had won $107 in another scratch-off game he bought in Greenburgh earlier in the day, giving him the pocket money he needed to play again.

"It's not tax season, so I was on a tight budget before that," he said.

DiCicco said he plays scratch-off games "maybe every other day." He bought the winning ticket late on a Friday, so he had an excruciating, two-day wait before he could get lottery officials to validate it Monday morning.

"I had a couple of family members look at it," he said. "They said, 'It looks real, but how could it be? It doesn't happen to us.' "

DiCicco yesterday happily accepted congratulations from fellow lottery players buying tickets at Dan's Tobacco who saw him with the big check.

"We've had $30,000, $50,000 (winners), things like that, but never $3 million," said owner Shankar Solanki.

DiCicco, a Yonkers native who now lives in Connecticut, plans to invest the money and use it to support his parents, who now live in New Jersey. He also plans to subsidize his professional bowling career — he's been a member of the Professional Bowling Association for almost 20 years, he said.

"I'm a mediocre pro, but we're going to change that," he said.

He doesn't, however, plan to give up his tax business.

Diallo Bassirou, a 35-year-old food deliverer from Manhattan, and Fabriciano Riascos, a 45-year-old security guard and Colombian immigrant from Queens, won $1 million each playing Jubilee.

Willie Rogers Jr., a 70-year-old retired police officer from Queens, and Janet Elazar, a 32-year-old Queens mother of four, won $1.3 million each for being among six people who shared the winning numbers of an $8 million jackpot.

Dae Sung Kang, a 27-year-old chef from Queens won $10,000 a week for life from a ticket his father gave him as a gift. Donald Robinson, a 73-year-old retired cabdriver from Manhattan, won $1,000 a week for life.

Lottery officials celebrated the 30th anniversary of Tavern on the Green's 1976 reopening by offering all dinner guests free 3 Cheers Instant scratch-off games. New York Instant Lottery Games also are celebrating their 30th year this year.

DiCicco's prize money will be paid in 20 annual installments of $150,000. Less applicable tax withholding, of course.

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2 comments. Last comment 11 years ago by justxploring.
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Posted: September 1, 2006, 9:42 am - IP Logged

A big-time congrats to all the new millionaires!  It must be awesome to be a millionaire overnight.  Those millionaires really are lucky!


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    justxploring's avatar - villiarna
    Wandering Aimlessly
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    November 5, 2005
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    Posted: September 2, 2006, 6:37 pm - IP Logged

    I agree, Todd! 

    "He doesn't, however, plan to give up his tax business."

    What a great profession to be in and win the lottery. He doesn't need to look in the Yellow Pages and hope to find someone he can trust. LOL  I remember having his thought when a Certified Financial Planner won the FL lottery a couple of years ago.