Massachusetts Lottery conducts $10M Raffle draw

Jan 1, 2012, 12:36 pm (12 comments)

Massachusetts Lottery

By Todd Northrop

The Massachusetts Lottery today conducted the state's second massive raffle drawing — it's first in more than four years — awarding a $7 million prize, a $1 million prize, and many more other cash prizes.

However good the prizes may be for lottery players, for the state the drawing is bittersweet, since nearly half of the 1 million tickets went unsold.

Lottery officials will hand out more than $10 million in prize money to 1,067 ticket holders even though the game generated ticket sales of only around $10 million.

The complete drawing results for the $10 Million Raffle can be found on Lottery Post's Massachusetts Lottery Results page.

The game offers one top award of $7 million, one $1 million prize, 20 prizes of $50,000, and 1,000 prizes of $1,000.  Also, leading up to the main drawing today, nine "Wild Wednesday" drawings were held, each awarding five prizes of $1,000.  The Wild Wednesday drawings started Nov. 2, 2011, and the last was held on Dec. 28, 2011.  Any raffle tickets purchased prior to the Wednesday drawing was eligible to win a prize, so tickets purchased early on had the best chances of winning a prize.

Winning raffle ticket holders of the $10 Million Raffle drawn today must claim their prizes by December 31, 2012 at a Lottery regional office.  However, winners of a Wild Wednesday bonus drawing have only 30 days from the drawing date to collect those prizes.

Lottery Post Staff


zinniagirl's avatarzinniagirl

Although I don't participate in these types of drawings, this may have been the one to be in.   Half the tickets not sold cuts down on the odds.

TnTicketlosers's avatarTnTicketlosers

These lottery raffles need to be spilt up more.give a lot more people chances to win.

TnTicketlosers's avatarTnTicketlosers

Come on Tennessee do a 5 Million dollar raffle,,,,,,,,,,,,All $5000 winners.I would jump all over that.

maringoman's avatarmaringoman

I'm proud of myself that I kept away even though I was very tempted to and had money.

Better odds or not, $20 a pop is not something I intend to do, thats a lot of Corona Extras!  Wink

rdgrnr's avatarrdgrnr

Quote: Originally posted by TnTicketlosers on Jan 1, 2012

These lottery raffles need to be spilt up more.give a lot more people chances to win.

I agree.

Eight $1 Million Dollar winners would have been better than one $7 Million and one $1 Million in my opinion.


I bought a a total of 6 tickets(1 for my mom and another for a friend). I didnt check them yet, I am about to now. Hopefully I will be the 7 million winner or the 1 million winner (or both).

I also purchased 1 Rhode Island Lottery raffle ticket which I didnt win on.


Well this was very disapointing. I was very excited and I didn't win any prize at all.


Quote: Originally posted by rdgrnr on Jan 1, 2012

I agree.

Eight $1 Million Dollar winners would have been better than one $7 Million and one $1 Million in my opinion.

And that's probably why they only sold half the tickets. I guess it could have been worse; they could have lowered the prize fund or extended the drawing date. If the state lotteries don't start listening to the players, we're going to be reading more stories about lotteries not making their educational goals or wherever the profits go.


I had two tix and did not win. But I absolutely loved the odds and as a player was happy they only sold half of the tix. 1 in 504 to win a grand or more is very favorable. (not that it helped me)

Agree that more lower level prizes would have appeal.

Think's avatarThink

Gee I would have bought a ticket online if I could have.  I don't understand why they didn't sell them out.  Those top prizes are higher and the odds better than Michigan $20 scratchers (top prize money odds)


After not selling half of their tickets, and factoring in commissions paid to lottery retailers (break-even or loss??), wonder if Mass Lottery will continue this raffle into 2013?

Hope they do, those were the best odd's I've ever seen;   Banana although I bought two tickets and won nothing.

LottoGuyBC's avatarLottoGuyBC

prolly comes back restructured to the benefits of Mass Lottery

Thinking of...

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