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Lottery winnings will enable family reunion

Illinois LotteryIllinois Lottery: Lottery winnings will enable family reunion

MAHOMET, Ill. — An Illinois couple plans to use their lottery winnings to visit their son, a U.S. Navy pilot, in Hawaii — and then get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to sail with him on an aircraft carrier as he returns from deployment in the Middle East.

Michael and Marilyn Feigl will use part of their $33,075 winnings to fly to Pearl Harbor this spring. There, they'll reunite with son Matthew Peden, and Michael will get the opportunity to sail onboard the USS John C. Stennis with Peden as the carrier returns to San Diego.

The trip will be made possible through the Navy's Tiger Cruise program, which allows family of Navy personnel to sail as guests during routine journeys. After a few days enjoying Hawaii, Marilyn Feigl will fly to San Diego to meet her husband and son as they arrive on the mainland.

In late February, 63-year-old Mike Feigl bought tickets for a week's worth of drawings in the Illinois Lottery. He didn't discover that one of those tickets was a winner until seven days after the drawing, when he checked his numbers on a digital scanner at the local Meijer store.

He said that a winning ticket — one redeemable for $5 or $10 — will usually trigger a readout that says "Congratulations," followed by the dollar amount.

"This one said, 'Winner, file a claim,'" Feigl said.

He took the ticket to a service desk, where he learned that he'd won $33,075.

"They were more excited than I was," Feigl said of the desk staff.

Prior to this win, the biggest amount he'd won playing the lottery was $100.

That week the couple drove to Springfield to file their claim. There, Feigl said, they were told that they were the first winners in the state to benefit from Illinois Lottery's new "Extra Shot" promotion.

Feigl's ticket matched only five of the six Lotto numbers, but since he chose to invest in the optional "Extra Shot" number, his initial five-number prize of $1,323 was multiplied by 25.

After taxes, the couple will receive $23,152.50.

The couple said that using the money to visit Peden was a natural choice, marking the end of his first overseas deployment.

The 2004 Mahomet-Seymour graduate and 2008 graduate of the University of Illinois' Institute of Aviation has served seven months in the Persian Gulf aboard the Stennis. He's stationed at the naval air station in Lemoore, Calif.

The couple don't have much information about the trip right now, beyond the need to pack light and the fact that they'll be leaving sometime in mid- to late April. For security reasons, the Navy keeps details quiet.

Mike Feigl, who is Peden's stepfather, served aboard a Navy submarine in the late 1960s and early '70s. He said that he's looking forward to seeing day-to-day operations on an aircraft carrier, and added that Peden's father and brother may also go along on the trip.

When he returns to San Diego, Peden will be greeted not only by his mother, but also by his wife, Anna, and their children Joshua, 2, and Sophia, 8 months.

In addition to the Tiger Cruise trip, the Feigls, who've been married 26 years, plan to pay off some remaining bills from the June 2012 wedding of their daughter, Melissa Hunsinger, who lives in Champaign.

Mike Feigl, a retired University of Illinois electrician, said that he has been playing the lottery sporadically ever since its founding in 1974. Marilyn is also retired from the UI, and formerly worked as a substitute teacher in Mahomet-Seymour schools.

While Marilyn said she's never been much of a lottery player, Mike said he plans to keep trying his luck.

"My financial adviser told me a long time ago to put a small amount of money in a high-risk investment," he joked. "The lottery is as high-risk as it gets."

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September 7, 2011
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Posted: March 9, 2013, 3:39 pm - IP Logged

My favorite investments are the "high risk" ones.

    helpmewin's avatar - dandy
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    February 22, 2011
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    Posted: March 9, 2013, 4:21 pm - IP Logged

    Very NICE Story Congrats to you BOTH have a wonderful & safe trip.See Ya!

    Let it Snow Snowman

      hearsetrax's avatar - 0118

      United States
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      May 21, 2007
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      Posted: March 9, 2013, 4:49 pm - IP Logged

      I love reading stories like this Yes Nod

        tnhope's avatar - Lottery-001.jpg
        United States
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        February 19, 2006
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        Posted: March 9, 2013, 6:31 pm - IP Logged

        ooouuu sweeetPatriot Thumbs Up

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        The Times Table


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        -John Wooden

          United States
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          September 4, 2012
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          Posted: March 9, 2013, 7:39 pm - IP Logged

          This is such a wonderful story. I think every parents would love to be with their kids especially if you haven't seen your kids for quite some time. It's a dream come true for them. Congratulations!!

            dallascowboyfan's avatar - tiana the-princess-and-the-frog.jpg
            United States
            Member #82391
            November 12, 2009
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            Posted: March 9, 2013, 8:38 pm - IP Logged

            Great story, Congratulation to the lovely couple.

            I Love Pink & Green 1908

              sully16's avatar - sharan
              United States
              Member #81740
              October 28, 2009
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              Posted: March 9, 2013, 8:45 pm - IP Logged

              Great story, Congrats to the lucky family, I hope their trip and reunion brings them much joy.

              Did you exchange a walk on part in the war ?

              For a lead role in a cage?


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                United States
                Member #121961
                January 21, 2012
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                Posted: March 9, 2013, 8:55 pm - IP Logged

                Thats really cool. Did'nt know the Navy had that program. Hope they get a "red sky at night".

                  noise-gate's avatar - images q=tbn:ANd9GcR91HDs4UJhjxO7cmeMQWZ5lB_FOcMLOGicau4V74R45tDgPWrr
                  Bay Area - California
                  United States
                  Member #136477
                  December 12, 2012
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                  Posted: March 9, 2013, 11:45 pm - IP Logged

                  Nothing like family. You only live Once-  Have a Great ride.

                    GiveFive's avatar - Lottery-026.jpg
                    NY State
                    United States
                    Member #92609
                    June 10, 2010
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                    Posted: March 10, 2013, 6:14 am - IP Logged

                    Thats really cool. Did'nt know the Navy had that program. Hope they get a "red sky at night".

                    The U.S. Coast Guard has a similar program.  The Coast Guard calls it a "Tiger Cruise" too, and I was offered one by my son who was serving aboard a 378 foot "High Endurance Cutter," which is the largest size ship in The USCG's fleet. 

                    At the time, due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to decline the offer. I could have boarded in Puerta Vilarta Mexico, and ridden to San Diego.  According to my son, it was "Fair winds and following seas" (the ocean was as flat as it can be) all the way to San Diego. 

                    Maybe next time.

                    About playing the lottery --  You will lose more than you win. Until you hit a jackpot.  Then everything changes!

                      HaveABall's avatar - rocket

                      United States
                      Member #72448
                      March 18, 2009
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                      Posted: March 13, 2013, 10:06 pm - IP Logged

                      Congratulations on your Illinois Lottery win!  Hope Hawaii will be an enjoyable vacation for you happy spouses!


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