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Tenn. Lottery: Curse of the computerized drawings?

Tennessee LotteryTennessee Lottery: Tenn. Lottery: Curse of the computerized drawings?

Again, blames a vendor 

Ever since the Tennessee Lottery switched to computerized drawings, they have suffered one mishap after another.

Some Powerball players will get refunds because of a misprint on Lotto 5, Cash 3 and Cash 4 tickets that showed last Wednesday's Powerball jackpot at $29 million instead of $15 million.

James Hawkins of Gallatin reported the misprint after stocking up on Powerball tickets Thursday and Friday, then spotting a billboard that didn't jibe with the jackpot printed on his Lotto 5 tickets.

Hawkins said he wouldn't have bought as many Powerball tickets if he'd known the jackpot was smaller. Lottery officials told him to return his Powerball tickets for a refund, he said.

"I don't think it's a situation where they intentionally overstated it to get more sales," Hawkins said. "But it's just once again sloppiness in management of their numbers."

Last month, a computer glitch prevented duplicate numbers from being drawn in Cash 3 and Cash 4 games, prompting the lottery to offer refunds or extra tickets.

Last week's problem occurred when vendor GTECH neglected to change the Powerball jackpot figure on tickets for other lottery games after someone won the $29 million Powerball that Wednesday, lottery spokeswoman Kym Gerlock said. The mistake was caught Friday and corrected, she said.

Gerlock said the lottery will work on a "case-by-case" basis with players who feel they deserve a refund. Players can call the lottery at 254-4946 or 1-877-786-7529 or visit one of its five offices.


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5 comments. Last comment 11 years ago by Todd.
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Coastal Georgia
United States
Member #2653
October 30, 2003
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Posted: September 13, 2007, 4:06 pm - IP Logged

Yes, the Tennessee lottery is inept  Stooges but this refund thing because of an incorrect jackpot printed on the ticket is reaching......






    MADDOG10's avatar - smoke
    Beautiful Florida
    United States
    Member #5709
    July 18, 2004
    21502 Posts
    Posted: September 13, 2007, 9:37 pm - IP Logged

    " Inept"  is to gracious a word for this lottery. People, just flat out stop playing the lottery until they wkae up and smell the coffee. You have the power people, USE IT.....!


                                                   " You can not control the Wind, but you can direct the Sail "

      United States
      Member #7853
      October 15, 2004
      11350 Posts
      Posted: September 14, 2007, 2:07 am - IP Logged

      i'm done.its obvious that something strange is happening.and we thought indiana was bad!

        KyMystikal's avatar - 1457224010054
        Florence, Alabama
        United States
        Member #8658
        November 13, 2004
        2028 Posts
        Posted: September 14, 2007, 1:08 pm - IP Logged

        I hate to say this because I play lottery but I wish they would get rid of lottery in TN because all I ever hear about is them screwing up the lottery week after week. If they won't go back to the system they had that was so making the Education system so much money then get rid of it. I never ever would think anyones lottery could be worse then the lottery in Indiana but nightmares can happen and have!!!

        I love doubles and remember, it's just a game!!!!!!

          Todd's avatar - Cylon 2.gif
          Chief Bottle Washer
          New Jersey
          United States
          Member #1
          May 31, 2000
          24277 Posts
          Posted: September 17, 2007, 11:33 am - IP Logged

          Please see the latest Tennessee Lottery update!



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