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5 Powerball, Mega Millions jackpots still unclaimed

Jul 7, 2013, 8:03 am

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Mega Millions / PowerballMega Millions / Powerball: 5 Powerball, Mega Millions jackpots still unclaimedRating:

Somewhere out there are five tickets that recently won five major jackpots, including one in Philadelphia and another in South Jersey.

It's not surprising that Philadelphia's waiting to find out the identity of the lucky soul who scored a $131.5 million Powerball jackpot. The winning ticket was purchased just 10 days ago at Federal Beer in Point Breeze. The winning numbers:  13, 19, 23, 33 and 57, with Powerball number 28.

After all, lottery winners are often advised to first sign the ticket and then get professional legal and financial advice before staking a claim.

But more than a month has passed with all the other wins, including the $30 million Mega Millions jackpot hit May 31 at the Vineland Truck Stop in Buena, Atlantic County, N.J.  The winning numbers:  2, 20, 26, 44, and 46, with Mega Ball number 26.

No word yet about who won, truck stop owner Tony Singh said this morning. No claim yet, emailed New Jersey Lottery spokeswoman Judith Drucker.

Other uncollected jackpots:

The May 25 Powerball jackpot, worth a $50 million annuity, was hit by three tickets, but only the one sold at a Rehoboth Beach, Del., supermarket was cashed in — for about $10.4 million. The winner remained anonymous.

The others were sold in Louisiana and Virginia. The winning numbers:  2, 6, 19, 21 and 27, with Powerball number 25.

A much bigger Mega Millions jackpot, worth $198 million on May 17, had two winners, but only Joe Garofalo of Tinton Falls, N.J., claimed his half.

The other winning ticket was sold in Farmville, Va. The winning numbers were:  11, 15, 35, 43 and 49, with Mega Ball number 41.

The time winners take varies greatly.

One night after an April 2012 Powerball drawing, word was out that four dozen SEPTA workers hit a jackpot with an annuity value of $172.7 million. They split the cash: $107.5 million.

But Pam Nicolo, a teacher from Wyndmoor, took more than three months to claim $46.6 million from a February 2009 Powerball drawing.

It took Joseph T. Jones Jr. two days short of a year — and the expiration date — to realize he'd won $20.8 million in Pennsylvania's Wild Card Lotto in 1992.  (See Man overcomes gambling addiction, wins lottery, Lottery Post, July 6, 2013.)

An even longer delay is unfolding in Illinois, because of lawsuits over a ticket that hit a May 4, 2012, Mega Million jackpot worth $118 million. The dispute is over how many people had a stake in an office pool. Some regulars said they should have been included, especially since some previous winnings were allegedly rolled over to purchase the set of tickets that produced the winner.

It's rare for a major jackpot to go unclaimed, but it has happened.

A $77 million Powerball jackpot, hit at a Georgia truck stop in June 2011, was never awarded.

And New York City, amazingly, missed out on three Mega Millions jackpots: $31 million in August 2006, $46 million in April 2003, and $68 million in December 2002. In that last case, a man said he lost the ticket and sued for the winnings, but he also lost in court.

Thanks to tnlotto1 for the tip.

The Inquirer

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25 comments. Last comment 9 years ago by jamella724.
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dpoly1's avatar - driver
United States
Member #66139
October 16, 2008
1998 Posts

I need the money. I would have claimed the prize by now!

dpoly1 - Playing the lottery to save the jobs of those that build, transport, sell & maintain luxury items! -


Eschew Poverty ........... Vote Conservative!

    dallascowboyfan's avatar - chi
    United States
    Member #82389
    November 12, 2009
    6371 Posts

    I hope the winners secured their tickets.

    I Love Pink & Green 1908

      ShowMeTheMoney$'s avatar - Lottery-050.jpg

      United States
      Member #140519
      March 21, 2013
      119 Posts

      I hope the winners don't lose their opportunities to be wealthy.  Go cash in your tickets!!! Banana

        United States
        Member #116263
        September 7, 2011
        20244 Posts

        Thanks for posting the story LP. Yet another reason why LP could be worth MILLIONS to some lottery player who logs on and realizes that the time and location matches their ticket purchase and claims a HUGE prize.

          maringoman's avatar - images q=tbn:ANd9GcTbRxpKQmOfcCoUqF2FyqIOAwDo7rg9G-lfJLAALPGWJWwiz19eRw
          United States
          Member #37432
          April 14, 2006
          2747 Posts

          I just hope the money does not revert back to the states because the ticket was never brought in. That makes me so upset. It would never happen to me. I think.

          That money's gone fo ever

            Astekblue's avatar - Tarlor
            United States
            Member #35085
            March 12, 2006
            10374 Posts

            Wow     Great    Article      Todd       Thumbs Up



            There was an  850,000.00  winner in Ky. years  ago that was never  claimed


            About  1  hour and  ten mintues from home ( it was some type of   cap   on  the   PB  years  ago  )  and extra bonus as more went to the 5 of 5 winners back then whenever that happened.........if  I  remember  correct


            It  was  a  5  of  5  winner


            I  was  by there now and then  , so  about a year after it happened  , I stopped in there and bought a few tickets


            I asked the guy that owns the place  if  that was the place where the  800,000.00    PB  ticket was sold  that was never claimed


            He said yes , but that it was  850,000.00  ( as the newspaper article back then had  it wrong on the amount  )


            Never   claimed


            As the time period had done passed to claim it , I told the  owner  it was probably best now  that  they  never knew  , and he said I reckon  so


            Amazing  that  some  people  would   be  lucky   enough  to  win  ,  and  for  various reasons  never  claim it


            Always makes me wonder what ever happened  to  them


            The  tickets  I  bought  there  that   day............yep............... never  hit   squat    Smile

              * In hot pursuit of $ *
              White Shores- California
              United States
              Member #136471
              December 12, 2012
              6800 Posts

              I would give myself a month or two before l claimed my prize.That is sufficient time to get all my ducks in a row with financial advice & setting up my future on solid ground going forward. One just ends up looking like a fool if they miss tthe deadline and attempt to do battle in court.
              The question that can be asked is " why did you wait this long to come forward? "

                United States
                Member #32651
                February 14, 2006
                9574 Posts

                Thanks for posting the story LP. Yet another reason why LP could be worth MILLIONS to some lottery player who logs on and realizes that the time and location matches their ticket purchase and claims a HUGE prize.

                I Agree! if for no other reason than learning things the average player doesn't know. Just reading a story like this one might jog the memory of someone who bought tickets for the drawings that forgot to check them.

                  haymaker's avatar - Lottery-012.jpg
                  Egg Harbor twp.south Jersey shore
                  United States
                  Member #112963
                  June 29, 2011
                  4156 Posts

                  I'm especially curios about the one that was sold at Vineland truck stop, about 25 miles from me.

                  Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds    -- Charles Mackay  LL.D.

                    lottoguysocal's avatar - atlantis dubai_1118783i.jpg
                    camarillo, ca
                    United States
                    Member #132470
                    September 4, 2012
                    144 Posts

                    hopefully they are just cases of people waiting for the right time to collect

                      Hollywood, fl
                      United States
                      Member #140090
                      March 10, 2013
                      377 Posts

                      suprised that the one sold in Fl right after the big PB jackpot has not been claimed yet

                        savagegoose's avatar - ProfilePho
                        adelaide sa
                        Member #37135
                        April 11, 2006
                        3341 Posts


                        " Still swinging, still missing "
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                          Artist77's avatar - batman14

                          United States
                          Member #121739
                          January 16, 2012
                          7894 Posts

                          I think sometimes people check their tickets too quickly and may accidentally throw them out. I have had a couple of winning numbers a few times (hot lotto# and one or two other #s) and because I am doing two things at once, I missed them the first time (only saw one number). This is why I save my tickets and check them again later on.

                          His time is up.



                          Job killing


                            Artist77's avatar - batman14

                            United States
                            Member #121739
                            January 16, 2012
                            7894 Posts

                            I also checked out the winners office supply store.  There is some interesting retro style furniture there.

                            His time is up.



                            Job killing