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Florida woman admits role in lottery fraud

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January 7, 2015
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In reply to LiveInGreenBay's comment:

After all what valuable lessons would they have to teach their kids, if they were just let go?
Very little, if any quality home-training.

  • Don't chase the numbers you play.
  • Play only numbers you've already played, plus however many random picks.
  • But, ALWAYS the regular numbers you play.  This will make you a winner, not a chaser.
             (so far, though, I've yet to win any significant lotto prize)
  • Oh, but always know where your tickets are, as well as your ticket's deadline.
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    Biology 101: Where does a baby grow?

    The baby does not grow in the stomach. It grows in the womb - which is another word for uterus. The pre-pregnancy uterus is fairly small, about the size of a woman's tightly clenched fist. It sits right above the vagina. The cervix - which can be felt at the top of the vagina connects the uterus and the vagina.

    Before pregnancy the uterus is situated safely behind your pubic bone, unless a girl or woman is extremely thin, it can't really be felt by pressing on your tummy. Once an embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus, the uterus starts to move up - just a little bit to make room for the uterus to grow with the baby.

    At 12 weeks gestation the very top of the womb (called the fundus) can be felt at the same height as the pubic bone - for the next 28 to 30 weeks it will grow at the rate of 1cm/week - so by 20 weeks the womb will measure 20cm and will be about even with the mother's belly button. Tracking this growth is one way the doctor knows all is progressing normally. At 40 weeks the womb will measure 40cm - by this time most women are pretty sure there is no more room in the womb - thankfully the journey is about over.

    When you hear someone talk about about the baby growing in their stomach feel free to remind them the baby is no where near their stomach, as it safely grows in the womb.

    Thanks, TheMeatman2005, apparently Abdi also didn't know that a woman's (and man's) stomach is strictly for food digestion; nothing to do with birthing no babies. 

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    Having several millions of dollars in my financial accounts means receiving several valuable services each day!


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      Elizabeth Gonzalez , isn't just afraid of her husband. She is all ready 
      terrorized by him. She know what he has capability to do or have done to her,
      their child, her family & close friends. She is try to keep any both she care for
      out of harm way. Her husband is not above killing to get his way.
      Elizabeth , will lose her nurse's license as soon as she step feet in jail. I think
      both Elizabeth & her husband came from abusive households. She did the crime
      now she get to do time. She now need to think about another type of job to 
      do as a single parent.
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        Guess where Top Banga got the money from. Probably not gigs.


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          October 15, 2015
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          Where did she get the 100k to post bail?  Gee I wonder.

          Never give up.  Banana

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            April 3, 2013
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            I get emails from scam artists every day telling me that someone I don't know in Africa died & left me 10 or 20 million dollars and then then want all your personal information. I got an email yesterday saying that the 84 year old Florida woman that won 550 million dollars after some guy let her get in front of him wants to give me 2 million dollars! Yeah, right!

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              January 16, 2016
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              I have no sympathy for scum who scam and prey on elderly people.

              I get scamming phone calls all the time.

              I also receive SCAMMING CALLS CONTINUOUSLY, I've been dealing with Fraud in my computer, Bank Account, Credit Card and anything else you can think of, Home & Auto Loans I have know Idea who did them or where their from, I'm on Disability am in a Wheelchair, can't afford a way to get a vehicle so I can Take My Chair with me or go any where, I don't even Live in a place big enough for me & my chair to get around in. YES I WORKED VERY HARD SINCE I WAS 14 YRS OLD TO HAVE A NICE HOME TO RAISE MY CHILDREN IN BY MYSELF, The Home we had before, the pool was bigger then where I live now! Yet SCAMMERS ARE STILL TRYING TOO TAKE WHAT LITTLE I DON'T HAVE!!! 


                ozone park
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                Not enough time and she should be forced to pay ALL the money back