Some Oregon lottery tickets printed with wrong date

Aug 15, 2019, 8:30 am (7 comments)

Oregon Lottery

By Todd Northrop

Oregon residents who purchased Powerball lottery tickets over the weekend will want to double check the draw dates after a computer glitch caused some tickets to misstate which date the winning numbers will be drawn, lottery officials said Tuesday.

"Advance 24-draw quick-pick Powerball tickets printed between Friday, Aug. 10 and Monday, Aug. 12 listed incorrect dates for the Oct. 26, 29 and Nov. 2 draws," the lottery said in a statement. "While the dates on the tickets are off by one day, the tickets are valid for the actual draws."

Only 30 tickets are thought to have been printed with the errors. The problem was pointed out by a customer Monday and was fixed the same day. Tickets have been printing with the correct dates since then, officials said.

If you are one of the few who purchased a wrongly-dated lottery ticket, the lottery issued instructions:

"Players who purchased Powerball tickets that included the Oct. 26, 29 and Nov. 2 draws have two options: hold on to the ticket and present it for validation if winning numbers are drawn for any of the draws listed; or contact Lottery at 503-540-1000, or, to arrange a new ticket with the same numbers."

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dpoly1's avatardpoly1

Oregon is 100% dysfunctional!

Cuckoo Land!

music*'s avatarmusic*

Quote: Originally posted by dpoly1 on Aug 15, 2019

Oregon is 100% dysfunctional!

Cuckoo Land!

Major jackpot winners live there in Oregon. Looks like a lucky State!

 The attentive player saved the Oregon Lottery some time to fix the problem.

KY Floyd's avatarKY Floyd

So if they draw all of my PB numbers on a Tuesday I won't win the jackpot?


Quote: Originally posted by KY Floyd on Aug 15, 2019

So if they draw all of my PB numbers on a Tuesday I won't win the jackpot?

So this article is only tailored to a few people who bought tickets in Oregon particularly a few individuals who must have purchased tickets for consecutive drawings. It looks like the glitch misprinted one date wrong: Tuesday, October 29, 2019. This should have actually be printed as Wednesday, October 30, 2019. However, the tickets are still valid for the Wednesday game(30th) as well as every game from now till Nov 2, 2019, since they purchased a consecutive play ticket. 

 Now to answer your question no you won't win the jackpot on a Tuesday since Power ball is only drawn on Wed/Sat. (This includes the small sample size of affected players mentioned in this article as well as everyone else who plays)


*If it was me I would just call the number and get a new ticket that way everything is perfect and I don't have to worry about the problem anymore lol*

KY Floyd's avatarKY Floyd

"Power ball is only drawn on Wed/Sat."

Which, of course, means they won't be drawing my numbers or any other numbers on a Tuesday. It's a weird glitch, but if I had one of those tickets I'd have figured right from the get go that a ticket for n drawings is good for the n drawings occurring after the purchase, and that the dates printed on the ticket are strictly a reference to tell me when it's time for a new ticket. I might have called the lottery to tell them, but I wouldn't have considered that my ticket might not be valid for the correct dates.

I suppose there could be other weird mistakes, but this is the only instance I can remember hearing about where I'd figure the lottery has to interpret a printing error in the player's favor.

sully16's avatarsully16

Yikes , what a headache, wonder how many people don't have a clue yet?


l wonder if this has affected our Main Man in Oregon - Weshar75.Hang in there Ol Chap, Keep the faith!

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