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Merry Christmas

Dec 25, 2018, 12:00 am

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Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas: Merry ChristmasRating:

May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with peace, love, and joy.

— Lottery Post Staff


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Lottery Post Staff

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43 comments. Last comment 2 years ago by weshar75.
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CDanaT's avatar - Nolz june15.jpg
Central TN
United States
Member #121189
January 4, 2012
4999 Posts

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the entire LP family. 



Integrity: There is just no substitute.

    mysteque's avatar - yesnurse
    United States
    Member #141848
    April 25, 2013
    9322 Posts

    May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with peace, love, and joy.

    — Lottery Post Staff


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    Merry Christmas!!

    “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t-you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford


      plumsage's avatar - rinard
      north carolina
      United States
      Member #132455
      September 4, 2012
      319 Posts

      Merry Christmas!!! to the LP staff and players.

      Happy healthy wealthy and wise.

        duckman's avatar - ducklogodrake64x64
        Jacksonville Florida
        United States
        Member #23017
        October 6, 2005
        1092 Posts

        Merry Christmas to Everyone!

          Chasing $ Millions.
          White Shores- California
          United States
          Member #136473
          December 12, 2012
          6526 Posts

          digging wiener dog GIF by Giatec Scientific

          Well here's to hoping that all LP members will come up a treasure in 2019. Don't quit digging!

           * Voice of Reason *   


          People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it- George Bernard Shaw.

            MADDOG10's avatar - smoke
            Beautiful Florida
            United States
            Member #5709
            July 18, 2004
            24737 Posts

            To All:

             I wish everyone here at LP a Warm and " Merry Christmas "

            and a Safe and Happy New Year.


                                                           "Slander becomes the tool of the loser when the debate is lost." - Socrates.

              music*'s avatar - DiscoBallGlowing
              USN United States Navy
              Fresno, California
              United States
              Member #157851
              August 2, 2014
              3959 Posts

              What wonderful wishes and beautiful pictures! The reason for the season.Noel

               "We are all in this together!" 

                s5thomps's avatar - Lottery-033.jpg
                Hard Luck, Ak
                United States
                Member #23471
                October 13, 2005
                379 Posts

                Merry Christmas to all the LP players out there! Hopefully one of us will finally hit the Mega Millions or the Powerball before  the year is up! Good Luck and God Bless! Smiley Santa

                "We make a living by what you get, You make a LIFE by what you give!"

                                                                               Sir Winston ChurchillSun Smiley

                  four4me's avatar - gate1
                  United States
                  Member #1701
                  June 18, 2003
                  9724 Posts

                  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

                    hearsetrax's avatar - alien on_computer.jpg

                    United States
                    Member #52343
                    May 21, 2007
                    3343 Posts

                    Meowy Christmas and a Happy MEW year, ya filthy animals !!

                      maximumfun's avatar - Lottery-030.jpg

                      United States
                      Member #124612
                      March 16, 2012
                      3713 Posts

                      Merry Christmas Todd, to you and your staff, as well as to the rest of my Lottery Post family/friends.  Stay safe, eat well, and dream big. 

                        United States
                        Member #171215
                        January 3, 2016
                        179 Posts



                        Merry Christmas and best to all heading into 2019!

                          sully16's avatar - sharan
                          Dr.President Elect
                          United States
                          Member #81738
                          October 28, 2009
                          81581 Posts

                          Merry Christmas everybody.

                          See Ya!

                            LUCKYME$'s avatar - flower2
                            United States
                            Member #115120
                            August 14, 2011
                            1580 Posts

                                      A very Merry special Christmas to all!

                            Blue Angel