Georgia man wins lottery -- again

Jun 11, 2010, 9:36 am (10 comments)

Georgia Lottery

For John Hogan, lightning struck twice.

The 67-year-old from Griffin won the Fantasy 5 jackpot for the second time June 7. After matching all five numbers, Hogan won $61,122.

In February 2000, he won a Fantasy 5 jackpot of $75,270. With the February winnings, Hogan said he bought a new truck, installed a new roof on his home and took a vacation.

With this month's winnings, Hogan said he is not sure how he will spend it.

Hogan purchased the ticket at the S&M Grocery on Fayetteville Road in Griffin.

"Of course I was excited," he told Georgia Lottery media relations. "I told my sister, and she said, 'Whoop-tee-do.'"

Jerry Simmons of Toccoa and Jerry Etheridge of Macon each took home $378,090 from a May 31 Fantasy 5 jackpot split between five winners. The total May 31 jackpot was $1.89 million — the largest in Georgia Lottery Fantasy 5 history.

Simmons, a 72-year-old great-grandfather of four, said he and his wife's horoscopes included details on their finances. He purchased the ticket at the Royal Food Store on Ga. 106 in Toccoa.

Simmons told Georgia Lottery media relations he plans to invest his winnings.

Etheridge, 47, said he had a gut instinct that his five numbers were winners.

He told Georgia Lottery media relations that he plans to donate his vehicle to Goodwill and use his $378,090 to buy a few used vehicles.

Etheridge, who works at a motorcycle dealership, bought his winning ticket at the Interstate BP on Ga. 36 in Jackson.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution


konane's avatarkonane

Huge congratulations to every one of them!  Party


Awesome thing about the lottery is you can win as many times as you purchase a ticket that matches the draw.  Big Grin Angel

ThatScaryChick's avatarThatScaryChick

Congrats to them on their wins!

TheOtherOne's avatarTheOtherOne

QUOTE FROM ARTICLE: "Of course I was excited," he told Georgia Lottery media relations. "I told my sister, and she said, 'Whoop-tee-do.'"

Was she quoting Adam Sandler by saying "whoop-tee-do" ? :)

Congratulations, that is outstanding.

I drove through GA around that time but everytime I tried to buy a ticket the machines were down.

I am also wondering, were the same numbers played and won, or changed up from last time?

Spare Change

The ticket was purchased at the S&M grocery store?  Do the clerks there wear black leather and chains?Wink


hi  really like those ppl


 those number are real for tomorrow 831 813 101 301 991

rdgrnr's avatarrdgrnr

Now I would say John Hogan is a lucky guy.

Wouldn't be surprised if he won again.


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konane's avatarkonane

Quote: Originally posted by master-g on Jun 12, 2010

miami 083 chicago 321 812 831

You might want to post pick 3 stuff in the Pick 3 Forum or predictions page.

Dollar419's avatarDollar419

Does he carry around a lucky rabbit's foot or four-leaf clover????Wink Congratulations!!!

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