VIDEO: Jason Kurland, the Lottery Lawyer who had everyone fooled

Oct 28, 2022, 5:23 pm (8 comments)


Thought to be the most trustworthy person, lawyer stole over a hundred million dollars from his clients

By Kate Northrop

MARTINSVILLE, N.J. — Whether it's in television segments, feature interviews, or press conferences, Jason Kurland seemingly infiltrated every aspect of the lottery world. With smart marketing and resume building, he set himself up as the one person you'd turn to if you were lucky enough to win millions.

Today, Lottery Post is covering the Jason Kurland "Lottery Lawyer" story that turned the industry upside down, much like how the reveal of Eddie Tipton's inside meddling shocked players and officials across the globe.

It's a story that's likely forever changed the way lottery players view advisors, lawyers, and accountants.

Talk show hosts, television anchors, and even YouTubers invited him to take part in interviews and segments so he could impart his advice on viewers everywhere.

WATCH: Jason Kurland, the Lottery Lawyer who had everyone fooled

With Kurland having established himself as one of the most iconic figureheads of authority in the lottery world, it came as a surprise to many when it was revealed that he had stolen millions of dollars from his own clients — innocent lottery winners who had entrusted him with their fortune.

But how did he manage to steal over $100 million from his clients?

Kurland is every lottery winner's nightmare, but he was not the only one involved in the scandal. There were other conspirators working behind the scenes while Kurland was stationed at the front desk, so to speak.

Just a couple months ago, Kurland was convicted of multiple counts of wire fraud, among other charges. Thanks to overwhelming evidence from some of his largest clients, including the anonymous South Carolina winner of the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot from 2016, he'll no longer be duping any more innocent victims.

Visit Lottery Post's official YouTube channel to check out our latest video and get the full breakdown on Jason Kurland's story and how he fooled lottery players everywhere.

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The braces are off cool

Mata Garbo

Hard to see how Jason would think any jury would have sympathy for him considering he was plotting  with family members from the Columbo and Genovese crime families. That does not exactly point to being innocent. Kate, I have heard parts of this story before, but never in such detail. As I have said before you are the "Queen" of lottery info. Keep up the great work.



Great video Mrs. Northrop. Does anyone know how long Jason Kurland was sentenced for?


He hasn't been sentenced yet


Big Joey

And, I had his name, & phone number in my contact list in case I ever won the lottery in anticipation. I was ready to make that call if needed. 🥶

Artist77's avatarArtist77

Quote: Originally posted by Big Joey on Oct 30, 2022

And, I had his name, & phone number in my contact list in case I ever won the lottery in anticipation. I was ready to make that call if needed. 🥶

A lot of us did the same but I am sure most lp members would have seen the red flags more quickly than some of the other winners.


As usual a well researched/presented topic. 


For me the biggest red flag for the SC winner was the $50K/MONTH  maintenance fee.  An honest Attorney would have one fee and done policy, but not this shizer.


What would I like to see:   Restitution 100% which we all are not naive to believe this will ever happen.  #2:  Twenty years in the Federal penitentiary.  #3:  To chance ever of having his record expunged.   #4:  Lose his license to practice law.  Not sure if they have a nationwide ban DON'T THINK SO.   I know from experience that Physicians unfortunately do not and that's all I can say about that.

BuyLow's avatarBuyLow

Question: What's the difference between a flounder and an attorney?


Answer… One is a scum-sucking bottom dweller the other one is a fish..LOL

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