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Courier finds bag of lottery tickets

Topic closed. 17 replies. Last post 8 years ago by charmed7.

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August 2, 2007
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Posted: March 6, 2009, 10:56 am - IP Logged

Hi I am a bit confused about this story, if I am reading it correctly is this the jist of it?

A guy finds a bag full of brand new scatcher tickets, tickets that are un-scratched, The bag isnt marked with any name of someone on it like Mr Joe Smith or any organization like Michigan LOTTERY 2nd street.

Its just some bag that has some un-scratched lottery ticket in it?

Do I have this correct so far?

Then this guy doesnt take the bag home to start scratching the tickets off, he takes them to the police instead?

Is this correct? If this is right,

What ever happened to finders keepers losers weepers?

I recall one time I was coming out of a liquor store and found this winning scratcher ticket on the ground, was I supposed to turn that winning ticket over to the police that some drunk lost walking home?

Why couldnt this guy have cashed one of the nice tickets and said he found it outside some bar? It must have fallen out of some drunks pocket!

Please dont tell me this is another hero story of some rightous soul who did the right thing for some god forsaken reason?

Look I am going to tell you all something straight out, if I see you drop a ticket on the ground and its a winner I'm cashing it and not giving you a damn cent, if you are so irresponcible or drunk you need me to look after your scratcher tickets you dont deserve to have them in the first place! I'm not your babysitter!

I suppose I should start hunting down ever person who lost a dime in a dryer at the laundry mate too? And turn that over to the police too?

What ever happened to finders keepers losers weepers?

I dont owe you nothing pal! Not a dime!

Or was this a bag at a retail store that a clerk misplaced at the end of his shift that had all the tickets from customers who redeemed them?

I'm guessing they weren't even active and wouldn't be able to be cashed.  So it wouldn't do the untruthful person a bit of good, and they might even get into trouble for trying to cash them.  And I don't think there is anything wrong with having a little integrity.  It's not exactly the same as hunting down someone to give them back a dime from the laundry "mate" either.  This is $3,400 worth of tickets.  I'm glad most people in the world have some values.

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    Posted: March 6, 2009, 9:37 pm - IP Logged

    "What ever happened to finders keepers losers weepers?"

    Most people outgrew it, along with cooties, when they got out of 3rd or 4th grade.

    "Look I am going to tell you all something straight out, if I see youdrop a ticket on the ground and its a winner I'm cashing it and notgiving you"

    Well then, it's clear that you're either extremely stupid, and/or happy to admit that you're simply a thief.

    "if you are so irresponcible or drunk you need me to look after your scratcher tickets"

    Yeah, because nobody ever dropped or lost anything unless they were really drunk or irresponsible.

    I'm betting on stupid, but I wouldn't rule out thief.

    It appears I have stirred up some commotion.

    KYFloyd I will address you PERSONALLY since you, addressed me PERSONALLY, I would also like to state for the record that I did not start the commotion. LETS MAKE THAT ONE POINT CLEAR! I simply commented on the story and said what I felt about it! PERIOD!  

    I then generalized what I felt,

    I never PERSONALLY attacked any readers of this post niether did I mention names or include their statement on the story in my post. I simply had my THING to say about IT. If you want to censor what people say in this chat maybe we should start with the first responce and go to the very last and just censor out what we dont agree with.

    With that said let me now address you PERSONALLY. I am a GAMBLER! Understand! GOOD!

    According to most religions GAMBLING IS A SIN AND YES I AM A GAMBLER. I am also a SINNER! I admit is readily and do not hide behind a cloak of appearance as if I am not!

    I take it so are YOU.

    But what I am hearing is that you are not a THIEF, BUT I AM. And if you drop your ticket and I am behind you I am going to steal it from you, GOT IT!

    I will then go cash it in and party with it UNDERSTAND! GOOD!

    So check yourself and keep yourself in line and dont expect anyone else to PARENT YOU in your VICE! I have my own VICES!


    AS far as me being a STUPID THIEF I would care to differ, a stupid thief would pick up your ticket go cash it in, then find you and give you 1/2 the money and tell you he saw you drop your ticket, cashed it in and decided to give you 1/2 the money! THAT would be a STUPID thief!


    Now here is what the lottery commision says for all of us GAMBLERS to DO.

    <b>SIGN THE BACK OF YOUR TICKET</b> The lottery is not RESPONSIBLE for LOST or STOLEN tickets.!!!

    The stupid GAMBLER is one who DOESNT sign his TICKET!!!

    DO YOU?

    We'll do you? Do you do what the LOTTERY COMMISION INSTRUCTS A GAMBLER "YOU" TO DO OR NOT?

    If not I dont think I'm the one whos STUPID here.


    I am not sure but just for conversation sake is their some prize like eternal life at stake here if I dont turn a ticket into the police?


    Unless you want me to start going into why the state took over the whole gambling thing anyhow.

    Mafia,cops,thieves,government,elected officials, ect...

    Who the hell do you think you are dealing with when you are playing your tickets in the LOTTERY anyhow?

    WISE UP!

    It's a NanoLike World!

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      Posted: March 9, 2009, 8:46 am - IP Logged

         How does the old saying go, "Da- if u do Da- if u don't.  People well

      critize you if u do the right thing or u don't.  I think i would have taken

      a few of the tickets if they were already open, and turn the rest in.