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Washington Man Claims $47 Million Lotto Plus Prize

Washington LotteryWashington Lottery: Washington Man Claims $47 Million Lotto Plus Prize

David D. Gibson's positive attitude about life has paid off in a big way with a $47 million Jackpot prize.

"Life is all about taking chances," said Gibson.  "I have a positive attitude about life, so I'm not afraid to take chances.  The glass is always half-full."

Gibson, a Kirkland resident, purchased his Lotto Plus tickets on Saturday, October 4 the last day to play the game with a record $47 Million Lotto Plus Jackpot prize on the line.

"When I bought my Lotto Plus tickets, I knew it was the last chance to play this game," said Gibson.  "I bought the ticket the day of the last drawing.  But you know, you've gotta play to win. I played.  I won $47 million."

Gibson was the only player to match all five white balls and the lucky number 13 GOLD Ball drawn Saturday night.  Winning numbers are: White balls 8, 17, 33, 40, 41, and GOLD Ball 13.

Gibson came to the Lottery's Seattle office today to claim his $47 million prize-the largest one-state payout in Washington history.  Gibson chose the one-time lump-sum payment of $23.5 million.  Twice lucky, Gibson also won a $1 prize on another ticket.  After 25-percent federal withholding tax, he took home a check for $17,625,000.75.

"I chose the one-time cash payment so I could take control of my own destiny," said Gibson.  "I want to make the right move. Of course, I'll still play Lottery games.  Like I said, life is about taking chances, and I'm not afraid to take a chance.  I'm excited about my future."

Gibson purchased his lucky Jackpot-winning ticket at the Kirkland 7-Eleven store at 944 6th Street.

Not much is known about Gibson, who collected his check at the Lottery office in Seattle yesterday without saying much about his future plans, said Eric Jones, lottery spokesman.

"Most jackpot winners are full of adrenaline when they come in and immediately want to talk about their dreams," Jones said. "This gentleman was very collected didn't want to talk about it at all."

Jones said Gibson is aiming to keep a low profile and protect his privacy as much as possible.

With the GOLD Ball retiring, Lotto Jackpots are now easier to win, and the game is easier to play.  Sales of Lotto began Sunday, October 5, for the first drawing tonight at 8 p.m. Pacific Time.  The look and feel of the classic Lotto game is back because that's what Washington players said they want.  Players also wanted their numbers back-the chance to pick 6 lucky numbers from 01 to 49.  With the GOLD Ball gone, players can do just that.  Of course, the classic Quick Pick option is still available for players who prefer to let the computer pick their winning numbers.

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Posted: October 9, 2003, 7:41 am - IP Logged

Mr Gibson is correct; taking the lump sum allows the winner to control their destiny (and their winnings).