Alabama lottery proposal dead for now

Aug 26, 2015, 11:00 am (5 comments)


Alabama Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, R-Anniston, recently announced he will not push his bill to allow a statewide vote on a lottery and casinos during the second special session.

Sen. Paul Sanford, R- Huntsville, said he will introduce his own lottery proposal for the first time, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Marsh's legislation introduced during the regular session and first special session was a proposed constitutional amendment to allow gambling operations at the state's four greyhound tracks.

Gov. Robert Bentley — a major opponent of Marsh's gambling plan — has called the gambling issue a distraction to lawmakers who are busying trying to shore up a solution to the General Fund budget.

A report from Auburn University-Montgomery, which was commissioned by Marsh's office, said the plan would raise $400 million a year — $330 million of that from a lottery — in addition to creating 11,000 jobs at casinos around the state.

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dallascowboyfan's avatardallascowboyfan

Well darn hopefully Sen. Sanford will do the right thing and get his proposal push through for voting.

mypiemaster's avatarmypiemaster

I knew that Bentley is no good. He is just a Pinto in disguise. He rear ended the lottery and blew it up in flames. No surprise there. Thumbs Down

bigguy5's avatarbigguy5

 what  the problem  they  gamble   there  anyway    dogs  E.T.C,

myturn's avatarmyturn

People will continue to play neighboring state lotteries, and the revenue raised will benefit the neighboring states.

Coin Toss's avatarCoin Toss

Quote: Originally posted by bigguy5 on Aug 27, 2015

 what  the problem  they  gamble   there  anyway    dogs  E.T.C,

The people running those things don't want competition from legal gambling.

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