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Tenn. Lottery CEO breaks silence on drawing errors

Topic closed. 15 replies. Last post 9 years ago by DoubleDown.

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Posted: September 4, 2007, 2:56 pm - IP Logged
I'll pop in to say that I'm so happy Ms. Rebecca Paul-Hargrove left the Georgia Lottery before she completely ran it into the ground like she's doing the Tennessee Lottery. 

With Georgia sales declining her only remedy was to tighten up games with higher matrices, more ballsets, terminate 6/46 Lotto Georgia, and launch the asinine computer generated "Change Game" aimed at vacuuming every last cent from a player's pocket.  You could smell the greed wafting all over the Georgia Lottery, players were overcome by the stench and sales were exponentially down .... when she was hired by the Tennessee Lottery.

Also if Tennessee Lottery players EVER expect Ms. Paul-Hargrove to listen to any comments they best not hold their breath, and know they're lucky to get a canned repy.  Paul-Hargrove never listened to Georgia players .... no point listening while in the drivers seat enamored by a "magic formula" which may have worked waaaaaaay back but was failing miserably, yet they're in a power position to force it upon players no matter what.     

I never knew of any original idea or updated method ever instituted by Paul-Hargrove while head of the Georgia Lottery.

Converting Tennessee to computerized-behind-closed-doors-smoke-and-mirrors drawings seems to be rampant greed again, also estimation Tennessee players are too stupid too unsophisticated to know the difference ... and will continue forking over money to increase bonus pay without realizing what's been done to them. 

Where's respect for players who pay your salary and ridiculous bonus and perks?  Seems to be totally absent in the cya replies.  May be her outdated dog and pony show aren't working this time around.  Thank you internet, thank you Lottery Post!

Also wonder if a class action suit may looming over the horizon?

I Agree!  As a frustrated GA player , I agree 100% with Konane.


It's good to see you back- looong time no see !!!!!


Welcome back !