Illinois lottery winners' checks bounced

Jan 6, 2012, 5:21 pm (21 comments)

Illinois Lottery

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CHICAGO, Ill. — Eighty-five Illinois Lottery winners last week probably thought they were lucky — until they tried to cash in their winnings, that is.

Their checks, totaling $159,000 in lottery winnings, were no good.

Two days after Christmas, Maureen Furio of Lake Zurich bought an instant scratch-off ticket and won $1000. The next day, she got a check from the lottery.

"I deposited it the same day and went ahead and paid some extra Christmas bills," Furio says. "And Jan. 3, it bounced."

"Not bounced ... returned," says Mike Lang, spokesman for the Illinois Lottery. He says lottery officials failed to key in the required security verification on the checks issued on Dec. 28.

"We apologize for the inconvenience that these players have incurred," Lang says.

Lang says Furio and the 84 other winners who tried to get their winnings but couldn't can re-submit the checks. He says the state lottery will reimburse them for any bank fees.

AUDIO: Listen to the radio report



weshar75's avatarweshar75

That has to suck bounced checks what a bummer!-weshar75

dk1421's avatardk1421

Wow - not cool! But - at least they are willing to pay for any bounced fees. That's a decent thing to do!

tiggs95's avatartiggs95

Hint....If you live in Ill get your winnings in cash no matter how much it is...


Didn't the Illinois state government just sell the Illinois Lottery to a private corporation?

LottoGuyBC's avatarLottoGuyBC

kinda scary Thud

I'll take cash money White Bounce

dpoly1's avatardpoly1

I know something from IL that I would like to return! :$

Cletu$2's avatarCletu$2

I've always had trouble cashing instant lottery tickets (over $100) in Illinois.I used to play Mega Millions in Illinois.I'm glad that I never had the problem that these folks had.Oh,that's right,you have to win before it's a problem.~;)

psykomo's avatarpsykomo

Quote: Originally posted by LottoGuyBC on Jan 6, 2012

kinda scary Thud

I'll take cash money White Bounce

KINDA SCARY>>>U got that "RIGHT "Banana


OldSchoolPa's avatarOldSchoolPa

Quote: Originally posted by LottoGuyBC on Jan 6, 2012

kinda scary Thud

I'll take cash money White Bounce

Not really.  The problem wasn't that the Illinois Lottery didn't have the funds to pay the prizes (now that would be scary). It was simply an administrative or procedural requirement that hadn't been performed that was necessary for these checks to be honored by the receiving financial institution.  Jackpot winners don't have this to worry about since the proceeds are wired to specified bank accounts.  Non story really as I am sure the Illinois Lottery had proactively contacted all affected after this was first discovered.

And no, I don't work for the lottery...hell I want to win a jackpot one day though I know working as the head of any lottery is the equivalent of winning the lottery!

surimaribo24's avatarsurimaribo24

looks like the lottery administrative had some jackdaniels going while processing the checks for the winnersBig Grin

time*treat's avatartime*treat

... in case there was any doubt remaining about cash vs annuity ...

Guru101's avatarGuru101

This is why I don't spend the money as soon as I deposit it. I always wait until the check clears.

Iesha Kelly

Quote: Originally posted by Guru101 on Jan 7, 2012

This is why I don't spend the money as soon as I deposit it. I always wait until the check clears.

Amen.  And even then, you have to be careful.   The check can clear, and then be pulled back a month later, two months, three, after an investigation.  As for the state paying for bounced check fees, are they are also going to make sure that the chex systems reports of all affected parties are wiped clean?  You never know.   I'm not sure how that works, but I wouldn't want someone to get on a company's 'List' because the state bounced a check, and it caused a cascading effect.

Also, I can't believe the cheek of that man trying to play word games: returned not bounced.  Please!

sully16's avatarsully16

Yikes, think they need to train their employees better.

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