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Tenn. Lottery created discontent with move to computerized drawings

Topic closed. 15 replies. Last post 9 years ago by Todd.

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Posted: September 7, 2007, 11:03 pm - IP Logged

Dear Friend,

Before I forget. There is one more thing. I not SUGESTING  the creation of the North American Lottery Players Association. I am CREATING this entity. I am inviting you and your pals, the guys from the LotteryPost to join me. People like you should suport such initiative, no matter who is behind it. no matter who is the "father of the idea". Do not let the "not invented here syndrome cacth you Todd". I arrive in the USA the next week with the intend to stay for a couple of months working in this project which will benefit peolpe like you and other americans, poor people, the "mass". People that do not even have access to the internet. People that play official lotteries and are allways complaining about the fact tha the lottery industry "make the decision to switch drawing types without the consent of the people ... an industry that makes major decisions without the approval of its investors ." Lary Duck is right. But It can be differnet. Free your mind Todd. Join me to ORGINIZE the North American Lottery Playes Association-NALOPAS.

Best Regards,


You should relax a little.  I was not "discriminating" and you're reading waaaaay too much into my question.

I was asking a reasonable question.  It is reasonable to ask why someone from Brazil is worried about a USA game.

If you say it's just because you're interested, that's fine with me.  You can organize what you wish.  Anything that spreads word about lotteries in order to make them better can only be a good thing.  And the more power given back to the players the better.

Good luck to you.  Please keep us informed of your progress.


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