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N.J. man claims $24.1M lottery jackpot just 2 days before expiration

Topic closed. 22 replies. Last post 3 years ago by Gleno.

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February 4, 2013
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    May 5, 2016
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    Yep, haymaker, in most states if winning lottery ticket holder doesn't claim within 2 months of the drawing they can't receive the preferred "lump sum" payment method.

    So, folks, check your lottery tickets at least weekly. Bang Head

    Correct BUT NY gives you until 2 months after you CLAIM it so he could have taken the lump sum when he claimed it or within 2 months after.

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      "Though Smith stepped forward on May 23, New York lottery officials waited until Wednesday to announce him as the winner. Officials said in the spring that the prize had been claimed and that the winner would revealed "in the near future pending completion of the Lottery's security background review."


      Almost 5 months of a security background review???  WTF.......

      I doubt that the length of that background check would fly out here. I think it is a bit excessive.

      Love this line of Jimmie's "Had to stick my head out the window to breathe in some fresh air" .. 

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        Mr. Smith is a fortunate man indeed. The fact that he still had the ticket after all that time and the fact that he saw the newscast about the unknown winner with only 2 days left to claim. The fact that he has been playing since the 60s, and he seems like someone with so much patience and he is level headed about it.  I hope and pray he and his family enjoy the rest of their lives and spend their winnings wisely.  When they say some things are meant to be, Mr Smith is a perfect example. Congratulations and  I will keep hope alive.

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          January 16, 2012
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          Jimmy, first and foremost, Congrats. Your story is truly a minor miracle.

          You have taught me what NOT to do in storing and checking lottery tickets. You have also convinced me that the old statement of "With age comes wisdom" does not apply to all cases. While choices do have consequences, collecting the majority of the annuity payout will transpire when you are well into your late 80 and early 90s(if still alive)gives me thoughts that I don't want to speak with your legal team(if there was one)  With that being said, Thank-you very much for the education.

           Maybe Jimmy is a spendthrift and an annuity was the safest way to control his spending.

          Je vous salue, Marie, pleine de grace.  We will rebuild!

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             Maybe Jimmy is a spendthrift and an annuity was the safest way to control his spending.

            I will never get ANNUITY. I don't want a gov employee helpin me "manage" my own winning funs,nnnnnope! LOL

            That's ok. I will get it one lump sum,even if i NEVER play much, as my dad a former vet, play some times,but he say,

            "CASSIE it's rigged,why only 1 person would win over 50 million to 1 billion,it's rigged." LOL Dad exact wording all the time lol




            This man clearly need it.and i am a very happy woman knowing he won big time,and God is good,he allowed this nice senior citizen

            to find it just in the nick of time,there in NJ. May God keep on blessing you, this is wonderful. GREAT to see 1 man or woman who can

            really use it. I love this story.


            Congratulations sir. Utilize it, prudently with your family, the family who clearly love and care for you,your entire life,i am very 

            happy for ya.PartySeen this on my local NC news a day or two ago.So happy for him."

            Winning so far this year:



            So,Let's Go NC !!!Banana Time 2 break the bank, baby!!!

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              He is getting annuity.  Well first of all nobody knows about him behind the scenes.   We don't know and maybe that is a good thing. 


              Some of you members are shocked not because he did get this in the last minute but to judge him on what he decided to do with the winnings.

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                September 25, 2009
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                Wow was that close. Two days before expiring. Just another reason to check those tickets regularly.