Jeb Bush Wants Unclaimed $50 Million Lottery Jackpot For Schools

Oct 3, 2003, 2:47 pm (7 comments)

Florida Lottery

Florida Governor Jeb Bush wants someone's bad luck to be good luck for school kids.

A $50 million lottery jackpot went unclaimed last month. The lottery is required put any unclaimed prizes back into the pot - or use the money for lottery promotion.

But Bush wants the big bucks to go to Florida schools. 

While the jackpot was worth $50 million, the actual cash value is a little over $30 million.

Jeb Bush is seeking the cooperation of state legislators in redirecting the money. The Legislative Budget Committee will take up the unclaimed jackpot issue later this month.



twisted's avatartwisted

I dont know about this.  If the money goes to the schools and I mean if all of it goes tot he schools, and no corrupt politician takes any share of it, it will be a good thing for the kids. 

But on the other end if the money goes back in the pot it will be good for the people who play Florida lottery.  And if I look at this right, the prize will definitely grow after the $50 goes back in the pot.  And whoever wins will have to pay some of it in taxes anyway so it will dventually go to the schools.

I think it should go back in the pot because it will dventually help the schools anyway through taxes.

Littleoldlady's avatarLittleoldlady

I think the schools should get half of it.  Many players may get discouraged if they take it all. 


All the $30+ million cash should go into a special Christmas Eve drawing (12/24 is a Wednesday)-the money was meant to be paid to, and should still be, someone hitting the FL Lotto jackpot.

BTW, the President's brother said no to PB just after taking office in 1999, even though the previous governor approved PB. Too bad FL doesn't have recall.

Todd's avatarTodd

Jeb is doing a great job as Governor of Florida, and suggesting a recall over a lottery decision is frivolous.  I hope you're kidding.



Just joking. But Jeb should allow the unclaimed prize money to go back towards paying prizes.

Bradly_60's avatarBradly_60

I don't see how the state after all these years of returning unclaimed prizes back to players can all of a sudden say hey, nope the players aren't getting it this time.  I know states are pretty much strapped for cash but still.  If your state says they will give unclaimed prizes back to players, then they should.  I mean yes just like in Michigan money goes to schools.  And that is awesome.  I think all states should have lottery proceeds go to schools.  But in this case that $30 million probably wouldn't be "extra" money to the schools, the state would be able to take $30 million out from what they were planning on giving the schools for the upcoming fiscal year.  And I can't see how that is in any way right.



Even if the winner(s) of a special FL Lotto drawing were to, heaven forbid, choose annuity, that money belongs to the players.

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