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New Zealand man wins $1M lottery after someone cut him in line

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Posted: October 1, 2016, 6:41 pm - IP Logged

Lotto New Zealand spokesperson Kirsten Robsinson said the winner's place in the queue would not have made a difference as tickets sales and the live draw were undertaken on a random basis.

That's wrong on two levels.  First, the live draw and the ticket sale are separate actions.  Neither has an effect on the other.  Second, if a different person in the queue had purchased a ticket at the exact same instant, he would have pulled the same numbers and won.

An action, such as generation of a set of random numbers for a quick pick, happens at a fixed point in time regardless of who is buying the ticket.  Substituting the person does not change the outcome.  If you're standing in the middle of the road when a truck come barrelling through, you get squashed.  If your neighbor was standing there instead of you, he'd get squashed.  The truck wouldn't mysteriously disappear just because it was your neighbor instead of you.