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Pennsylvania Lottery's new Quinto game starts tomorrow

Topic closed. 16 replies. Last post 8 years ago by LckyLary.

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Posted: August 29, 2008, 11:24 pm - IP Logged

I would like to see this in Texas. The Cash 5 game here is not that great considering the jackpot runs between 25k and 35k, rarely over 30k, and the odds are almost 436,000 to 1. And Cash 5 is paramutual. 100,000 to 1 odds for 50k looks pretty attractive by comparison.


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    Posted: August 30, 2008, 9:35 pm - IP Logged

    Don't misunderstand me, I am not against the new game, in fact I played a few of them today. I like there are some new types of box combinations that can't exist on the 3 or 4. I played "60606 BOX" which I call a "Full House". A number with all the same digit (5 of a kind) will only occur 1 in 10000 drawings (5000 days, roughly 14 years I think). I would be astonished if Quinto or any new game in PA makes it that far as they seem to frequently dump and add games. Lucky For Life, Super 6, to name a few. If it makes it well over a decade then you might see one or two "Quints" drawn. On Pick-3 a "triple" will come out about every month and a half. I notice that most of the numbers that already came out were doubles with 3 other different digits. Non-doubles are more rare now with the extra digit.

    I like the game for the Straight and Boxed plays ONLY, at least until it establishes a draw history. If you are using a system based on more than a few past draws, there is not enough data to warrant playing Pairs, Back-4, etc. "all else being equal" when the Pick-3 has pairs, and the Pick-3 can sub for the first-3 or back-3. Both the 3 and 4 have extensive draw histories. When Quinto is out long enough you can test your system on the 3, the 4, or this, and if for some reason your system has more harmony with Quinto Back-3 vs. Pick-3 then that's when to use it. For the average player asking for QP the new plays are a novelty rather than an advantage and maybe even a bit confusing. Even on the nj 3 sometimes when I play a Pair they look at me funny.

    I will probably "almost always" play at least 1 Quinto when visiting PA, and am adding it to my existing programs. But for now only STR and BOX with the extra digit. The payout is the same as per the amount bet, the prize and the odds, so if it's 1.00 on 1 in 10000 you'd win 5000, same as Pick-4 STR for 1.00.