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Michigan gets second multi-state lottery winner in a week

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July 2, 2010
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Posted: November 12, 2010, 4:44 am - IP Logged

 i live in Wisconsin, and it's been pretty dry up here, especially in Southeastern Wisconsin. No Big Winners of any kind Power-Ball or Mega-Millions. Before they added all these other States and it was still the orignal multi-state and Wisconsin joined before they changed names, we had some Big Winners but then they started added states and the  our winning streak went down to now hardly nothing. We haven't had a Mega-Millions winner since the cross sales either.

I had asked the Lottery Comm. why does one state seem to win more than another, they responded that it's based on the number of ticket sales in the state and areas in the state.  I can't believe that a place that's so poor, that they can afford to buy that many lottery tickets over some major cities in other areas.

I think the last MM winner here was in 2002, it was 163 miilion, but two people won. One in Illinois, and the other was in New Jeresy. The Shell gas station where the winning ticket was purchased is right up the street from where I live! But my family didn't even play MMs back then. No PB winners yet!