Canadian wins second multi-million lottery jackpot

Mar 2, 2011, 8:56 am (22 comments)

Canada 6/49

A Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, woman is in shock after becoming the lone winner of Lotto 6/49 this weekend — her second lottery win in four years.

Ann Lepine bought her ticket like she usually does when there is a big jackpot — this time purchasing nine tickets.  She checked her numbers a dozen times on Saturday night to confirm she was indeed the winner.

Saturday's drawing awarded Lepine $7.6 million, and she said her most emotional moment was when she shared the news with her mother.

"My mom owns a little restaurant, and after I checked my ticket on the little ticket checker and saw how much I won. The workers said "you won", and I said "well you can check and see how much I won". And then they printed it off, and I got this confirmation slip. But before that, I went running to my mom and told her that I won. She started crying, and then I started crying."

Lepine said she plans to put the money in the bank, and also go on a cruise in the West Caribbean with her daughter.

She said along with saving money, she'll also put some toward projects she does for the community, which includes things such as throwing Christmas parties for children.

In 2007, Lepine and her former husband, Barkley Heron, won an $11 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot, so this is not Lepine's first time claiming a major lottery prize.

At the time it was the largest jackpot to be awarded in the Northwest Territories.

Upon learning he had won the jackpot, Heron briefly slashed the price of gas at his service station, the Rapid Corner Store, to 50 cents a litre.

Lepine has since separated from Heron, but she said she will take with her some lessons from the first lottery win.

"Don't really invest. That's the lesson I learned," she said, adding that her main plan is to "put the money in the bank."

Lepine said she bought her winning ticket at the same place where Heron won his millions — at the Rapid Corner Store in Fort Smith.

The Western Canada Lottery Corp. investigated Heron's win, since he had purchased the winning ticket from his own store, but concluded that he followed all the rules.

Thanks to Evan B. for the tip.

CBC News


sully16's avatarsully16

WOW, 2 Big lottery wins, conratulations MS. Lepine.Cheers

Boney526's avatarBoney526

They are able to play full wheels in Canada of up to 9 numbers right in the store.  That's pretty awesome.

MADDOG10's avatarMADDOG10

Congratulations on your second winfall MS Lepine...!

OldSchoolPa's avatarOldSchoolPa

I would be more than happy with just winning ONCE!  And WHEN I do win, I will invest according to the principles that Warren Buffett follows (Invest in what you can understand; business/companies that make money; projected industry trends pointing to demand for that product/service, etc...not the principles that any non-successful person would do (i.e. invest in what is popular at the time; invest in something that you don't know much about; "invest" in liabilities, etc).


"You can't win if you don't play," Lepine said. "You got to buy a ticket in order to win."


Talk about Luck !!

Odds of winning the JP twice is astronomical

WTG Hurray!

TheOtherOne's avatarTheOtherOne


"I was circling a lot of numbers and ... telling my dog, 'I think we won the lottery.'


Lucky dog!

HaveABall's avatarHaveABall

I'm confused by this information provided by CBC.  The article reads Ann's "former husband" and  later refers to relationship as the opposite, stating "separated [yet still legally married husband?]" -- are they legally married or legally divorced? 

If they are legally still married, it is possible that Ann will be returning the favor of her husband's lottery win from 3 years and 4 months earlier; by splitting half or so with him -- if that is how NT Canada's legal system prescribes. 

Not having to pay any additional taxes on lottery win earnings in Canada is exciting, I wish the good 'ole U.S. of A. did the same!


dphillips's avatardphillips

Gee, I know her dog was glad she won the lottery; not only once, but twice. Now, her dog can dream of a virtual feast: steaks, hot dogs, his or her favorite -- pork or beef ribs, brisket, or fried chicken. The dog will eat better than I. Oh, well, some dogs and people have all the luck. Anyway, I would love to be around that winner -- just to touch the hem of her dress or pants for some good luck. OK, I am certain she should have some money left over from her first win, but to win twice: life is sweet. Who said lightning does not strike twice, and in this case, winning twice?

freeobama's avatarfreeobama

Congrats on the win! 2nd time lightning has struck. I need to win the mega millions friday just one time.Evil


Quote: Originally posted by TheOtherOne on Mar 2, 2011


"I was circling a lot of numbers and ... telling my dog, 'I think we won the lottery.'


Lucky dog!

LOL Lucky Dog, indeed! Its premium imported dog food from now on! Big Smile

Grats to her on a Second Win! Hurray!

dpoly1's avatardpoly1

Nice win .......................

............................. waiting for good lightning to strike my ticket for Friday !!!!!!!!

Sun Smiley I will be headed for the sunshine !

Litebets27's avatarLitebets27

How lucky is that?  And we all are holding out for the first jackpot.......Congratulations to her. I hope the old ex-hubby doesn't come around with his hands out.

joshuacloak's avatarjoshuacloak

like others have quoted her: "You can't win if you don't play," Lepine said. "You got to buy a ticket in order to win."

thats right, and she proved her point......


but dont invest ,  keep it  in the bank? rly woman?

wtf did they invest in the first time is my question.

for her to make that kind of statement, she and  her x Must not been to smart to Begin with on the first major lottery winnings

you invest for  Future Cash Flow,

aka  always  getting new money coming in

, put the old money to work making new money, aka stuff like living off dividends checks form companys that force on paying out profits to their share holders.


getting paid four times a year on a quarterly basis.   , and could sell the stock any time they wanted if they needed cash up front if they suddenly changed their minds and need a lot of back......


somehow i think when they was married and invested their winnings, they got Burned  real bad to make that kind of statement of not investing , keeping it in the bank long term is Not smart move me thinks

thats good for short term, get some breathing room, maybe buy some books form people who know wtf their talking about

aka rich people who Do their own investing and Know first hand how its Done Right

their tons of flat out retarded things to invest in thro , like companys that Don't pay Dividends, and just hope the stock price keeps going up so you can sell it later for profit, rofl at such people

, Now thats 1 retarded  way many people lose their money in the stock market

and also what makes people think the stock market is pure   gambling, for a lot of so called investments, it is none thing but gambling hidden by word "its a investment:"

,  they don't understand Logic of Investing into a proven company with a proven track record, , that makes profits, that then shares must of the net profits to the Owners, aka stock holders

so the bank would seem like best option for not to smart people atfer getting burned the first time atfer investing a lot of money

maybe they invested in long term govt bonds, Rofl who knows what stupid people do with their money

i am glad she won thro , i Hate people who say you never win, And am like, you Never win if you don't play!,  Someone got to win it dumbie!

i hope she keeps playing  if she wants,and  wins a 3rd time, just to piss off  the sore losers who never play the lottery and put people down who do play.

onless they can tell you who will Win the next jackpot, they Don't know WTF their talking about and need to be put in their place as beeping idiots

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