Iowa Lottery says gas prices, inflation impacting sales

Mar 24, 2022, 11:27 am (11 comments)

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Iowa Lottery sales so far this fiscal year are nearly even through February when compared to the record set last year, but soaring inflation and gas prices are starting to have an effect.

Iowa Lottery spokesperson, Mary Neubauer, says higher gas prices and inflation are starting to show their impact on sales. "That doesn't leave as much money for entertainment options such as the Lottery. So, we are starting to see some of the impact of that," Neubauer says.

Sales of Instant scratch tickets which have long been the Iowa Lottery's top product are down two percent. "Scratch ticket sales probably have been impacted the most directly by these high costs we've seen that are impacting people's pocketbooks. But we understand that," she says.

MegaMillions ticket sales are down and some of that is due to people having less discretionary income — and a lack of bigger jackpots. "MegaMillions sales are down almost 30%. That's what happens in a big jackpot game like that," according to Neubauer. "Those sales are jackpot driven, and so in one year where you have a huge jackpot, you get a bin buster. And then the next year when you don't have that big jackpot, you don't see those same results."

Neubauer says overall there's no big concern in the numbers right now. "It's not that Lottery is having a bad year for sure. We are still going to end up with think with the second-biggest sales year overall — but our sales are being impacted by the bigger picture we are seeing right now," Neubauer says.

Neubauer and other Iowa Lottery officials said they expected things to level out after last year's record year that was driven in part by the pandemic.

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Lack of big mega millions jackpots you don't say!  That's what happens when the game is way too easy to win on the East and West coasts.  Iowa never seems to get Mega hitters.


They might put all games to $1 and cheaper. "This is your wake up call ... ". Take Texas All Or Nothing, could be played for $1 or $0.50. Instead of making inflation ...

jackpotismine's avatarjackpotismine

Here's an idea:LOWER YOUR PRICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE PLAYING ONLINE AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!

righttimehitt's avatarrighttimehitt

Greed is like a cancer.

righttimehitt's avatarrighttimehitt

Lower prices and less numbers. Reduce the FAT in state lotteries headquarters.

Stat$talker's avatarStat$talker

Rich folkz DON'T play yo Lottery.. Poe folkz dooo.! But you KnUcKlEhEaDz are pricing the very people that keepz yo rigged gamez afloat...right outta the Market...

"The BIGGER ya are, the HARDER ya Fall!" LOL

hlamb's avatarhlamb

An Excellent idea.

hlamb's avatarhlamb

Ex Zachery 😂😂

hlamb's avatarhlamb


JeetKuneDoLotto's avatarJeetKuneDoLotto

Currently right now, it appears that Joe Biden is tapping the SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) in an effort to mitigate the rising gas prices caused by pesky king of gas prices putin.

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But the guy is a walking corpse, so I guess he has put all his chips in.

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  But I guess there are some laws and such that would prevent that from happening.

Because at that point Low lottery sales, not gonna be the problem to worry about, but imminent INVASION from China, and since we aint got no solar tanks, then well...

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JeetKuneDoLotto's avatarJeetKuneDoLotto

Quote: Originally posted by jackpotismine on Mar 25, 2022

Here's an idea:LOWER YOUR PRICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE PLAYING ONLINE AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!

My state has made online playing available.

I am a little nervous to mention it, like I might jinx it or something.

As a matter of fact I was trying to play PATH on line.  And i couldn't.  They were updating something or other.

So I missed that draw.   Then the next day pick 3 was available.  So I suppose that was the big update.

I got all excited and starting building my charts. 

I played a bunch of draws, but then KAPUT.  It disappeared for a couple of weeks.

I was like, "did I jinx it'?

But its back again.

It is very convenient and a great resource.

I am just afraid I may go from hermit to super hermit.

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