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Jury rules that estranged brothers must split $1M lottery prize

Topic closed. 21 replies. Last post 8 years ago by One-Day.

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October 16, 2008
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Always play alone!

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    June 10, 2005
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    Oral agreements are by far difficult to win in courts. Its a he said she said scenario. yet leave it to the misguided folks of Cumberland county where the IQ might reach 80 on a sunny day. 

    I am not for or against the persons, I am against a legal system that is setup contingent on:

    where you live, will be contingent on how the verdict comes back. 

    the lawyers in these cases typically get a percentage of the verdict amount which is taken Before the money is dispersed to the winning party. 

    I just keep thinking of some stranger taking me to court and saying...I had an oral agreement with them so you have to believe me! And Bam! Your money is gone. Its scarry.

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      October 16, 2005
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      "lord only knows what the attorney's fees were."

      Unless the brother filing the lawsuit is a real moron the fees should be pretty reasonable. It's probably a few hours going over the story, maybe a bit of time while waiting for the trial, and trying to negotiate a settlement, and a few hours for a short trial. Call it 20 hours at a very generous $350 and it would have cost the winning brother 7 grand to get his 350 grand after taxes. Would have been nice if he got it for free, but he's way ahead of the game.

      It's a bit worse for the losing brother. Figure he paid as much as 7 grand to not keep the 350 grand his brother gets. Considering he didn't dispute playing together before buying the winning ticket, and admitting that he wasn't going to buy another ticket but did so after getting $20 from his brother, I'd think he would have been told he was going to lose. Listening to good legal advice probably would have saved him most of what he spent on legal fees.

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        April 2, 2013
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        I Agree!

        What Meehan was attempting to do is " screw his half brother over!" He was an idiot to think that the court would side with him. His attorney probably knew that going in as well but figured that he had a fool for a client, why give him a " heads up" that his going to lose. Attempt to put up a fight for your client knowing you going to make out like a bandit when the smoke clears.Wink

        Attorneys don't carry briefcases for nothing- its meant to carry off the client's money.Big Smile

        Yep, I hope the judge made that knucklehead pay his brother's legal fees also, for being so stupid.

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          May 30, 2013
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          This is so pathetic. Two brothers who hate each over because of a lottery ticket. Blood is suppose to be thicker then water, but I guess in some cases it's not thicker then greed or green.

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            September 3, 2004
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            To avoid confusion,buy ur own ticket,keep it simple.

            YEP.....I agree Whole heartly...then you can share if you want too

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              August 20, 2013
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              Fair outcome. When it comes to money, I don't even trust my shadow.  Family is usually the first to screw you up.  Money is usually thicker than blood for some people.

              People are more complicated than the masks they wear in society...