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Ontario Lottery recalls 92 tickets

Apr 22, 2009, 5:54 pm

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Ontario Lottery and Gaming CorporationOntario Lottery and Gaming Corporation: Ontario Lottery recalls 92 tickets

Attention Ontario lottery players: check your tickets — but not for a winner. You may be holding a bogus entry that can't win a prize.

It's not a huge amount of tickets but there's another new controversy surrounding the beleaguered Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The OLG has been forced to issue a public notice about a recall of 92 tickets sold over a wide area of the province. The reason? They have the wrong date on them.

The tickets in question center on a series of the organization's most popular lotteries, including 52 from Super 7, Lotto 6/49, Lottario and Payday, and another 40 from Pick 3, Daily Keno and Pick 4.

The first batch was scheduled to be drawn between Wednesday and Saturday. The latter three were picked on Monday and all the entries were purchased between 2pm and 5pm at 41 outlets around Ontario — including the GTA.

The affected areas locally include Toronto, Milton, Oakville, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Hamilton.

What happened? "During routine, scheduled computer server maintenance, an error in the testing process caused the wrong draw date to be printed on 92 of 563,639 tickets sold," a statement explains. "These 92 tickets are null and void."

Anyone trying to claim a prize on the tickets will cause the lottery terminal to freeze, prompting a response from an OLG rep. The tickets in question are listed below, and the Corporation will issue a replacement or a refund.

It's not the first time this kind of controversy has plagued the organization in charge of Ontario's games of chance.

Back in January, a Brampton steelworker ignited huge controversy when he thought he'd won $135,000 on some misprinted Fruit Smash cards. Thomas Noftall eventually received an undisclosed settlement for the error, and declared himself satisfied, indicating he wasn't a winner.

In December 2007, the OLG paid four people more than $1.4 million each after a Mississauga vendor allegedly claimed the jackpot for himself three years earlier. The Corporation aided the OPP in the probe.

And an Ontario Ombudsman's 2006 report about lottery retailers claiming more than their fair share of prizes put the original black eye on the Corporation, which was forced to usher in a new set of rules to protect consumers.

While many still play, others say they no longer trust the integrity of the system and have refused to take part in any of the draws.

And just last month, the OLG came under criticism from Deputy Premier George Smitherman after the group chose to give away 22 Mercedes Benz cars as casino prizes, even as the domestic auto industry struggles to survive in Ontario and North America.

The OLG insists this latest incident is a rare glitch, noting it's done the responsible thing by immediately bringing it to the public's attention.

A spokesperson for OLG told local news media that none of the tickets already drawn were winners.

Recalled/Void Tickets And Where They Were Purchased

The Ticket Control Number is a 22-digit figure located in the middle of the ticket just above the signature line.

CityTicket Control NumberProduct
Richmond Hill11112-5589-7858-0932-64082Lottario
Toronto11112-0659-0467-0696-52182Lotto 6/49
Kitchener11112-0665-6003-0632-01001Lotto 6/49
Mississauga11112-1629-0566-0678-28041Lotto 6/49
New Liskeard11112-1635-5846-0687-52166Lotto 6/49
Belleville11112-1925-0435-0676-19978Lotto 6/49
Niagara Falls11112-2160-9474-0685-45426Lotto 6/49
Milton11112-2337-8947-0694-55577Lotto 6/49
Oakville11112-2344-4483-0630-31094Lotto 6/49
Mississauga11112-2344-5251-0605-65174Lotto 6/49
Sudbury11112-2658-7399-0653-32186Lotto 6/49
Lancaster11112-3071-8983-0668-58172Lotto 6/49
Niagara Falls11112-3307-8790-0652-26513Lotto 6/49
Oshawa11112-3419-5458-0616-26790Lotto 6/49
Mississauga11112-3432-7554-0681-55560Lotto 6/49
North York11112-3832-4994-0633-63219Lotto 6/49
Toronto11112-3839-0274-0642-23105Lotto 6/49
Hamilton11112-4015-9235-0603-48400Lotto 6/49
Toronto11112-4022-4771-0636-10908Lotto 6/49
Oshawa11112-4331-4183-0687-43234Lotto 6/49
North York11112-4573-0054-0689-04997Lotto 6/49
Kenora11112-5274-9827-0675-58754Lotto 6/49
Hamilton11112-5281-4851-0660-59815Lotto 6/49
Mississauga11112-5700-9923-0613-38517Lotto 6/49
Hamilton11112-6008-9351-0601-06003Lotto 6/49
Sudbury11112-6264-4998-0612-03317Lotto 6/49
Mississauga11112-6428-3655-0676-54207Lotto 6/49
North Bay11112-6434-9959-0684-22394Lotto 6/49
London11112-6663-4502-0693-48202Lotto 6/49
Toronto11112-1484-8515-0440-50471Ontario 49
North York11112-5576-4487-0411-23451Ontario 49
New Liskeard11112-0993-3319-0839-53026Super 7
Etobicoke11112-1918-1827-0840-19058Super 7
Sudbury11112-1931-6227-0830-06234Super 7
Mississauga11112-1931-6483-0854-22141Super 7
Etobicoke11112-2166-5538-0800-24368Super 7
Etobicoke11112-2173-1074-0833-38941Super 7
Toronto11112-2665-6263-0804-29014Super 7
Mississauga11112-2901-5046-0886-50326Super 7
Georgetown11112-3090-7143-0848-21051Super 7
Etobicoke11112-3319-9878-0849-56506Super 7
Mississauga11112-3596-4931-0819-52404Super 7
Etobicoke11112-3852-0834-0854-36432Super 7
Lindsay11112-4350-2087-0843-23846Super 7
Mississauga11112-4350-2343-0867-39992Super 7
Hamilton11112-5524-0450-0895-25152Super 7
Penetanguishene11112-5713-1011-0810-14501Super 7
North York11112-6009-0375-0891-05320Super 7
Mississauga11112-6257-9718-0894-02258Super 7
Kenora11112-6441-5239-0887-38413Super 7

Source: Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

OLGC, CityNews, Lottery Post

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4 comments. Last comment 13 years ago by OldSchoolPa.
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HaveABall's avatar - rocket

United States
Member #72446
March 18, 2009
1391 Posts

Certainly not enough time is available for these paid customers to receive this "replacement or a refund" (very few folks read the newspaper or lottery sights such as this fine on in order to "get the message'), the first drawings are today after all!!!  Since the corporation already has the "Ticket Control Numbers," why don't they simply pay their confused computer programmers overtime in order to link these tickets to the date they were intended for?  That way any winners can claim locally and not "cause the lottery terminal to freeze"!!!  That's what computers are for, to save time and instantly update real time, duh!!!  If the corporation won't reprogram their computers with this custom issue, then I think that any winners should sue ... it's the only way these lotteries will start hiring a higher caliber of computer programmers who know how to program BIG PICTURE style ... we need COMPLETE thinkers (bordering engaged obsessive/compulsive) to become computer programmers. Rant

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    Think's avatar - lightbulb
    Marquette, MI
    United States
    Member #20540
    August 20, 2005
    1023 Posts

    Watch that ticket from North Bay win.  It would probably be the only big winner in the history of North Bay...if only the ticket were valid...

      diamondpalace's avatar - Untitled 2.jpg

      United States
      Member #60282
      April 12, 2008
      3857 Posts

      With the amount of money the lottery corps are making, they need to get their system sort out by the best computer genius in the world to prevent such disapointments from the players.

        OldSchoolPa's avatar - Lottery-057.jpg
        Gurnee, Illinois
        United States
        Member #49729
        February 12, 2007
        951 Posts

        Yet another reason why I refuse to play any lottery games in Canada...too confusing, too many dishonest convenience store clerks, and too many problems.

        Get MONEY!!! Winning a JACKPOT lottery is one  MIRACLE I desire for 2019!!!  NOW come to my subconscious mind you 6 winning numbers!US Flag