UPDATE: Hoosier Lottery will pay out all winning tickets after Fast Play error

Mar 28, 2022, 8:52 am (9 comments)

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Lottery finishes investigation, will honor all claims filed for game's winning tickets

By Kate Northrop

Friday the Hoosier Lottery announced that it will pay out all winning tickets affected by a validation error for its newest Fast Play game.

On the morning of the launch of Indiana's newest Fast Play game, $20 Golden Jackpot, players experienced a technical issue that prevented their supposedly winning tickets from being validated.

Players phoned in and contacted the Lottery directly on social media within hours of the game's launch on Sunday. By noontime, sales for the game were suspended. In total, 632 tickets were sold, and every ticket was affected by the issue. Players were instructed to hang on to their tickets.

"Throughout this investigation, it has been our main goal to identify the specific issue and provide a reasonable remedy for our loyal players," Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Sarah M. Taylor said in a press release. "We believe strongly in providing fun and entertaining games for our players. In this circumstance, the execution of the game did not rise to the high expectations we set for the Hoosier Lottery."

Now that the investigation is complete, the Lottery released a statement alerting affected players that they will be able to complete one of two processes to claim their winnings beginning Mon., Mar. 28.

Players who still have $20 Golden Jackpot tickets in their possession should fill out a claim form and present it and the ticket at a Lottery Prize Payment Center with a copy of valid Government Issued Photo ID. Winners can also opt for the mail-in option by sending the materials to their prize payment center in Indianapolis.

Should players make the claim in-person, they should not expect to leave with a check for their winnings. Instead, the Lottery said, there will be a process to review tickets, and if the ticket and claim form are valid, the player will be mailed a check in the coming days.

Players who do not have their ticket can fill out an affidavit form found on the Lottery's website and mail it and a copy of valid Government Issued Photo ID to the prize payment center in Indianapolis.

The review process for those without a physical ticket will take much longer than for those who did hang onto their tickets.

"[The] affidavit will be processed 180 days after the March 20th date the ticket was issued — September 16, 2022," the Lottery said in a statement. "If a player's claim is determined to be valid, a check will be mailed shortly after [the] affidavit's processing."

The Hoosier Lottery also said that it is working with the gaming system vendor to prevent the issue from happening again in the future.

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Tony Numbers's avatarTony Numbers

Did Hell freeze over???

vjohnson8's avatarvjohnson8

They always be cheap and don't want to give back,really greedy !!


Aren't they paying out the amount people won?

rcbbuckeye's avatarrcbbuckeye

Quote: Originally posted by vjohnson8 on Mar 28, 2022

They always be cheap and don't want to give back,really greedy !!

Doesn't look like they're being cheap if they're paying. 

The article said they are paying the winning tickets.

KY Floyd's avatarKY Floyd

So they're paying the prizes for winning tickets? That's mighty generous of them.

"In total, 632 tickets were sold, and every ticket was affected by the issue."

Huh? They were all winners? Or losing tickets couldn't be validated either? I thought validating  was something the only do to winning tickets, but maybe they mean the problem was that they were unable to tell whether tickets were winners or losers and it had nothing to do with authenticating tickets that were winners.

rdgrnr's avatarrdgrnr

You pays your money and you takes your chances.

Be thankful for what you get cuz a lotta people ain't never got.

vtburke's avatarvtburke

Quote: Originally posted by rdgrnr on Mar 30, 2022

You pays your money and you takes your chances.

Be thankful for what you get cuz a lotta people ain't never got.

There are more problems. A few weeks ago they posted the wrong number for the superball.xtra ball for pick3, pick 4 games that doubles the price. They supposedly corrected it, but imagine how many people did not save those tickets. NOW extremely suspicious, super ball in last 9 draws has been either a 4 or a 3. Something is not right in my opinion.


it's rigged


ever since the indiana hoosier lottery admitted the mistake on the fast play and said they would pay up, the scratch tickets have been worthless in paying out anything,they have to make up for the mistake somewhere, and you sure can see it  with these scratch tickets  and small winnings if any , especially if you live in indianapolis, most of the winnings are in small towns in indiana, there has been lottery corruption here before, so buyer beware.

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