Lottery bill is likely dead in Alabama legislature

Mar 25, 2020, 8:10 am (3 comments)


It appears the latest attempt to create an Alabama state lottery will die, killed this time not by special interests but, instead, coronavirus.

The Alabama legislature still has about half of its 30 allotment of meeting days remaining, but also faces a mid-May deadline to end the session that began in early February. All meeting days must take place within a 105 day span.

COVID-19, and the restrictions it has caused, will probably kill most most of them.

It's not only Representative Steve Clouse's lottery bill that is graveyard bound, so are others. Those include legalizing medical marijuana and an effort to keep those charged with violent crimes behind bars while they await trial.

"Right now, we must focus on the (general and education) budgets because they must be passed," Clouse told WTVY. He also said there could also be an effort to pass bills that local governments have already advertised.

One of those would create a $5 license plate fee that would be appropriated to Houston County emergency medical services.



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Understandable. Life is precious and must be protected at all costs.


l warned Kay on the 5th of this month, quit stalling.

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 Due to the COVID- 19 restrictions AL. Election was postpone. As far as school go. The children will be 
taking their classes on line. You have to pick up a laptop for each child in school. All are being a signed
By name & grade . So for people in AL. that across the state lines to purchase Lottery tickets for the big-
ger games.  I suggest buying a Tickets that are for more then 2 draws. Sometime tonight, AL.
will be declare under Marshall Law !! People who are first responders , Medical personnel etc.... has all
ready receive the papers needed to move place to place as needed. Curfew will be enforce it 5PM. They
are stopping each car after 5PM . If you don't have the paper work then it a $500 fee & 30 day in jail.
Since this is just the first wave of the virus. I suggest you stock up on things to maintain you & your
family. Limit on how much of different items you can purchase. Now, the app. for founding
the closes lottery ticket sell still open will be handy. Places that let you purchase things like
gas , lottery tickets etc. with the least amount of contact drive up window. 
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