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Apr 27, 2023, 5:13 pm (6 comments)


New lottery bill has progressed farther than any other bill of its type in the state

By Kate Northrop

A bill proposing a Nevada lottery has passed the Assembly vote, making it the farthest a lottery bill has ever progressed in the state.

What would normally be a throwaway story about a lottery bill inevitably being shut down in a casino-ridden state has now turned heads when it passed a vote for the first time in Nevada history.

Earlier this month, the Nevada Assembly passed a bill proposing amendments to the state's constitution to allow the creation of a state lottery by 26-16. It is the farthest a lottery bill has ever progressed in the state's history.

Similar bills have routinely been shut down during previous attempts to drum up a state lottery that could very well create a new source of revenue for the state's general fund, but casinos have historically resisted the push fearing that a state lottery would create unwanted competition.

The current bill, AJR 5, will enable the Legislature to enact a government-regulated state lottery and prevent any other person, organization, or entity to operate a lottery or sell lottery tickets. An existing provision would still allow charitable groups to run their own lotteries.

State residents will sometimes travel an hour or more to neighboring states like California and Arizona to play the lottery, only to wait hours more in line to buy tickets when the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots surge well into the hundreds of millions.

AJR 5 would effectively eliminate the need for residents to travel out-of-state for lottery tickets and could prevent revenue from leaving the state.

But how likely is it that this bill will pass through legislation and become law? How long would Nevada residents have to wait before seeing a lottery in their state?

Check out our latest YouTube video to see how we think this bill could fit in a state already laden with gambling and casinos, as well as how long it would take for it to become a reality.

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eddessaknight's avatareddessaknight

Oh,Sure, Sure, it's coming,alright,  once the casinos and government are assured to get tiers $$$$ 


Too bad it has to go through all this rigmarole when the voters should be getting the option.

Probably 20 years ago now where Alabama had signs to vote the lottery in.  when them old geezers die off (they live forever) then it might stand a chance.

I still applaud Mississippi on their lottery like I said before they did their homework and one casino in Biloxi that we visited sold lotto on their property (Harrah's)

Good luck on this one Nevada.


Pretty sure every state lottery jurisdiction "gets a cut" of lottery revenue and doubt Nevada will be an exception.

And if Nevada passes their lottery bill, might be one of few games where players can bet a buck.

Coin Toss's avatarCoin Toss

Ir's called The United States of Nevada for a reason, they actuyalkly make their own laws. 

"I dodn't fo anyhing that could get me arrested"

Well, actually you did, we have a law on the boo0ks called Defrauding an Innkeeper.

"What's that mean?"

It keans you can get arrested in this state for any reason. 

As Bleudog101 said, Good luck this one Nevada.

Think's avatarThink

Years ago, when I was in metro Detroit I used to make Powerball runs to Indiana.  Before Powerball and Mega did the cross sell I would drive 90 mins to Wisconsin form here to buy Powerball.   ( I only did the trips when the jackpot was high)


I don't understand why Nevada wouldn't at least have a lottery to sell all the multi state games available everywhere else.  The in state games might be really boring there although I don't know that.  When they do get a lottery I hope they leave the Keno to the casinos.


Good luck to lottery players in Nevada being able to spend your pocket change on just tickets in Nevada  instead of gas for the trip to other states.

eddessaknight's avatareddessaknight


bOTTOM LINE IN  World Gaming Capitol driving force:

'Avaritia facit bardus '

$$$ Greed makes them stupid.....

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