UPDATE: Hoosier Lottery pays out $1.78 million after Fast Play error produced 632 winning tickets

Apr 25, 2022, 5:50 pm (5 comments)

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Lottery currently "exploring available options for recovery"

By Kate Northrop

The Hoosier Lottery has paid out $1,785,000 so far after a vendor error mistakenly produced 632 winning tickets in an in-state Fast Play drawing.

Last month, the Hoosier Lottery announced that it would pay out all winning tickets affected by a validation error for its newest Fast Play game, $20 Golden Jackpot.

On the morning of the game's first drawing, players experienced a technical issue that prevented their supposedly winning tickets from being validated.

Once players phoned in to report the discrepancy, the Lottery launched an investigation and decided to pay out all 632 winning tickets.

So far, the Lottery has completed claims for 392 tickets affected by the error and has handed out at least $1,785,000 in prize money. There are reportedly 28 submissions that are still pending.

The top prize in the Golden Jackpot game is $5,000. If claims for all 632 winning tickets in the drawing were submitted to the Lottery and approved, the error would have cost the Lottery a grand total of $3.16 million.

Players who believed they held a winning ticket in the draw were asked to hang on to their tickets and follow the Lottery's instructions for submitting a claim. Winners reported being able to pick up a check within about two weeks after completing a security call.

Currently, the Lottery says it's "exploring available options for recovery."

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Nice to see some integrity here on the part of the Hoosier lottery.


We all know what assume spells, but I'd assume that IGT (I believe) would have to reimburse the lottery on their error.   Probably buried in the contract somewhere.


$421=so much fun!!


Palindrome Peter here:   Can anyone repeat 454 please?

Mata Garbo

I am very surprised that only 392 of the 632 affected tickets have been submitted for payout. That tells me that dozens of people must have just thrown their tickets away, thinking they were not winners. That's what's so unfair about these so-called "technical issues"..... some players always get left out in the cold. 

Thinking of...


What is the prediction for daily 4 morning and day draw


that means they will be selling a lot of non winning scratch tickets to make up for the mistake

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