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Mega Millions host calls wrong winning number during broadcast

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"that means whoever input the result didn't verify that the machine drew the NINE instead of the SIX. How much are they paying these auditors, and data entry technicians?"

Based on the information I've seen the auditors may not have made any mistakes, and I've got very different questions. With a live drawing there's no getting around the mistake of saying the wrong thing, but what the announcer says is completely meaningless in terms of the official results. I'd assume that the auditors (and other lottery personnel that are present) caught the mistake immediately because it's really easy to read the numbers, especially if you wait a fraction of a second until the balls stop at the end of the tube, but it still takes some time before the results are validated and made official. It would be useful to know when the replacement video was posted (or if the original video was posted or just broadcast live), but I feel pretty safe in assuming the error was caught early and the official results were never incorrect.

That leaves questions about how the official numbers are communicated to the states and how NY got it wrong. For a state to simply publish incorrect results would be one thing (and it's happened before), but publishing an incorrect result identical to what the host announced would be a very strange coincidence unless they received, and published "results" that were incorrect. It would also be very strange for different states to receive different official results. Of course it would be incredibly stupid, but NY relying on the original video instead of the official results would easily explain how NY got it wrong while all the other states got it right. In turn that could be explained by NY  having incredibly bad security protocols (that would violate sensible official MM protocols), by NY lottery employees violating protocols in order to post results and go home sooner, or maybe other things I'm not thinking of.

"was thinking so what if the wrong Megaball was called? "

If you have sensible protocols for validating the results, distributing them to the state lotteries, and inputting the official results at the state level, and everybody follows those protocols what  happens is a few people throw away winning tickets and argue about it later. What I haven't seen mentioned is what happens when an incorrect number is entered in the database search for winners. I haven't seen anything that says how NY paid some tickets that weren't really winners, but using incorrect numbers to search for and validate winners would explain that. Paying out $5k isn't a big deal in itself, but here's the really important question: Did NY fail to check for a jackpot winner using the correct winning numbers?

Carrying the mistake through to the search for winning tickets is where calling the wrong number becomes a major problem. If NY had actually sold a jackpot winner and it wasn't discovered until after a rollover and a high jackpot are announced and advertised what happens? I see two choices. They can say "Hey we're sorry, but the jackpot is really $20 million and not $99 million" but at the very least that's a bit embarrassing and they need to refund all the losing tickets sold based on false advertising. The other alternative is to issue an apology, but stick with the advertised jackpot and either the entire MM group helps pay for the mistake or NY gets to pay it on their own.

Based on what I know and what I'm guessing from that I expect the auditors are in the clear, but some heads need to roll somewhere else.


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